Boys Soccer: Seeding Predictions, Rankings, Standings, Stats

Sweeper, be wary of cameras and ninjas…

Without further adieu, here are my seeding projections.

Division I

1. De La Salle
2. Richmond
3. California
4. Newark Memorial
5. Clayton Valley
6. Monte Vista
7. San Ramon Valley
8. Pittsburg
9. Berkeley
10. Amador Valley
11. Granada
12. Mt. Eden
13. Logan
14. College Park
15. Antioch
16. Dougherty Valley

Division II

1. Ygnacio Valley
2. Acalanes
3. Campolindo
4. Dublin
5. Hayward
6. Concord
7. Alhambra
8. Bishop O’Dowd
9. Pinole Valley
10. Albany
11. Tennyson
12. Hercules
13. El Cerrito
14. Piedmont
15. Kennedy-Richmond
16. St. Mary’s


We finally got some shifting in the top ten this week.
Richmond and Newark both jump one spot each while Clayton Valley jumps three spots, back into the top five, while Cal jumps four spots. Monte Vista, San Ramon Valley, Acalanes and Dublin round out the top ten.
Alhambra jumps three spots to No. 12, while Pittsburg gets back into the top 15.

1. De La Salle (18-3-2)
2. Ygnacio Valley (18-2-2)
3. Richmond (20-4-0)
4. Newark Memorial (20-3-1)
5. Clayton Valley (17-4-3)
6. California (17-3-3)
7. Monte Vista (13-3-8)
8. San Ramon Valley (14-6-4)
9. Acalanes (12-2-8)
10. Dublin (15-5-3)
11. Campolindo (16-4-3)
12. Alhambra (11-7-5)
13. Berkeley (14-7-3)
14. Concord (13-2-4)
15. Pittsburg (13-7-4)

Others considered: Hayward (14-5-2), Pinole Valley (9-8-5), Albany (11-4-6), Dougherty Valley (9-8-4), Mt. Eden (14-7-3), Tennyson (9-6-4), Bishop O’Dowd (9-3-11), Granada (9-7-7), Amador Valley (11-11-2), Logan (11-5-6)


Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Richmond (20-4-0, 12-0-0) 36
Berkeley (14-7-3, 7-3-2) 23
Pinole Valley (9-8-5, 5-4-3) 18
Hercules (11-9-4, 4-5-3) 15
Alameda (10-10-2, 4-6-2) 14
El Cerrito (7-8-9, 2-5-5) 11
De Anza (0-11-1, 0-11-1) 1

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Albany (11-4-6, 9-0-3) 30
Piedmont (8-6-4, 7-2-3) 24
St. Mary’s (7-2-6, 6-2-4) 22
Kennedy (6-11-7, 5-0-7) 22
Salesian (6-9-0, 6-5-0) 18
Encinal (5-8-0, 5-6-0) 15
St. Joseph Notre Dame (4-11-2, 3-8-1) 10
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (2-12-0, 2-9-0) 6
Swett (0-16-0, 0-11-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Pittsburg (13-7-4, 7-0-3) 24
Antioch (9-8-4, 4-3-3) 15
Freedom (5-8-6, 4-4-2) 14
Heritage (3-3-9, 1-2-7) 10
Deer Valley (1-8-9, 1-3-6) 8
Liberty (2-10-4, 1-6-3) 6

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Acalanes (12-2-8, 8-1-3) 27
Campolindo (16-4-3, 6-3-3) 21
Dublin (15-5-3, 6-4-2) 20
Dougherty Valley (9-8-4, 5-5-2) 17
Alhambra (11-7-5, 4-3-5) 17
Miramonte (6-12-4, 3-7-2) 11
Las Lomas (5-10-5, 1-10-1) 4

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Ygnacio Valley (18-2-2, 11-0-1) 34
Clayton Valley (17-4-3, 9-2-1) 28
Concord (13-2-4, 7-2-3) 24
College Park (11-9-4, 5-6-1) 16
Mt. Diablo (4-9-1, 4-8-0) 12
Northgate (6-14-3, 3-9-0) 9
Berean Chr. (4-16-0, 0-12-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
De La Salle (18-3-2, 12-0-2) 38
California (17-3-3, 9-3-2) 29
Monte Vista (13-3-8, 8-2-4) 28
San Ramon Valley (14-6-4, 8-4-2) 26
Amador Valley (11-11-2, 4-8-2) 14
Granada (9-7-7, 3-6-5) 14
Foothill (5-15-4, 1-11-2) 5
Livermore (2-16-3, 0-11-3) 3

