2012 All-DFAL boys basketball

Griffin Piatt (Campolindo), Sr.

First team
Jamir Andrews (Dublin), Jr.; Kiran Shastri (Miramonte), Jr.; James Griffin (Acalanes), Sr.; Jack Evans (Campo), Jr.; Tyler Fidelibus (Las Lomas), Sr.

Second team
Joey Goodreault (Mira), So.; Kenrick Wong (Dougherty Valley), Sr.; Noah Orlik (Aca), So.; John Schmitz (Campo), Jr.; Eric Nielsen (Dub), Jr.

Honorable mention
Kevin Huber (Aca), Sr.; Buster Souza (Aca), So.; Blake Martin (Alhambra), Sr.; Justin Dunn (Campo), So.; Jerome Rufin (DV), Sr.; Devin Koeplin (Dub), Jr.; Khirey Carson (LL), Sr.; Max Lober (LL), Sr.; Ross Anderson (Mira), Sr.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • HoopsFan

    Shastri got hosed. Piatt is a great athlete, but not a great basketball player. Shastri had a far better season.

  • SportsIsMyLife

    Shastri should of got Mvp and Khirey Carson should of got first team because he average 17 points in league and im pretty sure Shastri average 25 and Piatt average 8, talking about getting robbed

  • JustTheFacts

    Agree with HoopsFan….I think Piatt could be athlete of the year in DFAL or maybe even NCS along with Brett Stephens of Campo (Football/Baseball)or Tagliaferri of SRV (football/lacrosse)……but….Shastri should have gotten MVP of the DFAL…he scored at will this year in the DFAL

  • DFAL Backer

    Andrews had a much better year than Shrasti. Shrasti had a lot of help Anderson and Goodreault. Without Andrews in the 2nd half of the year Dublin wouldn’t have even made the players after losing the guys due to grade and suspension. We both agree that Piatt is have not won the award.

  • BballCoach

    Apparently none of the other commenters have ever watched basketball before. It’s not all about individual scoring. Griffin was the most valuable player on the best team in the league. His scoring doesn’t match up, but he’s an all-around performer that impacts every aspect of the game. Most valuable player on the best team should and in this case did equal MVP.

  • Monkey626

    Shastri deserved MVP of this legue and Carson should have been first team no doubt

  • Hoops

    To the 2 posters that want Carson on 1st team…who should Carson replace on that team? You gotta take one off to put him on. Who is it?

  • DFAL Backer

    The obvious choice would be for Carson to replace Fidelibus, but I don’t think he wanted to say that…..I understand the Piatt comment, but I’m sure Evans is a much better player on that team.

  • Jimbo

    I have a son who plays in DFAL and I saw Campo and Mira multiple times. Shastri is no doubt best scorer in league. And smart in how he leans into defender to create contact and get to the line.

    Piatt is best player. He scores. Rebounds. Defends. Blocks shots. Unselfish assists. Campo was best team, and Piatt no doubt the most valuable guy for his all around game. When he was off floor in foul trouble, Cougars were very vulnerable.

  • ernie

    curious who the leading scorer for campo was?