Who’s In & Who’s Out, Rankings, Standings, Stats

The last week before the North Coast Section playoffs. Who’s going to get in?

Division I

In: Berkeley, California, Clayton Valley, De La Salle, Logan, Monte Vista, Mt. Eden, Newark Memorial, Pittsburg, Richmond, San Ramon Valley.

Should Get In: College Park, Dougherty Valley, Granada.

Work to do: Alameda, Amador Valley, American, Antioch, Castro Valley, Deer Valley, Freedom, Heritage, Irvington, San Leandro.

There are 11 teams that are guaranteed to get in. There are three that probably will. Let’s take a look at their situation.

College Park: The Falcons just need to beat or draw with Mount Diablo. They beat Mount Diablo 3-0 earlier this year.

Dougherty Valley: The Wildcats need to avoid going 0-2-0, or 0-1-1 in their final two games. One win, or two draws, will do the trick. They play Las Lomas and Alhambra.

Granada: The Matadors have a little bit of work left. They have to win one of their last two games, or get draws in both. Considering they play San Ramon Valley on Tuesday, it could come down to needing a win against rival Livermore to get in the playoffs. You never know in a rivalry game, and the two teams have already drawn this year.

This gives us 14 teams that are probably going to get in. There are 10 teams still mathematically alive for the final two spots. Nobody is grabbing the bull by the horns for these final two spots, so let’s see what each team needs to do to get eligible. Not all 10 will. In fact, it will probably be more like three or four, meaning getting eligible doesn’t mean you’re getting in.

Alameda: Needs to beat Pinole and Berkeley to become eligible.

Amador Valley: The most deserving team has to go 2-0 and has to play Livermore and Foothill. Both winnable games, but it could come down to the rivalry game with Foothill, and the Falcons would love to spoil the Dons season.

American: Needs a win, or two draws, to be eligible. That should happen, but would need to overcome schedule strength to get in. American probably needs a lot of other teams not to be eligible for itself to get in.

Antioch: Needs to go 2-0, or 1-0-1 against Pittsburg and Liberty. This team is one of the top 16 teams in Division I and it would be deserved if they got in.

Castro Valley: Still alive, but needs to go 3-0 to close the year to get eligible.

Deer Valley: Needs to beat Freedom and Heritage to be eligible.

Freedom: Needs to go 2-0 or 1-0-1 against Deer Valley and Pittsburg.

Heritage: Needs to beat Liberty and Deer Valley to be eligible.

Irvington: Needs to go 2-0 or 1-0-1 against Washington and Newark. Would need most other teams to not be eligible to get in.

San Leandro: Two wins, or going 1-0-2 in their final three games, will make the Pirates eligible. I think this team has a decent shot of getting in.

Division II

In: Acalanes, Albany, Bishop O’Dowd, Campolindo, Concord, Dublin, Hayward, Piedmont, Pinole Valley, St. Mary’s, Ygnacio Valley.

Should Get in: Alhambra, Kennedy-Richmond, Tennyson.

Work to do: Encinal, Hercules, Mt. Diablo, Salesian, St. Joseph Notre Dame.

Looks like there are 14 teams that will get in. Let’s see what the teams who should get in need to do.

Alhambra: This team is pretty much in. Just needs to not go 0-2. They won’t go 0-2.

Kennedy-Richmond: One win or two draws and this team is in.

Tennyson: A win or a draw and this team should be in.

Let’s look at the teams with work to do.

BSAL Schools: Encinal, Salesian and St. Joe’s are all around .500 in league, but I don’t think I have all of their results, so I can’t make an accurate prediction of what they need to do. Don’t be surprised if one of them ends up over .500 in league.

Hercules: Needs to go 2-0 or 1-0-1 against Berkeley and Richmond. Probably not gonna happen.

Mount Diablo: Would need to go unbeaten against YV, Clayton and College Park. Probably not.


I’ve never seen a year that has been so top heavy. There is hardly any room for teams to jump in the last few weeks because the top teams either don’t lose, or in the rare instance they do it’s to a top three team, or they draw against a very good team. Hard to move teams too far down. This leaves Clayton Valley, Campolindo, California, Concord and Hayward very little room to move up.
After that, all the teams at the bottom of the rankings and just outside the rankings, will are losing and drawing against good teams, so I can’t move them down too much but I have to, leaving me with the dilemma of only moving them down a spot or two because of who they’ve played, but I need teams who move into the rankings, hence jumping Dublin, Bishop O’Dowd and Alhambra into the top 15.

