Boys Soccer: NCS Finals

The finals are here…

Division I

De La Salle v. San Ramon Valley

When the San Ramon Valley High boys soccer team drew a No. 6 seed in the North Coast Section Division I playoffs, a lot of people wrote the Wolves off, considering their seed and fourth-place finish in the East Bay Athletic League.
What happened was they won their first two games by a combined score of 8-0, and went into Richmond and beat a very good team in the face of a hostile crowd.
Their reward? The top-seeded, and three-time defending champs, the De La Salle Spartans.
“We need to play with heart, pace, skill and composure for 80 minutes,” San Ramon Valley coach Don Busboom said.
The Spartans have twice beat the Wolves by one goal, by 2-1 and 1-0 scores, and beating them a third time certainly will not be easy.
“Playing San Ramon is never an easy task, if it’s only one game or three,” De Le Salle coach Derricke Brown said. “Though, we are excited to play on the last day of the season again and the boys will be ready to defend their title.”
Already the first team to win three titles in a row, the Spartans will be looking for an unprecedented fourth in a row, and a 10th overall title and seem to be in top form.
Since starting the year 4-3-1, De La Salle has gone 18 matches without a loss, winning 17 of those matches.

Division II

Albany v. Bishop O’Dowd

Nobody, except for the teams themselves, expected these two teams to be playing for the Division II title.
With Ygnacio Valley, Dublin and Hayward on their side of the bracket, most were assuming the Cougars would have too tough a road.
Same for the Dragons, who had a path that included top-seeded Acalanes, a hot Alhambra team, Concord and defending champion Campolindo.
The Dragons are doing it with defense, allowing just one goal this post-season. Albany, on the other hand, has scored 10 goals, including four in a game twice.
Albany coach Ko Douglas knows the Dragons are big and physical, while Bishop O’Dowd coach Greg Rubendall knows Albany likes to possess the ball, and has two amazing players in Gabriel Borges and Andre Alvarez.
Which style will come out on top in a rematch of last year’s second-round, 1-0 Albany win?

Matt Smith

  • The Sweeper

    DLS Defender,

    It has been truly great banter all season. That said, I dare you to resist comment to post #49. Silence is golden, but I am sure that you have an opinion…or perhaps your Spartan demure is in control…

    Cheers, and if we do not hear from you until next year…never mind…I think that I hear your keyboard pecking away…

    And let the POY debate begin…

  • The Sweeper

    Hey Matt Smith,

    You have been the best BANG high school sports reporter in 2011-12, bar none.

    The POY debate will rage on, and while I may have ignited the debate in post #49 above, trust me, you are the man to bring the debate to a conclusion.

    Cheers. We need to hook up for a cold one…

  • EbayFutbolFan

    De La Salle has never been about who is “player of the year.”

    The Spartan way is all about being “team of the year.” And that is “TEAM” in the truest sense, both in words and in deeds.

    Let the POY debate rage… Let the dares and taunts be issued… Just don’t expect much participation from Sparty – He has his TOY and he is sincerely thankful and profoundly satisfied.

    The Brotherhood abides.

  • Congrats to the Spartans- to the victors go the spoils.Story book season, going 18-0-1 down the stretch.

  • Baller#9

    I’m player of the year !

  • Rogue Warrior

    1st the two SRV Keeper’s were a major factor in keeping the game within touch for the Wolves. Both had sets of outstanding saves. However De La Salle was attacking from all sides..shots, set-pieces danger was lurking about from every angle. It was inevitable that Sparty was going to pop a couple in..you could feel it and smell it. Referees were fairly consistent through the game and let the game flow other than what appeared to be some slow whistles and some lecturing on the SRV side of the field. SRV did have some shot opportunity but fundamental solid saves by Konstatino in goal for the Sparty. DLS played as a complete team package last night..it was total on hustle. Well Done..Great Job..De La Salle…a 4peat WOW.

  • EBAL spektator


    I agree with your game overview, and it is true the spartans played well and the SRV never recovered from losing the keeper, the team lost composure after the keeper went out on a freak injury.

    Congratulations to the East Bay Spartans!
    you beat a bunch of kids from Danville and Alamo

    Spartans are represented by players that are zoned to play at:
    Clayton Valley High
    Richmond High
    Livermore High,
    Monte Vista
    San Ramon Valley
    Amandor Valley
    Antioch High
    Ygnacio Valley
    Mt Diablo High
    Las Lomas High
    Acalanas High
    Miramonte High
    Campolindo High,

    4 straight NCS titles, should make for a good random draw for next years incoming freshman….

    not whining, just stating the facts like you did,
    Spartans earned the game, no question..

  • As I See It

    Success in high school soccer is made up of many different factors, some controllable and some not. One way to look at it is as follows

    Controllable factors:

    Dedication & Effort
    Parental Support

    Not Controllable
    Outside influences

    In the case of DLS it appears to me that factors that are typically not controllable are actually quite controllable which gives them a clear competitive advantage (4 in a row?) over the schools that they compete against.

