2012 All-EBAL boys basketball

Amadi Udenyi (De La Salle), Sr.

First Team

Elliott Pitts (DLS), Jr.; Remington White (DLS), Sr.; Natt Bussani (Foothill), Sr.; Tyler Pagett (Granada), Sr.; McKayle Harnell (Livermore), Sr.; Dan Gallagher (Monte Vista), Sr.

Second Team
Tyler Lawrence (Amador Valley), Sr.; Noel Frazier (California), Sr.; Jeremy Gunder (DLS), Sr.; Steven Patrick (F), Jr.; Logan Louks (San Ramon Valley), Sr.

Honorable mention
Zac Liu (AV), Sr.; Ryan Hyrn (Cal); Nick Sullivan (DLS), Sr.; Jake Salinas (G), So.; Collin Sommerhauser (G), Jr.; Chad Wilkinson (L), Jr.; Stevie Oliveira (MV); Griffen Kapulica (SRV), Sr.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • ernie

    How are the teams chosen? seems like a team gets a group of slots and the coach of that team chooses?

  • Bigeasy

    Monte vista only getting two spots seems a bit absurd to me after a second place finish in league and being the only team on the west coast to beat dls this year.

  • Abc

    Ernie: it is a very flawed system. Not sure exactly how bball is done but sure it is along the lines of other sports.
    In soccer – each team gets x amount of nominations based on finish in league. 1st gets 8, 2nd 7.. 5-8 get 4 nominations each.
    Coaches then vote on league MVP (one of the nominations from each team). Once selected, school with MVP is able to nominate one extra player. Coaches then explain/sell/promote their players and why they should be 1st/2nd/HM. Coaches will give (in soccer, based on position – GK, 4 def, 4 mid, 2fwd) 11 10pt votes &11 5pt votes. Coaches are not able to vote for their own players. Everything is done on a ballot so there is some secrecy to it.

    As an EBAL coach, I have a huge problem with the procedure. I would love to see it changed.

  • Noshow moreno

    Saw that game dls vs monte vista…some home cooking calls if you ask me. to put those guys on the line at the end.

  • luluhead

    The Monte Vista players may have had one good game against DLS. Where maybe more than 2 players deserved to be all league. But the voting is done by the coaches of all the teams. So if you base this voting off one game that some boys played then Monte Vista would probably have a few more names listed above. However, it is not and clearly you want Monte Vista glorified for getting one win over DLS (Which was a Great win), but it doesn’t mean that Monte Vista should have more all-league players. The voting is done by the coaches around the league and Monte Vista was able to nominate the second most amount of names. If they deserved to have more name listed they would have them up there. So stop trying to make you Monte Vista boys something they are not. Be proud of the two you have up there, and face the facts that the others were just good team players and not to the caliber of an All EBAL player.

  • Bigeasy

    Dls was not Mv’s only big win this year they beat bellermine who won ccs, st joes who won ncs, castlemont who were runner ups in the Oal, college park who won the DVAL and advanced to norcal, st marys of stockton. They were second in EBAL by three games and were the only team besides Dls to win an ncs game. They were by far the second best team in Ebal. But some how have the same number of all league players as livermore who won two league games. It just doesn’t make sense. And even if the call at the end of the game was questionable (which I believe was the right call) they were still in the game in the fourth quarter and gave them a chance to win. No one has done that against dls besides mitty this year.