NCS boys basketball brackets

I’ll be posting all the boys basketball brackets as they become available. The most recently available bracket will be posted first. Please click through to see all the brackets.

Tuesday’s first round

No. 9 Heritage (16-10) at No. 8 Berkeley (15-11), 7 p.m.
No. 12 James Logan (13-13) at No. 5 Monte Vista (19-7), 8 p.m.
No. 10 Granada (16-9) at No. 7 San Leandro (20-6), 7 p.m.
No. 11 Amador Valley (15-11) at No. 6 Liberty (20-6), 7 p.m.

Friday’s quarterfinals

Heritage/Berkeley winner at No. 1 De La Salle (24-2), 8 p.m.
James Logan/Monte Vista winner at No. 4 Castro Valley (20-6), TBA
Granada/San Leandro winner at No. 2 Deer Valley (19-7), 8 p.m.
Amador Valley/Liberty winner at No. 3 Freedom (20-6), 7 p.m.

Tuesday’s first round

No. 16 Dougherty Valley (15-11) at No. 1 Newark Memorial (22-4)
No. 9 Mt. Eden (19-7) at No. 8 Clayton Valley (17-9), 7 p.m.
No. 13 Redwood-Larkspur (17-11) at No. 4 Las Lomas (17-9), 7 p.m.
No. 12 Rancho Cotate-Rohnert Park (15-13) at No. 5 Dublin (16-10), 8 p.m.
No. 15 Pinole Valley (14-12) at No. 2 Windsor (23-4), 7 p.m.
No. 10 Northgate (16-10) at No. 7 Mario Carrillo-Santa Rosa (20-7), 6:30 p.m.
No. 14 Casa Grande-Petaluma (15-12) at No. 3 College Park (18-8), 7 p.m.
No. 11 Concord (17-9) at No. 6 Montgomery (18-9), 8 p.m.

Tuesday’s first round

No. 9 Hercules (15-11) at No. 8 San Marin-Novato (14-12), 7 p.m.
No. 12 Piner-Santa Rosa (13-12) at No. 5 Acalanes (17-9), 7 p.m.
No. 10 De Anza (17-9) at No. 7 Sir Francis Drake-San Anselmo (18-9), 7 p.m.
No. 11 Terra Linda-San Rafael (10-16) at No. 6 Analy (18-9), 8 p.m.

Friday’s quarterfinals

Hercules/San Marin winner vs. No. 1 Bishop O’Dowd (21-5), TBA
Piner/Acalanes winner at No. 4 El Cerrito (19-7), 7 p.m.
De Anza/Sir Francis Drake winner at No. 2 Campolindo (20-5), 8 p.m.
Terra Linda/Analy winner at No. 3 Miramonte, 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday’s first round

No. 16 Kelseyville (20-6) at No. 1 Salesian (26-2), 8 p.m.
No. 9 Fortuna (19-9) at No. 8 Berean Christian (16-10), 7 p.m.
No. 4 Piedmont (22-6) at No. 13 Middletown (19-6), 7 p.m.
No. 12 Moreau Catholic (10-16) at No. 5 Arcata (22-4), 7 p.m.
No. 15 Healdsburg (13-14) at No. 2 Marin Catholic-Kentfield (21-6), 8 p.m.
No. 10 McKinleyville (18-7) at No. 7 St. Patrick-St. Vincent (16-10), 6:30 p.m.
No. 14 St. Helena (19-7) at No. 3 Cardinal Newman-Santa Rosa (24-4), 7 p.m.
No. 6 Justin-Siena-Napa (20-7) at No. 11 Lick-Wilmerding-San Francisco (18-10), 7 p.m.

Wednesday’s first round

No. 8 Stuart Hall-San Francisco (18-9) at No. 9 St. Vincent-Petaluma (21-7), 6:30 p.m.
No. 13 Athenian (13-12) at No. 4 Bentley (21-6), 7 p.m.
No. 12 Bay School-San Francisco (19-8) at No. 5 Head-Royce (18-7), 8 p.m.
No. 15 Sonoma Academy-Santa Rosa (13-12) vs. No. 2 Branson-Ross (21-8) at College of Marin, 7 p.m.
No. 10 Marin Academy-San Rafael (13-12) vs. No. 7 Urban-San Francisco (15-10) at Kezar Pavilion, 6:30 p.m.
No. 14 Oakland Military Institute (19-9) vs. No. 3 University-San Francisco (18-9) at Kezar Pavilion, 8 p.m.
No. 11 California School for the Deaf (23-5) at No. 6 Hoopa Valley (17-9), 7 p.m.