    Talent – DLS is one of the places in our community where parents make huge sacrifices to give their kids an advantage in society (both academic and athletic). The sacrifices are both financial (tuition) and logistical (how do I get my kid to Concord from Pittsburg every day??). The bottom line is that if you have a kid that is talented, it makes good sense to get them to DLS because it will give them much better exposure to the next level. This is true for many different sports including our beloved soccer but you can never forget the vaunted DLS football program. Take a look at the DLS entry on Wikipedia and you will see the professional success enjoyed by the alumni of “the Brotherhood”. Aspiring Helicopter parents of the next Chris Wondolowski take note…

    Injuries –Many teams were affected by injuries this year. It would appear to me that DLS is much less prone to the injury bug due to the fact that they carry more (and often more talented) players than their typical competition. Maxpreps shows that DLS fielded 24 which I would believe is larger than all but SRV in EBAL. I would also bet that they have a good medical support system built into their program via parents and alumni (this is only a guess).

    Outside Influences – DLS, being the private religious school that it is, greatly reduces the likelihood of negative outside influence that is typical in a public school setting. One would also assume that the students academic health is much more closely monitored (espcially when on field production is good…).

    The bottom line – DLS does have a huge advantage over the competition. I commend the parents who are making huge sacrifices. If you want your kids to be winners on the field, it behooves you to gas up the car with 4.29/gallon gas and get on the 680 with your checkbook or request for financial aid if your kid has that special touch on the field. As to the brotherhood thing – it is getting a little old, how about just calling it the country club??

    Final note – Congrats to the young men of DLS. It is one thing to put together a dream team, it’s another to execute on the field (see the Yankees and Heat). Your effort are truly an example of perseverance, determination, hard work, tenacity, teamwork and last but not least the commitment of your family to your success.

  • Mercedes

    EBAL Spektator uncalled for….
    After finishing the last stretch of their season 18-0-1, winning EBAL, and winning NCS you should give these boys credit. They’ve definitely proved a lot of people wrong on this blog who were against them most of the season. I guess people just don’t understand when they see the truly best team playing, well done DLS. Good luck next season!

  • RealConversation.

    Congratualations to Odowd the first half they went down Borges was playing phenomenal he was doing everything he could with a man on him following him but then second half Odowd start triple teaming double teaming and O dowd scored second half Albany’s team physically couldnt keep up with odowd.

  • junior

    Unless you have lived it- you cannot fully understand the power of The Brotherhood.

    SRV had plenty of talent- certainly enough to defeat the Spartans. It goes WAY beyond talent in HS sports.

    Ingredients to HS Sport success:
    1. Leadership
    2. Coaching
    3. Strength/conditioning
    4. Talent
    5. Culture

    1 & 2 are 75% of the success formula

  • FlatBack4

    His opinions are facts… don’t you know?
    Disagree? You’ll be told where to go.
    His insight’s all knowing,
    His bitterness flowing,
    As he craps on the Spartan’s good show.

  • Prep Fan

    @58 As I see It – That was a great, well thought out post. No mention of recruiting allegations or bellyaching. Just calling a spade a spade.

    I concur: Congrats to the young men of DLS on a successful season. And also to the young women of Monte Vista, & both the men and women of BOD.

  • Juan Pito

    I disagree with academic advantages at De La Salle. Monte Vista, SRV, and Foothill are much better academic schools than De La Salle

  • Baller#9

    Well let’s not all cry because we can’t be part of the 1% !! U

  • Shinguard

    Matt’s NCS Picks from Feb 13th
    …The envelope please….& The Great Karnak Says

    Division I
    First Round Advancers
    De La Salle, Pittsburg, Clayton, Monte Vista, Richmond, Newark, Cal, SRV
    Second Round Advancers
    DLS, Clayton, Richmond, SRV
    Third Round Advancers
    DLS, Richmond

    Division II
    First Round Advancers
    Acalanes, Alhambra, Campo, Concord, YV, Pinole, Dublin, Tennyson
    Second Round Advancers
    Alhambra, Campo, YV, Dublin
    Third Round Advancers
    Alhambra, YV

  • FlatBack4

    @EBAL Spektator – I’m guessing the SRV players, all outstanding atheletes and highly skilled players, wouldn’t want anything to do with your ongoing DLS obsessed pity parties. In your eagerness to tear down DLS, you absolutely belittled them and their accomplishments. You make them sound like meek little house players versus the awesome representives of Danville – home of some of the best youth soccer played in the Country.

  • Ebal spektator

    Flat back go back to your Childress rhymes,

    My post speaks of your unfair advantage that DLS enjoys in all their sports,

    Get over yourself, no one is taking anything from your boys,

  • junior

    Unfair advantage? Apparantly winning constitutes “unfairness”?

    Goodness, what is happening to our culture? Someone please grow a pair before it is too late.

