2012 All-BSAL boys basketball

Jabari Bird (Salesian), Jr.

First Team
Mario Dunn (Sal), Jr.; Temidayo Yussuf (St. Joseph Notre Dame), So.; Max Elliott (Piedmont), Sr.; Jeremy Dennis (St. Mary’s), Jr.

Second Team
Jalen Canty (St. Patrick-St. Vincent), So.; Jason Webster (SPSV), Jr.; Matt Ching (P), Jr.; Gemeny Givens (SJND), Sr.; Jermaine Edmonds (Sal), Jr.

Honorable mention
Davion Mize (Sal), Sr.; Jeffrey Parker (Sal), Sr.; Justin Brown (SJND), Jr.; Nick Lacy (SJND), Sr.; Adam Wuebbens (P), Jr.; Dylan James-Kavanaugh (P), Jr.; Trent Rojas (SPSV), Sr.; Ethan Weinstein (SM), Sr.; Kenny Greenwood (SM), Jr.; Byron Buckley (Encinal), Sr.; Elijah Coker (E), Sr.; Alvarho Guzman (Albany), Sr.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • N-Ya

    Markell Leonard of (Sal) didn’t make the list?

  • BSAL/2012

    How can Jalen Canty lead the BSAL in rebounds and blk shots not be on 1st team ???

  • SPSV Canty should make first team with those kind of stats.

  • Prep Fan

    At least the BSAL kept it to just 5 guys for 1st (& 2nd) team all league, including the MVP. Having 7, 8 or 9 guys on 1st team all league kind of waters it down.

  • me

    yea how did the big guy from St Pats not make first team?? lol how did anyone from St Mary’s make first team?

  • All Day

    Who selected this team? What happened to M. Leonard from Salesian? Very deserving to at LEAST be on the Honorable Mention list. Somebody from ST. Marys on the 1st team. WOW!!!

  • Prep Fan

    Salesian had 5 players nominated by their coach that made all league; Bird, Dunn, Edmonds, Mize & Parker. How far down the list should they go? I know Leonard is a solid player but should 6, 7 or 8 players from one team make all league?

  • ike

    The kid from SM, led the league in scoring, had 23, and then 20 in two games against SJ. Then had 24 on Salesian. He can really ball, just has no help. Definitely deserved his selection.

  • Prep Fan, you’re right. BB is a five man game. You can’t have the entire bench make it also.
    Also, I would question all those players. If Bird is in, players can look great, 1 or 2 superstars can elevate everyone else’s game. I saw Salesian several times this year- there’s no way their bench is better than St. Joe’s, Piedmont or SPSV. Better than St. Mary’s-yes.

  • Oh boy

    Markel Leonard isn’t a bench player. He starts @ point guard…

    St. Joe’s, Piedmont or SPSV has more talent? Come on. Salesian probably has the deepest bench in the Bay Area. They have so many scorers to get shots that none of them will lead league in scoring. 6 guys on that squad could average 30

  • Prep Fan

    Mellis nominated 5 guys from Salesian that he felt were worthy. Those 5 guys must have shown him something. Had he nominated Leonard, he would have made it at least for HM. Mellis is there every day at practice with these kids.

  • Prep fan, you’re right. I was also refering to the Sal;esian bench vs. the other BSAL teams( St. Joe’s, Piedmont, SPSV) starting 5, not their benches.
    No league or coaches are going to give the entire bench of a team all-league honors to boot when 5 players already get it. If they got 7 players who can average 30, then a couple of them should have moved over to St. Mary’s where they could flourish.

  • encinal b ball

    WHATT?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?! ENCINALS Byron Buckley, Elijah Coker didnt make FIRST TEam??? thats a disrepect, but for them to not even make a second team selection is a travesty. THE BSAL is got a bunch of tim donanhies, WOW those were easily the 2 best players in the league, and byron buckly should of been the MVP over jabari bird.

  • Prep Fan

    Well, after watching the D4 title match yesterday, I must say that both Jalen Canty and Markel Leonard are studs and put on quite a show. Both had fantastic games. Canty with a double-double and a couple of real nice blocks. He plays far above the rim and he is just a sophomore. He’ll be first team for sure for the next 2 years. Leonard had 4 treys and scored 13 points while playing good defense and some nice assists. The season is not yet over for either player and the best part is they’ll both be back next year.

  • N-Ya

    Has the ACCAL list been posted?

  • BehindTheScene

    Well it’s obvious who ever is doing the voting has something against the SPSV Sophomore. He’s only going to get bigger, stronger and faster. Not to mention he’s already working on his perimeter game already. We’re putting in twice the work we did this year. #witness

  • Jalen Canty

    Come on Jeffrey Parker didn’t even make 1st team, I believe he is the top 3 best players on salesian