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Hayward (14-5-2, 12-3-1) 37
Mt. Eden (14-7-3, 10-4-2) 32
Bishop O’Dowd (9-3-11, 7-3-6) 27
Tennyson (9-6-4, 7-5-4) 25
San Leandro (7-11-2, 7-7-2) 23
San Lorenzo (7-8-5, 5-6-5) 20
Castro Valley (6-16-1, 6-9-1) 19
Moreau Catholic (5-9-6, 4-8-4) 16
Arroyo (0-16-3, 0-13-3) 3

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Newark Memorial (20-3-1, 11-0-1) 34
Logan (11-5-6, 7-2-3) 24
American (6-10-3, 5-5-2) 17
Irvington (6-14-2, 5-6-1) 16
Mission San Jose (3-16-4, 3-5-4) 13
Washington (4-14-1, 3-8-1) 10
Kennedy (2-15-2, 2-10-0) 6

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Oakland Tech (5-2-1, 4-1-0) 12
Skyline (1-3-1, 1-1-1) 4
Fremont (0-1-1, 0-1-1) 1
Castlemont (0-1-0, 0-1-0) 0
Oakland (0-1-0, 0-1-0) 0

Stat Leaders

Name School Goals
Montes, Richmond 28
Mendoza, Richmond 26
Romero, Pinole 23
Ayala, YV 23
Alejandro, Alhambra 20
Sandoval, Newark 20
Gomez, Clayton 19
Inprasueth, Hercules 19
Castillo, Hayward 18
Lopez, Pitt 18
Alvarez, Albany 16
Borges, Albany 16
Grixti, Cal 16
Aguila, Richmond 16
Espinoza, SM 16

Name School Assists
Montes, Richmond 29
Damian, YV 18
Borges, Albany 17
Ayala, Richmond 15
Mendoza, Richmond 14
Gomez, Hayward 13
S. Palano, Campo 12
Gomez, Clayton 12
Dougherty, Newark 12
Maguire, Acalanes 11

Matt Smith

  • TheSpecialOne

    For I am the Special One..I talked to Sir Alex about this Ball Whisperer..Its the Real Thing Baby
    And when The Special One…that’s me… say’s its the real thing…ITS REAL. BOD BE CHAMPIONS

    Somebody needs to mow the grass at Concord on Wednesday morning No more No Less than 2.8 centimeters. Those are the rules..for those who need conversion It’s the height of 1.10236220472441 inches… and all bomb craters are to be filled and leveled…Do not Question The Special One….Its in the rule book

  • Baller#9


    Where does everyone stand with their brackets I know I’m out but am interested on seeing who is where.


  • TheSpecialOne

    Hey sweeps PITT had plenty of Horns…dam they had a horn section…last night. See proves my point Yellow Shirts..although they were Red last night….It is a conspiracy to the highest levels. Remember I am The Special One….BE CHAMPIONS 🙂

  • Midfielder

    OK, it’s done, can we slow down the foreign language and limerick lessons!

    Would love to get to some meaty discussions.

    Two great rematches in the D1 boys semi’s
    This time SR travels to the futbal confines of Richmond High
    will the pitch favor the Oilers this time?
    I predict a high scoring affair, with the boys from danville scoring 1 more than the proud representatives of the Richmond High Soccer tradition

    Clayton Valley has to go to the super narrow confines and visitor unfriendly Owen Owens field.
    Can CV hang another loss on the men from Sparta?
    I predict no, and that the home field will be worth a one goal victory for DLS setting up match #3 between DLS and SR in the NCS finals.

    Just gotta mention, in D1 boys and girls playoffs, 8 teams remaining, 6 are from the EBAL.
    No other commentary really needed.
    neither in Greek, German or in Iambic Pentameter.

    Bring on Wednesday!

  • TheSpecialOne

    Here we go again the “Narrow Field” at DLS
    @Midfielder you just lost all creditability.

    Now go back home and try again.

  • futboldude

    TheSpecialOne – Are you trying to say that the DLS field is not narrow?

  • Red Solo Cup

    Matt – Congrats on hitting 1000 posts. Looks like you will get that well-deserved bonus after all.

    My last commentary about yesterdays game at Campo. As I stated before, the Concord GK was clearly the man of the match. That being said, the player with the biggest heart was Nick Palano. Here is a guy who had his jaw broken, wired shut and was told he probably shouldn’t play. What does he do? Plays nearly the whole game without shying away from contact. The twins are both excellent players and deserve to get some good looks at the college level.

    Nick Palano – Red Solo Cup raises a toast to you.

  • Shinguard

    @Matt, Its time to set-up for next week.

    Futboldude it is the oldest excuse used in Bay Area Soccer for Loosing at to the De La Salle soccer team.
    Whiners are the only ones who cant deal with it.
    Winners say IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER

  • Midfielder

    Owen Owens field IS 55 yards wide.
    Richmond’s field IS approximately 75yds wide, maybe more.

    these are FACTS.