Saturday’s quarterfinal

Stuart Hall/St. Vincent winner vs. No. 1 St. Joseph Notre Dame (23-5), TBA

Saturday’s quarterfinals

No. 8 Redwood Adventist-Santa Rosa (14-6) at No. 1 Point Arena (23-3), 7 p.m.
No. 5 Laytonville (18-8) at No. 4 Rincon Valley Christian-Santa Rosa (21-8), TBA
No. 7 Summerfield Waldorf-Santa Rosa vs. No. 2 Pleasant Hill Adventist (18-1) at Archbishop Hanna, 7 p.m.
No. 6 Mendocino (16-11) at No. 3 Ferndale (12-12), 6:30 p.m.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Hoodboy

    Yoooo!!!! San Lorenzo got played!!

  • Prep Fan

    And Mt. Eden getting the #9 seed is just brutal. Not only do they have to play on the road in the first round, if they win that they get to face Newark. They should have been the #4 or #5 seed. The HAAL got no respect in the D2 bracket.

  • Shakes

    How does CV get a four seed by only having one quality win all year and that was vs San Leandro who they split with Please someone name three good wins they have all year!! Liberty SL and possible monta vista should of been seeded above them Liberty and SL have same records withe tougher schedules Please lets not base these seedings on the past

  • Gdog

    Mt Eden played Rancho and Piner from North Bay and while they won comparative scores with respect to Montgomery & Carrillo do not favor Mt Eden. Who do they jump? Dublin is playing poorly right now but not sure they jump anyone but Clayton (lost head to head however). Rancho and Casa even in the field is a travesty over San Lorenzo. San Lorenzo is playing DI schools in their league and BOD #1 DIII Seed. Biggest omission by far from the committee, not even close.

  • GHN

    You could argue that DIV 1 could be the weakest division and out of 12 teams you are going to allow 4 to nor cal that is just unreal NCS and there seeding is just a joke!! They base everything money Please Make Teams EARN there way in it is suppose to be an accomplishment now it is not

  • 11highschoolhoopsjunky

    The Only thing I have to say is the committee needs to watch these teams play i dont think they watch games even though they say some member do. it’s alot of teams that are miss seeded and how does SLZ high dont make it in the playoffs. This is is not good seeding i understand they can ‘t make every game but they need to see these teams play more than once. plus this about making money becuase the D3 seeding ( boys) is by far the worst whats the reason miramonte gets a 3seed somebody please explain that million dollar question ????? you can’t can you, ..miramonte lost to acalanes twice and ec beat acalanes and is 3 time league champoin how are they not a 3 seed atleast..maybe even a 2 seed..

  • 11highschoolhoopsjunky

    Predicted Winners

    d1. DLS
    d2. Newark
    d3. BOD
    d5. St.joes


    d1. Freedom/DV ..these two can beat DLS ..DV could steam role threw d1 if they had team discpline ..they are loaded with talent and freedom has talent as well

    d2. no sleepers. nobody can stop Newark . They have a great coach in craig ashmore and are battle tested more than any team in this divison

    d3. El cerrito should feel disrecpected because they got a #4 seed and should of recived a 2 and for sure a 3 spot. But they can challenge BOD and also look for De Anza to upset drake in the 1st round. De Anza’s schedule was soft this year but they 3 good players that can give drake a hard time and MAYBE COULD BEAT CAMPO.

    d4. Look for SHS to steam role threw this divison. No sleepers.

    d5. st.joes should get the job done but maybe brandson can cancel the party and get back on top of d5

    these are my picks and enjoy the playoffs and good luck to all teams

  • Prep Fan

    @4 Gdog, Mt Eden beat Rancho (15-13) by 9, while Carillo split with them, winning only by 3 at home. Carillo lost to Ukiah by 11, and they aren’t even a playoff team. CalPreps has ME with a higher strength of schedule as well as ranking than Carillo. ME is in a tougher league and is 10-1 vs. D2 teams. And they beat San Lorenzo twice. ME won 4 of their last 5, while Carillo lost 3 of their last 5. They could have easily been seeded ahead of Carillo, or Dublin for that matter who lost 4 of their last 5. It is not like there was nobody for them to jump over.

  • Gdog

    You are correct. I agree they should have been a 6 or 7. Could have at least had a chance for NorCal bid now with Newark in their path I would say close to zero.

