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Jon Becker

  • George . Austin

    El Cerrito is a league champion and 2011 State Championship Runner-up but they are given a #4 seed while Campolindo and Miramonte get a number 2 and 3 seed respectively. Now you understand why people on our side of the hill don’t trust the NCS system of choosing post season seedings. This is blatant every “ism” I can think of.

    George F. Austin
    Athletic Director
    El Cerrito High School

  • BBall Fan

    I agree Austin. Miramontes(3 loses in D3) loss to Acalanes twice. EC(2 loses in D3) beats Acalanes. EC 13 game winning streak. Campo lost 3 out of last 4 games. Travesty.If anybody got a explanation, State your case for the D3 seeding.

  • Oh boy

    EC was robbed. I saw them beat Berkeley. They have to take the harder road but should easily make NorCals

  • Prep Fan

    I don’t think they are trusted by anyone on any side of the hill. Clearly, Campo played themselves out of the #2 seed over the past 2 weeks. Miramonte played great the last couple of weeks and beat Campo, but finished a game out of first. I have to agreee that EC deserves the #2 seed. Campo may have been penciled in a little too early and just stayed there even though they lost 3 of their last 4 and the only win was by 2 points. EC went 12-0 in league and hasn’t lost yet in 2012.