1. De La Salle (17-3-1)
2. Ygnacio Valley (15-2-2)
3. San Ramon Valley (14-5-3)
4. Richmond (18-4-0)
5. Newark Memorial (18-3-1)
6. Acalanes (11-1-7)
7. Monte Vista (12-2-8)
8. Clayton Valley (15-4-3)
9. Campolindo (16-2-3)
10. California (16-3-2)
11. Concord (13-0-4)
12. Hayward (14-3-2)
13. Dublin (13-5-3)
14. Bishop O’Dowd (9-2-9)
15. Alhambra (9-7-5)

Others considered: Berkeley (11-7-3), Pittsburg (12-7-3), Dougherty Valley (8-7-4), Logan (11-4-6), Pinole Valley (8-8-4), Albany (9-4-6), Mt. Eden (12-7-3), Tennyson (8-6-3), Piedmont (8-5-4), Granada (8-7-5).


Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Richmond (18-4-0, 10-0-0) 30
Berkeley (12-7-3, 5-3-2) 17
Pinole Valley (8-8-4, 4-4-2) 14
Hercules (5-7-4, 4-4-2) 14
Alameda (9-10-1, 4-6-1) 13
El Cerrito (6-6-9, 2-3-5) 11
De Anza (0-10-1, 0-10-1) 1

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Albany (9-4-6, 7-0-3) 24
Piedmont (8-5-4, 7-1-3) 24
St. Mary’s (6-2-5, 5-2-3) 18
Kennedy (4-10-6, 3-0-6) 15
Encinal (4-6-0, 4-5-0) 12
Salesian (4-9-0, 4-5-0) 12
St. Joseph Notre Dame (4-8-2, 3-5-1) 10
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (2-8-0, 2-7-0) 6
Swett (0-13-0, 0-10-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Pittsburg (12-7-3, 6-0-2) 20
Antioch (8-8-3, 3-3-2) 11
Freedom (4-7-6, 3-3-2) 11
Heritage (3-3-7, 1-2-5) 8
Deer Valley (1-7-8, 1-2-5) 8
Liberty (2-9-3, 1-5-2) 5

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Acalanes (11-1-7, 7-0-3) 24
Campolindo (16-2-3, 6-1-3) 21
Dublin (13-5-3, 4-4-2) 14
Alhambra (9-7-5, 3-3-5) 14
Dougherty Valley (8-7-4, 4-4-2) 14
Miramonte (5-11-4, 2-6-2) 8
Las Lomas (5-9-5, 1-9-1) 4

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Ygnacio Valley (15-2-2, 8-0-1) 25
Concord (13-0-4, 7-0-3) 24
Clayton Valley (15-4-3, 7-2-1) 22
College Park (10-9-4, 4-6-1) 13
Mt. Diablo (4-6-1, 4-5-0) 12
Northgate (5-13-3, 2-8-0) 6
Berean Chr. (4-14-0, 0-11-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
De La Salle (17-3-1, 11-0-1) 34
Monte Vista (12-2-8, 7-1-4) 25
California (16-3-2, 8-3-1) 25
San Ramon Valley (14-5-3, 8-3-1) 25
Granada (8-7-6, 2-6-4) 10
Amador Valley (9-11-2, 2-8-2) 8
Foothill (5-13-4, 1-9-2) 5
Livermore (2-14-3, 0-9-3) 3

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Hayward (14-3-2, 12-1-1) 37
Mt. Eden (12-7-3, 8-4-2) 26
Bishop O’Dowd (9-2-9, 7-2-5) 26
Tennyson (8-6-3, 6-5-3) 21
San Leandro (6-10-1, 6-6-1) 19
Castro Valley (5-14-1, 5-7-1) 16
Moreau Catholic (4-9-5, 3-7-3) 12
San Lorenzo (4-7-5, 2-5-5) 11
Arroyo (0-14-3, 0-11-3) 3

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Newark Memorial (18-3-1, 9-0-1) 28
Logan (11-4-6, 7-1-3) 24
American (6-9-2, 5-4-1) 16
Irvington (5-12-2, 4-4-1) 13
Mission San Jose (2-15-3, 2-4-3) 9
Washington (2-13-1, 1-7-1) 4
Kennedy (1-13-2, 1-9-0) 3

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Oakland Tech (3-2-1, 2-1-0) 6
Skyline (1-2-0, 1-0-0) 3
Fremont (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Castlemont (0-1-0, 0-1-0) 0
Oakland (0-1-0, 0-1-0) 0

Stat Leaders

Name School Goals
Montes, Richmond 25
Mendoza, Richmond 24
Romero, Pinole 23
Ayala, YV 22
Sandoval, Newark 19
Alejandro, Alhambra 18
Castillo, Hayward 18
Gomez, Clayton 17
Alvarez, Albany 16
Grixti, Cal 16
Lopez, Pitt 15
Roth, SRV 15
Glascock, Acalanes 14
Borges, Albany 14

Name School Assists
Montes, Richmond 27
Damian, YV 16
Borges, Albany 14
Gomez, Hayward 13
Ayala, Richmond 12
Mendoza, Richmond 12
Maguire, Acalanes 11
Gomez, Clayton 11
Dougherty, Newark 11
S. Palano, Campo 10
Moreno, EC 10
De La Pena, Newark 10
Chaussy, SRV 10

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