East Bay Boys Basketball poll — 1/23

Here’s our latest poll. Almost no movement, other than McClymonds moving back up to No. 5 and that sliding Deer Valley and Campolindo down a spot. Mack moves back up mainly because I think voters realized that they have a 30-point win over Deer Valley and none of their losses are horrible, even if they do have quite a few. Owning wins over No. 3 Newark, No. 6 Deer Valley and No. 9 Monte Vista has to count for something. Also, a note, while I updated Salesian, Campolindo and Dublin’s records based on tonight’s games, those results were not factored into the voting (although I don’t think much would’ve changed anyway).

Team Record Points Last week
1. Salesian (6) 18-2 90 1
2. De La Salle 16-2 84 2
3. Newark Memorial 15-4 78 3
4. Bishop O’Dowd 13-5 72 4
5. McClymonds 10-9 62 7
6. Deer Valley 12-6 58 5
t7. Campolindo 16-2 52 6
t7. San Leandro 14-4 52 8
9. Monte Vista 13-5 38 9
10. Castro Valley 13-4 36 10
11. Freedom 14-4 31 11
12. St. Joseph Notre Dame 15-4 30 12
13. Liberty 15-3 19 13
14. Dublin 13-6 11 14
15. Skyline 12-6 5 15

Also receiving votes: Amador Valley (12-6, 1 point), De Anza (16-4, 1). The East Bay Prep Boys Basketball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay. Records are as of Monday.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • redandblue2

    Attended the Campo vs Dublin game at Dublin. Nice new gym. Too bad for Dublin though, the coach of this team doesn’t deserve to be the coach of this immensely talented team. I can only imagine what Coach Alloco would do with this collection of players.

    Oh yeah, Campo prevailed after trailing nearly the entire game. I don’t believe I witnessed one set play called by the Dublin coach. With a 7 point lead and the game winding down, Dublin kept hoisting shots up with 25+ seconds on the shot clock! With any coaching discipline and any semblance of a game plan, Dublin wins this game easily and could potentially be a force in Division 2 against the likes of Newark Memorial.

    Good win for Campo; can’t wait for the rematch.

  • I was there too. Good game. I respectfully disagree with the assessment of Costello. He’s one of the better coaches out there. He was calling set plays throughout the game. Most of the time he was calling plays to try to get the ball to Nielsen, who had a big game (20 points, 22 rebounds, 7 blocks). Down the stretch though, Campo did a great job of pressuring Dublin and they couldn’t convert a couple press breaks. But I wouldn’t pin the loss on Dublin’s coaching. Costello’s a good one. Remember, he had probably a less talented Dublin team in the NCS finals a few years ago and in his final season at Tennyson, they swept two games against O’Dowd and were the No. 1 seed in NCS.

  • moreaufan2

    yeah Costello can Coach,he is not bad, but hey sometimes u lose tough ones, good win for Campo!

  • Prep Fan

    I was at the game as well. That was a great game. Campo didn’t quit when trailing most of the game. Nielsen had a monster game, and like the DLS-Mitty game last week, his fouling out in the final minute was a huge momentum boost for Campo. Costello is a good coach, but the Gaels lost this one at the foul line. I haven’t seen any stats, but they couldn’t have hit more than 40% from the charity stripe in the 2nd half. I’m sure Costello is kicking himself after calling that timeout with 5 seconds left just before Andrews hit the 3 that would have tied it.

  • moreaufan2

    Why is Mack so high? Have played that brutal of a schedule? Just curious, must have with 9 loses!!!!

  • Dublin was 17 of 34 from the line.

    And Moreaufan2, Mack may be 10-9, but look at their wins. Newark’s unquestionably No. 3 and Mack beat them by 9. Mack also beat Deer Valley by 30 and beat Monte Vista by 24. Among their losses are to Sheldon, O’Dowd and Jesuit. They have a lot of losses, but no team below them has the quality wins that Mack has.

  • Oh and Prep Fan, you nailed the percentage exactly. Dublin was 6 of 14 (40 percent) at the line in the second half. They were 4 of 10 in the fourth, again an even 40 percent.

  • Mac also lost to SF’s best team, Sacred Heart Cathedral.

  • redandblue2


    Don’t you agree that Costello should get more out of his players? Beyond the point guard looking for Nielson once he brought the ball up court they never looked for him. Nielson got most of his points on second chance shots. Costello even had to sit some of his players after taking technical fouls.

    Absolutely credit a much smaller Campo team who hung in there and had a great game plan. By the way, only a dozen or so Dublin students at the game last night; where is the student support for this very good team?

  • Prep Fan

    I did notice the lack of fans at the game last night. Not just Dublin’s fans, but I didn’t see any Campo students at the game either. Just a group of parents and some little kids running around atop the bleachers. For a big game with league champion implications on the line, I would have expected much more from both schools. Each of them had great followings this year for their football teams. Perhaps they are waiting for postseason?

    Costello’s game plan was working fine until the Gaels went cold at the free throw line. Missing 17 free throws in that close of a game at home pretty much says it all. Both teams are very talented and should do well at NCS in their respective divisions.

  • redandblue2

    In addition to yesterday being an end of semester holiday, Campo students rarely travel to Alhambra, Dublin or Dougherty Valley for basketball games, even during their great run of teams up to a decade ago. But you can bet they will pack the stands when Dublin comes to Moraga.

    BTW, Dublin was 17-32 from the line, but Campo was only marginally better at 19-29; the game was not lost on the foul line.

  • Prep Fan

    It was most likely an end to a semester holiday for Dublin too. I know the SRVUSD schools were off yesterday, and I would imagine Dublin was as well. I’m sure there were reasons for the lack of support from both sides, but the point was that neither had many students. It shouldn’t matter if they have to travel to a home game or drive down 680 a few miles, it was a game for first place. Back in the Campo heydays, there was no Dougherty Valley and Dublin wasn’t competing for the league title. I would hope both schools will show for the rematch.

    If Dublin had only missed 10 free throws like Campo, then they win that game. Some of those were the front ends of 1&1 situations. Any team that misses that many free throws and loses by such a close margin can only look in the mirror. There is a reason they are called “free” throws.

  • MoreauFan2

    Thanks Jimmy! I was just wondering

  • GHN

    could someone please tell me how you get ranked in the top 15 but you have not beaten anyone in the top 20