    The field size DOES effect the style and tactical strategy of play. FACT

    Both teams have to deal with it, the home team is more accustomed to it. FACT

    In my OPINION, the sport of soccer is better served played on a wider natural grass field and is hindered played on a narrow artificial service field.
    The realities of HS athletics call for turf fields, so we have them (except for Concord, Hayward, Newark and a few others)
    So Richmond’s field does the best at giving ideal soccer/football conditions.

    Being “thespecialone” and throwing tantrums when you don’t get your way, or read what you like, makes you well, “special”

  • TheSpecialOne

    @red Solo…Campo Player…very gutsy play outstanding.

    @FutbolDude…yes it is narrow..and? What does that mean?
    A pitch is a pitch…Good teams play through adversity and Great Teams Win. If you cry you are a loser & you are crying.

    The Special One has spoken. Be Champions.

  • Shinguard

    You have some valid points from a game perspective.
    But most just complain…DLS does this and that the field is ..you know what I mean. you just have to adjust and play as best as you possibly can.

  • Hamiltonbohannon

    I believe Richmond will choke

  • fan

    @ red solo…Nick Palano= boss. Almost put away the game winner in overtime to. Concords goalkeep made a spectacular diving save. Good luck to Concord in semis.

  • mudhen

    In SRV vs, Richmond, a lot will come down to whether Richmond’s keeper can stop the ball.
    In DLS vs. Clayton Valley,much depends on whether or not Clayton can deal with DLS’s ability to score on set pieces near goal. They flat out rock at that.

  • Old Mats Fan

    Boo-Hoo….I’m sorry Tack in all honesty I didn’t mean to offend you. I thought the game was one of the biggest shockers of the day and no one was talking bout it. I wanted some details….thanks Vela….

    Tack as a senior in high school your input to the blog will be missed next season. Best of luck in college…we look forward to giving you unbiased reports about the school you hold so dear to your heart.

    Looking forward to the Ten game on wed!!

    Good luck to all…

  • Wanderer

    Thank you BSAL fan. I’ve been annoyed reading all the predictions and reasons people have been saying why their team barely beat a BSAL team or lost. Excuses! Every team by this point in the year is struggling with injuries and grades. The BSAL seeded more teams than the MVAL and BVAL and had more teams move on than both and the ACCAL. Yet the first two mentioned are rated higher. The top 4 teams in the BSAL can compete with any of the teams. Kennedy did not get lucky they played toe to toe with YV. Albany competes and is a very, very good team. St Mary’s outplayed the # 1 seed with a backup keeper and a very young team. Piedmont was the better team and Dublin got the goal needed. I saw that a majority of the BSAL teams were predicted to lose by 2-3 goals across the board. I wouldn’t be surprised if Albany wins it all, Gabriel Borges and Andre are unbelievable players and have great supporting teammates. Almost all the comments attest the close games to one or two players but it’s a team sport. It requires 11 to win at this level.

    @875 SBaller

    What’s up Mitt Romney or Rick perry of that suits you better. How quickly you take back you comments about the BSAL. @516 “though they (YV) were tough” as if Kennedy had nothing to do with the score line. It’s ok you can flip flop back to the BSAL, we enjoy surprising teams.

    If you forgot a couple years ago Piedmont made the finals two years in a year and semis quite often.

  • Matt Smith

    You guys are absolutely amazing. Over 1,000 comments. I can’t believe this. I still don’t know what to say. My girlfriend gave me high-five when it happened and we had an amazing night of dinner and drinks.

    So, I emailed NCS and asked about times for the finals and asked to make sure there was time in between Division I and Division II. I was told they’d let me know.

    As far as the bracket standings are concerned, I will update those tomorrow, and I am working on the new post as we speak. I still can’t believe we had 1.000 comments. You guys are the best.

  • futbolfan

    Hey Old Mats Fan,
    What is with the boo-hoo at the beginning of your “apology”? Were you intending to sincerely apologize to the high schooler you insulted? If so, you might have also chosen to leave out the looking forward to giving him non-biased reports crack.

  • EbayFutbolFan

    There are very few fixed dimensions for soccer fields, even at the highest level. FIFA only stipulates that for professional 11-versus-11 competition, they must be between 100 yards and 130 yards and the width between 50 and 100 yards. For years, English fields were known to be on the smaller side, making the game more physical while fields in Latin American stadiums tend to sprawl out and offer players more space and time on the ball, much like the contrast between the home fields and style of play of the Spartans and the Oilers.

    While playing at home has obvious advantages, great teams adapt their tactics and play for whatever pitch they play on, winning on the road and at home. And teams that earn the top seed in any sport are rewarded with playing at home.

