East Bay Boys Basketball poll — 1/30

Here’s our latest poll. Very little movement again. Castro Valley jumps up two spots after it beat San Lorenzo by 20 points, two days after the Rebels handed San Leandro a loss. That loss for the Pirates, along with them getting taken to overtime by Mt. Eden, dropped San Leandro all the way to No. 12. St. Joe’s moves up two spots and Freedom and Liberty stay put despite losses to Deer Valley. Dublin also stays put after a loss to Campolindo and El Cerrito debuts in the poll after taking charge of the ACCAL with a buzzer-beating win over Berkeley. 

Team Record Points Last week
1. Salesian (6) 20-2 90 1
2. De La Salle 18-2 84 2
3. Newark Memorial 17-4 78 3
4. Bishop O’Dowd 15-5 72 4
5. McClymonds 10-9 66 5
6. Deer Valley 14-6 60 6
7. Campolindo 18-2 52 t7
8. Castro Valley 15-4 46 10
9. Monte Vista 15-5 43 9
10. St. Joseph Notre Dame 18-4 36 12
11. Freedom 15-5 32 11
12. San Leandro 15-5 21 t7
13. Liberty 16-4 20 13
14. Dublin 15-6 11 14
15. El Cerrito 14-7 9 NR

The East Bay Prep Boys Basketball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay. Records are as of Monday.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Joe

    Finally el cerrito gets some love!

  • GHN

    How do teams ranked in the top 10 get ranked when they have not beat anyone ranked in the top 20

  • The only top 10 that hasn’t beaten a ranked opponent is St. Joe’s and they played Salesian tougher than just about anybody. They had a four-point lead on the Pride at one point in the fourth quarter. They also lost by just a point to Monte Vista. They are certainly worthy of their spot.

  • GHN

    I do not believe Dublin, Castro Valley or san leandro have beaten anyone in the top 25

  • Prep Fan

    San Leandro beat #8 Castro Valley and Dublin beat #13 Liberty. Castro Valley hasn’t beaten a top 15 team yet, but they did just lose to #4 BOD by 1 point, WCAL power Serra by 4 points and #6 Deer Valley but just 5. They belong in the top 15.

  • GoTiTaNs

    What happened to Skyline? They lose a close one on the road to a very solid Modesto Christian team and they get bumped?

  • First off GHN, you mentioned top 10. And there is no top 25, there’s only a top 15. So there’s no way to judge if a team has beaten a top 25 team. Who is it that you think is more deserving than this teams? I think the spots are pretty clear right now.

    As for Skyline, what hurt them is that they did lose their only game. Yes, it was to Modesto Christian, but MC isn’t quite the same powerhouse it once was. That’s not a bad loss, but it also hurt them that San Leandro had a tough week. That took a little bit away from Skyline’s win over them. Really though, it was more what El Cerrito did to earn its way in. They’ve been playing really well and had a great week and earned their way in more than Skyline played its way out.

  • Gdog


    Don’t sweat it the rankings are pretty fair. The team that has everyone puzzled is Mac. I think they are ranked where people think they can be but which team are they? The 10 win team or the 9 loss team? Sure they beat Deer Valley by 20 & beat Newark by 13 but I think they could lose to them as well depending on which team showed up. Beyond that there are going to be 15 teams in and that is that unless you make it a top 10 or top 6. Looking at the point totals the top 6 are in the same order on 6 different ballots. Someone has got to be 11-15 right?

  • saw Salwsian vs. SMCHS. wow! what happened to St. Mary’s? who did they loose and to where? Although Bird looks good, Salesian is beatable against a high quality opponent. I believe they were 10/29 fg % at half. A Southern Cal pressing type team could take them at state if they get that far. I saw lots of mistakes on both sides, but SM was completely out-gunned, especially in rebounds and follow up shots. Salesian got a lot of easy layups off short and poorly missed shots. Manny Nodar better figure it out before playoffs- they are 4-18 this year.

  • GHN

    I am just curious i thought teams were ranked for good wins and rewarded, not for just having a good record or having a close lose but in fairness to everyone ranked there are really no other good teams i just know in college you need quality wins to get ranked and move up

  • Prep Fan

    Salesian comes away with a thrilling comeback victory last night against SJS D1 power Sheldon and should maintain the top spot. Way to represent the East Bay!