  • Prep Fan

    d1. DLS
    d2. Newark
    d3. BOD
    d4. Salesian
    d5. St. Joes

    I agree that is a tough 5. I don’t know who of this bunch is most likely to get upset, but rest assured it would be a major upset. I’ll have to go with Salesian as the least likely to get upset though.

  • Monarch Pride

    NCS selections this year are a joke. The football brakcets were horrible and now basketball got screwed up. Good luck with baseball. Mt Eden shouldve got the 6 or 7 seed. I think the North Bay is getting way to much respect that they havent earned in hoops yet. Mt Eden went upto the North Bay and won the Piner-Santa Rosa tournament. Montgomery/Carrillo havnt played anyone yet. I think these Monarchs will erase the earlier loss to Clayton Valley and give Newark Memorial the closest/toughest game they will have in NCS. Just keep playing hard boys. MONARCH PRIDE

  • This is my fourth year going through seeding and I have to say this is the most surprising. There is no way San Lorenzo doesn’t get into play offs and I expected Mt Eden to get a way higher seed. I don’t have a kid that goes to either school. I really feel bad for San Lorenzo who it seems worked really hard at the end of the season in preparation for the play offs. HAAL had five teams finish above 600. I wonder if the committee could tell ME what they could have done to get a higher seed or what San Lorenzo could have done to get in at all. I guess no one is ever going to be satisfied but I have to say this is surprising.

  • now i feel even worse for san lorenzo, just realized moreau catholic got in with a 10-16 record, i know it’s division four, but still. what is going on? so confused 🙁

  • MustangFan3

    How do they decide which schools are in which divisions?

  • 11highschoolhoopsjunky

    @prep fan i think DLS and BOD could be taken out and maybe st.joes.

  • The divisions are based on school population with D1 having the largest amount of students in attendance. I think Logan has over 4,000 kids. There are exceptions, I believe if you win NCS so many times in a row you have to move up, you can also petition to move up divisions. I believe De La Salle is not technically a D1 but may combine their population with Carondelet so they can play in D1.Moreau was DIII last year, but I think their student population went down. The same thing with Newark, who was DI and is now DII.

  • Newark is a lock especially in DII, Salesians would be a lock in almost any Division. They’re really good this year and probably will be next year. I kinda feel the same about DLS in DI.

  • They actually did away with the rule of bumping up teams for winning three straight NCS titles, so that’s not in play anymore. And you can NOT petition to move up divisions. They got rid of that about 10 years ago. So the divisions are strictly enrollment-based. The only teams that can petition up are Division 6 teams, who can move up to Division 5, giving them the opportunity to advance to NorCals. As for DLS and any schools that are all boys (or all girls), they simply double whatever the school’s single-gender enrollment is.

  • Mariner Beast Mode


    I totally agree with the travesty in San Lorenzo not getting in. I saw them play a few time and they got better each time. I thought they were a lock for D-II. But so say your surprised Moreau Catholic got in is a bit overreaching. If you look at Calpreps.com the only team in D-4 that played a higher strength of schedule than Moreau was Salesian. MC went out of state to Arizona and played 2 defending state champions, played St. Pats/St. Vincent, beat El Ceritto who was top 5 seed in D-III and played in a league with Castro Valley (Top 10 D-I), San Leandro (Top 10 D-1), Bishop O’dowd (#1 seed in D-3), Mt. Eden (Should have been top 5 D-2) and you beloved San Lorenzo who should have been in for sure,

    Thats a pretty tough schedule for the average D-4 school. None of the top D-4 teams played close to the same type of teams except Salesian and maybe Marin Catholic.

    For the Mariners to go 10-16 with that schedule is pretty darn good. Coach Knight has changed the old mentality at MC in regards to boys basketball and going to NCS back to back years for the 1st time in school history speaks to where the program is going.

  • HS Football Fan

    FWIW, Moreau went to NCS every year from 2005 through 2008 and won a first round game in each of those seasons.

  • @mariner beast mode, I am not sure what you mean by my beloved san lorenzo, don’t have a kid at neither SL or ME. I really was truly surprised they made it into the play offs especially when San Lorenzo didn’t. Sorry, just my opinion and I know some Mariners weren’t expecting to make play offs either. I looked at their schedule and didn’t see anything that would say their losses were to teams that should have beat them. Again, my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I am rooting for all the HAAl teams, was just a little surprised.

    Jimmy, thanks for the clarification on the Divisions, I didn’t know the rules had changed. I just knew some schools had sports that competed in different divisions.