    It will be a fierce match Wed night between CV and DLS. My guess is Sparty will likely move on to the finals with a 3-1 result.

  • Matt Smith

    The new post is up. Thanks to everyone.

  • Shinguard

    @EbayFutbol..You win again for long distance blog
    sat u r sipping on rum on location in FiveO territory and today u r having steak in the great LoneStar state.
    Glad you will be back for what could be a game of epic portions…Say hi to George. Thx

  • Old Mats Fan

    Things that make you go hmmmmmm…..

    # of posts since 500
    Tack-1 directed at OMf
    FutbolFan-1 directed at OMF
    Vela-1 directed at OMF

    Could the 3 be one?

    Sorry again….congrats Matt

  • futbolfan

    Sorry to disappoint – not Tack or Vela nor even a Dublin fan. Just a soccer mom that felt your post(s) were unkind. Mainly because the poster in question has identified himself long ago as a high schooler and you are presumably an adult. Sometimes things just hit one wrong.

  • PHSalumni

    Going back to the DLS/Pitt game one last time, I think it is extremely disrespectful how PHS got no respect for their performance they left on the field.. They came out and proved most of your predictions wrong and in all honestly, they wanted the win much more than DLS did. I give respect where it is due, and yes the Spartans played well but they only controlled the first 15 minutes. Blaming Gaytan for the fans actions is completely disrespectful to not only him, but the players and the Pirates organization. The only reson there is ALOT of speculation is because Pittsburg completely surprised the Spartans. Overall the game was great, but Pittsburg deserved it. Good luck to DLS!

  • Vela

    Yeah, I am not the same person as Tack, just on the same team.
    You wanted a review of the game so I tried to give you the most unbiased one I could.

  • calhi78

    @1022 Old Mats Fan

    And I’m not Tack either, but your so-called apology comes across with an amazing lack of sincerity. You got called out by three (now four) people because you made yourself sound like a jerk. And for you to cap on a high school kid for pretty much ANY reason just speaks more to who you are than it does about them. That’s about it.

  • MustangFan3

    @ #1024

    Pitt did not deserve to win… because they lost. Yes, they played amazing and it was probably their best game of the year. The Spartans controlled the majority of play with Pittsburg countering very string. Brumen should have played more for Pitt because he was the reason why they scored. Pittsburg needed to put more shots on frame to win, but they lost and didnt deserve to win. However, they did play very, very well.

  • MustangFan3

    sting = strong

  • Old Mats Fan

    ** the original post #925 **

    OldMatsFan Says:
    February 19th, 2012 at 9:31 am
    DFAL out!!!!

    Was at the campo v concord and what a great game. Could have gone either way to be honest but the concord keeper was the difference.

    Aca out…campo out…and wait Dublin???? Good stuff from TEN as I will be making their game on wed. I’m surprised we haven’t heard much from the Dublin game? Was anyone at the game that can give insight? Usually we have a lopsided one way game report from tack already.

    BOD the fav???? Albany is peaking…good stuff go Richmond!!!!

    ** didn’t think it warranted an apology but I gave one even though I felt it was unnecessary (yes it was sarcastic) …you are in HS soon to be college, I’m truly sorry loss still stings but worse things have been said, let’s get back to the games

  • Hugh Lenahan

    Lopsided, one way game reports aside, 1-0 Lancers is all you need to know.

    Please keep looking past the Lancers on this blog.

    Fortunately the games are played on the pitch and not on a laptop.

    Oh, and number 9 for Tennyson is Rafael Garcia, talk to your buddies at O’Dowd about how he schooled them in the league finale.

    See you on Wednesday night in Albany.

  • 11 v11

    Good luck to all semi finalist. Go get them , give us fans a great game.

  • fan of the futbol

    i agree with old mats fan, tack if you cant put up with a minimal amount of criticism like the one from old mats fan, then you need to grow up. you arent going to win everything so you might as well start getting prepared for the times when you lose. they way one puts up with losing and criticism shows ones true maturity.

  • Very Disappointed

    Dublin was robbed by an offsides goal that the refs failed to catch.

    We all can see what the refs failed to see thanks to Dublin’s online streaming. Take a look at this obvious offsides goal (fast forward to 1:52:35). I know the URL description doesn’t match the game but it is the correct game on UStream.


  • post 1024- what happened with fans at the DLS vs. Pitt game?

  • Ncschamps


    Obviously you do not want to give any credit to Pitt on the game because you saw a totally different game than everyone else. You say Beruman started the goal you are wrong he was not close to the play it was Valencia and Geronimo that played the one, two. The play happend down the left flank on a great team play. I wish dls would have scored on gameplay situations not on set pieces. But this is the dls way and it’s very successful.

    And you obviously have something personal on Pitt program and their coach!!!