  • Baller#9


  • Baller#9

    Fair Or unfair that is the question ?

  • Matt Smith


    A cold one is very necessary. Let’s do that very soon. Congrats to winning the February Fracas. You certainly know your stuff, and I love your insights.


    Thanks for keeping my picks under wraps. You were one of many people that made this a great year.

  • FlatBack4

    @Spektator – Get over myself? You’re the one who assumed the poem was written for you. Of course, if the shoe fits…

    This is way too easy, but still fun.

  • SoccerFan11

    DFAL All-League

    Most Valuable Player
    Sam Palano Campolindo Senior

    Most Valuable Offensive Player
    Santiago Alejandro Alhambra Senior

    Most Valuable Defensive Player
    Jacob Carroll Acalanes Senior

    1st Team All-League

    Dan Glascock Acalanes Junior
    Austen Grassini Acalanes Senior
    Aidan Maguire Acalanes Senior
    Nick Palano Campolindo Senior
    Harlan Raine Campolindo Senior
    Andy Gomez Dublin Senior
    Oliver Castillo Dublin Senior
    Nick Parisi Dougherty Valley Senior
    Joseph Jones Las Lomas Freshman
    Tyler Sylvia Alhambra Senior
    Nick Bachu Miramonte Senior

    2nd Team All-League
    Jackson Foote Acalanes Senior
    Bryan Berlier Acalanes Senior
    Austin deBack Acalanes Senior
    Kian Maghsoodnia Campolindo Junior
    Rodrigo Diaz-Valdes Campolindo Junior
    Jeff Dyer Dublin Senior
    Collin Hartland Dublin Senior
    Osiel Mendoza Alhambra Junior
    Mitchell Howard Las Lomas Junior
    Adrian Lopez Dougherty Valley Senior
    Mike Worthington Miramonte Senior

    Honorable Mention
    Kevin Park Acalanes Senior
    Eric Rogstad Acalanes Junior
    Max Mirner Acalanes Sophomore
    Graham Lindgren Acalanes Junior
    Jesus Maldonado Alhambra Sophomore
    Ethan Lipson-Gokcen Alhambra Senior
    Juan Sanchez Alhambra Sophomore
    Alex Rutan Las Lomas Senior
    Trent Matson Las Lomas Sophomore
    Steve Muroaka Las Lomas Junior
    Fardeen Shaiwany Dougherty Valley Senior
    Scott Stark Dougherty Valley Senior
    Tyler Bryson Dougherty Valley Senior
    Matt Digirolamo Dublin Senior
    Alex Marshall Dublin Senior
    RJ Carino Dublin Senior
    Gus Keeble Campolindo Sophomore
    Ryan Donat Campolindo Freshman
    Cristian Antezana Campolindo Sophomore
    Taro Kyllonen Miramonte Senior
    Ryan Dias Miramonte Senior
    Kyle Visher Miramonte Sophomore

  • Shinguard

    Was fun this season.
    You should start a club blog as everybody is starting back up this week. I am sure it will be hot and heavy at first but then calm down after the chest pounding.
    Do a once a week include the girls. Results of games tournaments, thoughts and comments. Establish some basic Rules regarding blog manners and have at it. Persuade your bosses to let you go to Vegas for WCDA Tournament as a bonus for a season well done…all expenses of course. THANK YOU

  • Baller

    What is consider the coach of the year? The coach that wins the championship?

    The coach of the year should be someone who does a better job to help a program become better.

    Both DLS and BOD coaches are good coaches.

    Both of this coaches coach at a private schools were they don’t have to worry about kids making grades or having kids miss games cause they have to work to help their families. Not to mention that DLS has excellent assistant coaches. No matter what coach you use for this 2 schools the programs will always be successful as they prove they are always contenders for the title.

  • Post # 58, good post, except you got a couple of things wrong. First, you don’t qualify for financial aid because you play soceer. You qualify because of economic need.
    There are a lot more kids not playing sports on financial aid than sports kids.
    Also, the statement about parents aiding and helping their kids to success, isn’t that what it is all about?
    My Dad worked every weekend over his normal job to keep his kids in Catholic school. You would be surprised how many parent or parents do things like that.
    Is that some sort of advantage over other schools?
    B.S. get out and fund raise, support your kids and trust them. However, accountability is a key factor and when at school DLS demands it.
    On the brotherhood thing, the students push it. It’s been there a long, long time and unless your kids go there, you won’t understand it.
    Commitment cards, chapel, team dinners at players’ homes, around the clock conditioning. The football team started it and it became a standard for the rest of the teams.
    Bye the way, DLS is far from a country club, there’s not a lot of Mercedes, BMW’s, etc. around campus unlike other well- to -do communitites. Most of the kids drive an old car and car-pool. The dress code is pretty simple-conservative.
    DLS and CHS are going to be successful for a very long time, no matter what league they fall in.
    It’s called hard work and commitment, not only to the team but to themselves.

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