East Bay Boys Basketball poll — 2/6

Minimal movement this week as 11 of the 15 teams occupy the same spots they did last week. St. Joseph Notre Dame and Monte Vista swapped at the 9 and 10 spots. The Mustangs do own a head-to-head win over the Pilots, but that was almost two months ago now and the nearly 30-point loss to De La Salle was enough to drop Monte Vista one spot. Dublin falls out of the poll and out of the voting completely after an 0-2 week. That moves El Cerrito up a spot and welcomes Granada into the poll. The Matadors own a win over Skyline, which is a big reason they get the edge over the Titans.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Salesian (6) 22-2 90 1
2. De La Salle 20-2 84 2
3. Newark Memorial 19-4 78 3
4. Bishop O’Dowd 17-5 72 4
5. McClymonds 12-9 66 5
6. Deer Valley 16-6 60 6
7. Campolindo 19-2 54 7
8. Castro Valley 17-4 47 8
9. St. Joseph Notre Dame 20-4 38 10
10. Monte Vista 16-6 35 9
11. Freedom 17-5 33 11
12. San Leandro 17-5 26 12
13. Liberty 17-5 19 13
14. El Cerrito 16-7 12 15
15. Granada 15-6 3 NR

Also receiving votes: Skyline (14-7, 2 points), College Park (16-7, 1). The East Bay Prep Boys Basketball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay. Records are as of Monday.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Prep Fan

    Salesian holds on to the top spot with a nice come from behind win on the road Saturday night at SJS D1 power Sheldon. Way to rep the East Bay!

    As expected, DLS avenged a bitter defeat to MV last week and is a lock for the top D1 seed at NCS. Deer Valley continues to roll in the BVAL and looks like a #2 seed in D1 if they can hold on.

    Castro Valley has a big game Wendesday with BOD coming to town. They played the Dragons tough on the road the 1st time around and a win here would be their signature win for the season thus far and help their NCS seeding.

    Campo has the DFAL sewn up and the only question is whether they can remain undefeated in league play. They should be the #2 seed for NCS D3 behind BOD.

    College Park has the lead in the DVAL, and has played as tough of a schedule as anyone. At 16-7, their losses include teams such as Salesian, Jesuit, Sac, Monte Vista and Freedom. If they hold on to win the DVAL, they might be able to pull a #3 seed in the NCS D2 playoffs (as Dublin fades), which would put them in the opposite bracket from Newark.

  • Oh boy

    Who gave the 1 vote to College Park? The other 5 voters need to watch more hoops!

    College Park has talent and they play well. As Prep Fan said, that very serious strength of schedule has to be a crucible. I don’t know if they were competitive in those L’s but if they go into playoffs with momentum-watch out.

  • College Park has definitely played a tough schedule. What still makes it hard to get them in the poll is the lack of a win over a ranked team. Everybody else listed has either beaten another team listed, except Castro Valley and St. Joe’s. And for CV, they lost to O’Dowd only on a shot at the buzzer and St. Joe’s tested No. 1 Salesian better than any other East Bay team. The fact that CP isn’t ranked isn’t a knock on them, it’s just a testament to how tough it is to get ranked.

  • Prep Fan

    Granada hasn’t beaten a ranked team, but they did beat a pretty good Palo Alto team in the preseason, and they have won 5 in a row. CP has won 8 out of 9. Having seen both teams play, I would say CP beats Granada 3 out of 5 times. Calpreps has CP rated higher, but it is really a toss up. CP should go further in the postseason since they will have a much better seed as they are in D2 and most likely get home games if they are league champs.

  • Oh boy

    Great analysis Jimmy. I think St. Joe’s is a great team also. Didn’t know they both haven’t beaten the other ranked teams. We should put the top-15 in a bracket tourney!

  • Prep Fan,
    Granada has beaten Skyline. So they have beat a listed team with votes.

  • Prep Fan

    Fair enough Jimmy. You did say listed, not ranked. Skyline isn’t in the top 15, but is listed, having received votes. Clearly a good win for Granada though.

  • Monarch Pride

    Dont sleep on 16-6 Mt. Eden. The 6 loses are to Castro Valley(2), San Leandro(2) Bishop O’Dowd and Clayton Valley. The Clayton Valley loss looks bad because they are such a up and down team. But Castro Valley, San Leandro, Bishop O’Dowd those are 3 of the top 15 teams in the East Bay maybe even top 25 in the Bay Area. Mt. Eden is 8-1 vs Division 2 teams. I hope come NCS seedings time they take the D2 record into account. I hope these kids stay focused and determined for their final 4 games. With HAYWARD coming to visit this Wednesday im pretty sure they will. Keep playing hard and good luck. MONARCH PRIDE

  • Inthekey

    Does anybody remember the glory days at St Joe’s in Alameda 69-74..Piolts used to come out to DLS and beat-down the Spartans…It was great coaching just as it is now at De La Salle and the Brotherhood.
    Here’s to the glory day’s: Marven Vitatoe, Andre Hill,Henderson McDaniels, Vernon Willams,Steve Martinez,Jerry Lankford, Ed Lankford,Jim Eyen,John O’Donnel, Manulas Martin, Tom Kidwell,David Ratto,John Holstein,Mark Connley,John Smith.Ken Giannotti, Tom Curran, and one of the best ever HS coaches Mike Phelps.