  • HS Football Fan

    Wow, that crackerjack seeding committee just discovered that they let the Campolindo girls team in (and seeded them #4!) despite the fact that they weren’t eligible. That level of diligence must be very comforting to those kids at San Lorenzo after getting screwed over for a playoff spot. In 2009, San Lorenzo’s football team finished 6-4 and was left out of the D-II brackets for teams like 4-6 Maria Carrillo. In 2010, Moreau’s football team finished 6-3-1 and got left out of the D-III playoffs for multiple Redwood Empire teams with losing records. It seems like the HAAL continues to get hosed in favor of Redwood Empire schools.

  • HS Football Fan

    Jimmy, any idea on how the new leagues will be split up for next year? It looks to me like you can break down the new ACCAL into three tiers:

    Tier 1 – Salesian, SJND, SPSV, El Cerrito
    Tier 2 – Pinole Valley, Hercules, DeAnza, St. Mary’s
    Tier 3 – Albany, Kennedy, Richmond, Swett

    How are they going to split tier 2 so that two teams go into the “A” league and two into the “B” league?

    For the HAAL, it’s even more muddy:

    Tier 1 – O’Dowd, Castro Valley, San Leandro
    Tier 1.5 – Berkeley, Mt. Eden
    Tier 2 – San Lorenzo, Piedmont
    Tier 2.5 – Hayward, Alameda, Encinal
    Tier 3 – Tennyson, Arroyo

    It looks like one of those Tier 2 teams is about to be the king of the “B” league and other will be the whipping boys of the “A” league.

  • Prep Fan

    @22, Wow they sure did have to go back in and remove Campo from the girls bracket, which altered a lot of the matchups:


    The exact same thing happened last year in baseball with Antioch, as they weren’t eligible, but the crackerjack seeding committee didn’t realize it until the bracket was already made out and posted. They had to go back in and make the changes after the fact, just like this year’s Campo issue. That is pretty sad:


    I wonder if they somehow thought SLZ wasn’t eligible, since they don’t exactly have that concept down pat, even after that very embarrassing screw up last spring?

  • moreaufan2

    Glad Moreau boys got in, but man we really need to play better!

  • HS Football Fan,
    I believe the Tri-County Athletic League (the new name for the ACCAL/BSAL) is Salesian, El Cerrito, St. Mary’s, St. Joe’s, Pinole and St. Pat’s in the Rock Division. The Stone Division is Albany, De Anza, Hercules, Kennedy, Richmond and Swett.

    In football, the TCAL Stone Division will have the same six teams. The Rock Divison of course drops St. Joe’s (no football) and adds in Valley Christian and Berean Christian.

    The still yet to be named new HAAL (one proposed name in the WAAL — Western Alameda Athletc League) has not decided its basketball divisions. For football, the top division will be Berkeley, Bishop O’Dowd, Castro Valley, Encinal and San Leandro. I can’t remember, but I think the sixth team is Alameda.

    Basketball will clearly have Berkeley, O’Dowd, Castro Valley and San Leandro in the top division. The next two teams to join are a little unclear. There aren’t any clear cut teams to move up since none of those teams have established a long run of success. Since PIedmont is D-4, they would probably stay down. So based on this year, they might go with Mt. Eden and San Lorenzo. Could be a tough call though.

    I hear that the plan for the new HAAL is to have the teams play a double round robin schedule against their own division and play one round against the other division. That would be 16 league games, which is what the current HAAL plays now. I think for the teams coming into the league that are used to 12-game schedules, that would be a tough adjustment.

  • Just curious B-Ball fans, I don’t follow HS basketball much since my son only plays football. Back on the blogs for FB Salesian was always getting nailed for not playing up. I notice in the brackets here that we are still D4 despite being ranked # 1, but looking back I don’t really see the same chatter about the Pride sandbagging. What’s the scoop for basketball?

  • Monarch Pride

    Unless it was a mistake on the live blog MtEden 62-59 over Clayton Valley. I hope the game was as good/close as the score and didnt get decided by the refs. Congrats to Clayton Valley for your season. Next up 7pm Friday @ Newark Memorial. Just play as hard as you guys have all season and anything is possible especially when 15,16,17and18 year olds are involved. Good Luck. MONARCH PRIDE

  • Pride Baller,
    In football, there is the option of petitioning up a division. That option does not exist in basketball.

  • CSD

    Once again, CSD got screwed with the NCS seeding. What does NCS committee have against CSD? First, it was football then now basketball!

    They are 23-5 League champion. They are on a 18 game winning streak. They lost to Head Royce (seeded #5) by one point. Now, they got to travel 8 or 9 hours north to Hoopa.

    NCS loves to send CSD to Eureka and I am sick of this.