  • Monarch Pride,
    I got a chance to see Mt. Eden last week and liked what I saw. They beat a pretty solid San Lorenzo team. Obviously, they aren’t on the level of BOD, CV and SL, but that’s no knock. Those are three very good teams. I think Mt. Eden’s definitely a team to watch in D-2. They should win a game or two.

  • Prep Fan

    Mt. Eden – CP would be a great D2 semis matchup, with the winner moving on to NorCals and to face Newark in the finals. I hope both squads can keep it going the last couple of weeks. But Windsor looks like a solid #2 seed right now at 20-3, and 9-0 in league, so most likely either ME or CP will get stuck with a #4 seed. I understand Dublin may have lost some key players, in addition to some games recently, which will hurt their seeding and chances at NCS.

  • Joe

    I think the poll is very accurate. The bottom line is, the best defensive teams are at the top. I don’t know why, but I think Newark Memorial might go far this year due to the young big man they bring off the bench, which gives them an above average frontcourt rotation. Also they are a little more consistent with the perimiter ball handling and free throw shooting, which cost them in their last State title run.

  • Monarch Pride

    Newark should have no problem taking NCS. But NorCals is gonna be tough with possible rematches vs sacramento-sjs(W64-52), st francis-ccs(W54-47), or archbishop mitty-ccs (L40-60). No matter what happens i just hope the Monarchs represent themselves and the school well in NCS.

  • Monarch Pride

    Is it top 4 from NCS qualify for NorCals or top 2?

  • Prep Fan

    I think you are right Monarch. In D2-D5 the top 4 advance. I don’t we have enough teams in D1 to get more than 2 teams in. At least I believe that was the case last year.

  • Gdog

    This year the top 4 in Divisions I-V move on to NorCal’s. Memo is on the NCS Basketball website. That is a change from the previous ruling that was based upon # of teams in division determining # of entrants.

  • Hoops

    Mt Eden has beaten 2 teams with a winning record all season (Rancho Cotate and Acalanes)

  • Monarch Pride

    They still have a good record should be in the top half of the seedings for NCS-D2. The coaches make the schedule and the kids play it. The kids are doing a good job of winning the games they should win and trying hard against the big boys.

    According to Maxpreps Ratings Mt.Eden is doing ok.
    Here are their Top16 NCS-D2 Schools.

    1) Newark Memorial(mval) 19-4(9-0)1st, 5-0, 32.2, 17.7
    2) Dublin(dfal) 15-8(6-3)4th, 6-2, 20.7, 13.5
    3) College Park(dval) 16-7(8-1)1st, 8-1, 18, 10.7
    4) Windsor(scl) 22-4(11-1)T1st, 7-1, 17.6, 6.3
    5) Las Lomas(dfal) 16-8(7-3)2nd, 6-4, 17.5, 14
    6) Mt.Eden(haal) 17-6(8-5)4th, 9-1, 16.5, 9.5
    7) Maria Carillo(nbl) 19-5(9-3)3rd, 5-3, 16.2, 6.8
    8) Montgomery(nbl) 19-8(13-2)1st, 5-4, 14.7, 8.4
    T9) Northgate(dval) 15-8(7-2)2nd, 9-2, 13.2, 8.2
    T9) Concord(dval) 16-8(6-4)3rd, 7-5, 13.2, 6.9
    11) Redwood(mcl) 15-10(7-6)5th, 1-3, 12.5, 9.6
    12) Dougherty(dfal) 13-10(2-7)6th, 4-5, 12.1, 9.8
    13) Casa Grande(scl) 15-10(7-4)3rd, 3-4, 11.7, 7.1
    14) San Lorenzo(haal) 11-11(7-5)5th, 5-5, 11.5, 12.4
    15) Pinole Valley(accal) 12-11(4-5)5th, 6-6, 11.1, 9.4
    16) Rancho Cotate(nbl) 14-11(8-5)4th, 5-4, 10.4, 8.4

    The gap between 1-2 is 11.5 and the gap between 2-16 is 10.3. Depending on how accurate maxpreps is other than Newark Memorial the rest of the field for NCS should be very competitive. To be honest none of this matters once the games get played. But for now it makes for a good debate. Go Monarchs

  • Prep Fan

    With Campo losing for the second time this week, in OT last light to DV, next week’s showdown in Moraga with Dublin should have DFAL title implications. First the Gaels lost a couple and then Campo came back to the pack with losses to LL and DV. I’ve heard that McGlaston and 2 others may be gone for the year, which would be a huge loss for Dublin, but nothing has been substantiated. Even without them, the Campo game should be a good one.

  • goth

    what about piedmont? 21-5, a win in saint mary’s
    this is the most underated team and should be ranked