  • Prep Fan

    @27 Pride Baller – In addition, Salesian plays a national schedule in basketball and there are so many more games played than football that they get tested plenty outside of league play. Plus, in hoops there is a genuine playoff system in place so they aren’t standing there at the end of the season wondering why they weren’t able to advance to state.

  • prep fan- you are right about Salesian BB having to play div-4. However, no one ever suggested Salesian petition up out of Div-4, although they could. The complaints are they play in the BFL and should have joined the BSAL a long time ago.

  • prep fan- I am refering to Salesian football.

  • Prep Fan

    I agree BigDog. Their hoop team is top notch, right up there with anyone in the state. But as good as the football team has been in the recent past, they have been largely untested. The “Rock Division” of the TCAL should be an improvement in schedule for them in the future.

  • Monarch Pride

    Anyone who knows:
    are the new leagues for baseball and wrestling as well or just football and basketball? being an HAAL guy alameda, bishop odowd, castro valley, and encinal twice a yr in baseball shoudld be games. berkeley, odwod, encinal, and san leandro in football will be good. and the basketball match ups will be good also. on paper realignment seems good. only time will tell.

  • Monarch Pride,
    The new leagues are for every sport. Each sport will have the divisions broken up differently, based on the competitive level of each school in that sport.

  • Haal/2012

    HS Football Fan Says:
    So you are saying
    Tier 1.5 – , Mt. Eden, Tenny
    Tier 2 – San Lorenzo, Piedmont
    Tier 2.5 – Hayward, Alameda, are better then Arroyo ?

    Jimmy:Hayward is in the a league and Alameda is in the B ..

  • Thanks HAAL. Hayward makes sense based on their overall history, even though they’ve struggled recently. If this was the mid-2000s when football and basketball at Hayward was really good, they’d be a great fit up there.

  • HS Football Fan


    Thank you very much. The TCAL Rock division looks really interesting for football. While I think Salesian will likely still run the table (at least at the start), it should be much more competitive. Any idea what becomes of the remaining 3 schools in the old BFL (CSD, Emery and St. Liz)? I can’t see the NCS letting them exist as a 3 team league, but will it really impact the tiny Div. V playoffs all that much?

    HAAL, yes, I am saying all of those teams are better than Arroyo. Arroyo won 3 games all year against 3 schools the combined for 60 total losses. They were winless against all HAAL teams, and all but one of those losses was by double digits. I saw a couple of Arroyo games this year – they would have been lucky to win a game in the HAAL “rock” division.

    Fortunately, the way the new leagues will be configured, it’s on a per sport basis. Arroyo football would be one of those tweener teams that could go in either division, and in baseball I have no doubt that they’ll be up. But Arroyo boys basketball hasn’t had a winning record in at least 5 years. No way they’re above any of those teams. FWIW, I definitely didn’t have Tennyson in Tier 1.5, either.

  • CSD

    CSD and the 2 other teams will merge with North Central II to make it a 7 team league. While the commute distance may be longer but at least CSD is in a league of even playing field and can get better NCS seeding. That is just for football only. No word on what exactly will this new league be called.

    Playing against Salesian and Valley Christian-Dublin is a JOKE! I am glad someone twisted Salesian Coach’s arm to step up their level of competition.

  • HS Football Fan

    With Alameda making the NCS semifinals (and ensuring a NorCal bid), I’m thinking the “WAAL Stone” division for next year will be Berkeley, Castro Valley, Bishop O’Dowd, San Leandro, Mt. Eden and Alameda.

    FWIW, NCS has been pretty much chalk for the first two rounds, at least in Divisions 1 – 3. Nobody lower than a 5 seed is going to NorCal unless Mt. Eden can pull off a huge upset today…

  • Prep Fan

    HS Football Fan, the Alameda team that is in the semis is the girls team. The Hornets boys team did not make the playoffs this season. They may not be ready just yet for the likes of Berkeley, Castro Valley, Bishop O’Dowd, San Leandro, & Mt. Eden. That division will be one tough league.

  • Gdog

    Mt Eden gave Newark a game. Some bitter comments by the coach however. Yes, they most likely deserved a higher seed but even that would not have assured them any more wins. Talking like he can’t believe it was a quarter final game. After all, previous 3 season records at Mt Eden are 8-18, 14-14 & 3-23. All the schools seeded ahead of him have a longer track record of sucess. Respect is earned so go out and follow-up your season with another good one. I agree that the previous seasons should not affect this year but I think you will all get the point. Keep up the good work and congrats on a good season.