2012 All-HAAL boys basketball

G Dawson Johnson (Castro Valley), Sr.

Co-Coaches of the Year
Nick Jones (CV), Aaron O’Brien (Mt. Eden), Brandon Parks (San Lorenzo), Doug Vierra (Bishop O’Dowd)

First team
G Joe Calub (Moreau Catholic), Sr.; F Derrick Clayton (CV), So.; G Kevin Clerkeley (ME), Sr.*; G/F Ali Faruqbey (SLZ), Jr.*; G Kendall Jackson (BOD), Sr.; G Dawson Johnson (CV), Sr.*; G Davis Kimble (Hayward), Sr.*; F Richard Longrus (BOD), Sr.*; F Shamil Sharma (ME), Sr.; G Davon Stewart (SLZ), Sr.

Honorable mention
F Sean Benson (CV), Sr.; F T.J. Booker (MC), Sr.; G Noel Briones (ME), Jr.; G/F Joshua Crum (BOD), Sr.; C T.J. Daniel (BOD), Sr.; F Marcus Green (BOD), Sr.; G Jalen McFerren (CV), So.; G Jeffrey Sands (Arroyo), Sr.; G Colin Suarez (MC), Jr.; G/F Dre Whitaker (Tennyson), Sr.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • HS Football Fan

    Please tell me this is incomplete or that there was a second team that was omitted or something. San Leandro didn’t warrant a single player worthy of note?

  • GHN

    Is this some sort of a joke four yes four coaches of the year how about the coach that went undefeated for coach of the year what is happening ?????????

  • mkb


  • Tenured Coach

    The San Leandro coach did not show up to the meeting they held a few weeks ago for All-League selections.Each team must nominate their own players than other teams can vote accordingly. About the 4 coaches, Yes that is a complete joke not to mention San Lorenzo was wrongfully did not make playoffs.

  • That would explain it Tenured Coach. It’s really a shame when a coach doesn’t go to the meeting. I know the feeling. It happened to me my junior year playing baseball.

    The four coaches of the year really shocked me too. But I guess if eight coaches were there, there must’ve been two votes given to each for COY. I’m not a fan of it, but if that’s how the votes went, so be it.

    And no, there is no second team. Since there are 10 on the first team, there’s really no need for a second team though.

  • Coach of the year obviously should’ve been the undefeated coach and if there was a co-coach it would’ve been the ME coach. Just my opinion. Anyway, Congrats to all the young men and women who were selected for all league.

  • Tenured Coach

    It’s important to recognize unique “difficulties” that all the coaches have to deal with for instance public or privately funded and location as well as historical standing. I agree with no more than 2 coaches winning COY yet 1is ideal. Durkin it is a shame about the coaches meetings and how much importance they have, We all as coaches must be aware of that because we do this for the kids.

  • Prep Fan

    Any of the 4 coaches would be worthy as all had great seasons. I agree that you can’t just look and say a team is undefeated as there are different situations at every school that a coach has to deal with. Jones’ CV team lost a lot from last year’s squad, but he got them back into NorCals. BOD won NCS and went undefeated. Mt. Eden and San Lorenzo had breakout seasons.

    But yeah, keep to to just 1 or 2. If needed have someone cast a tiebreaker vote. I would have to go with Parks or O’Brien if I had a vote.

  • Because no one knows EXACTLY all the situations any of the coaches had to deal with, you can’t base it on that. Some coaches may not express every single thing that may have caused adversity for their team. Private schools still have to deal with grades(maybe not to the extent as other schools, but they still do) They still have to fundraise for their programs.

  • HAAL/2012


  • Monarch Pride

    Coach of The Year is about coaching not winning and losing. Although more winning than losing is whats going to get/keep your job. But if you have the best/most talent/size and win all your expected its not an overachievment. if you have less talent/size and do far more than your expected than you overachieved. You can make an argument for all 4 coaches.

    BOD: lost a top recruit to a prep school but the cupboard wasnt empty. still a good job by Coach Vierra

    CV: similar to BOD except it was 4 starters graduating. and still being a few possesions away from a league repeat says a lot about Coach Jones and how lucky CV is to have him.

    ME: good athletes, good hs big man, no depth and loads of heart. Coach Obrien got every thing he could out of those 9 kids. i hope it continues into next season.

    SLZ: school is in a bad area and has little to no tradition in any sports so its probably easier for those kids to fall into street life and not focus on school. Coach Parks got his group to believe in him, his system, and themselves. Its a shame that they werent allowed to finish the season on the court. Coach Parks should be Coach Of The Year.

  • Monarch Pride, I think you said it best.



    Maybe that is a statement about how Hardy is seen by his peers … I know for a fact that Hardy has not earned the respect of his fellow coaches in the HAAL, nor does he a hold a high respect level from officials in the area. And maybe Hardy just does not care, either, about how he is perceived by the coaches in his area. As many of the posts have indicated, these awards are more about simply winning games and league titles.

    Remember, these awards are voted on by fellow coaches in the league and there are clear criteria that guides the voters on standards for being selected as coach of the year. For sure, the incident with Tennyson HS did damage to Hardy’s credibility and purpose as a high school coach. That incident and the way hardy managed the game’s conclusion speaks loudly about what drives Hardy as a coach. No way is a “coach of the year”. It amazes many of us that Hardy is still employed at BOD. That school has released better coaches for far less.

  • Not so fast

    Hardy has never coached high school football before last year. He did an outstanding job in his first year and this past year. I watched a couple of BOD games and the played hard.

    I hope Hardy stays at BOD even though his son has moved on to CAL.

  • Please don’t turn this into another 500 posts on why BOD should let go of Hardy.

  • EastBay Ray

    It’s funny how every post always seems to veer back to football! As an observer of East Bay high School sports for some time, I think the following: Nick Jones at Castro Valley is a tremendous coach – took 4 new starters to the brink of a league championship, and to my eye, modified his system to fit his players. Doug Vierra at BOD seems to be a nice man, but let’s face it, he usually has the best talent. He doesn’t seem to make game adjustments. Case in point, the game this weekend against Campolindo, a gritty but undersized group. Vierra had his 6′-6″ big men on the wings jacking up 25 footers, instead of pounding it inside. Puzzling strategy that kept Campo in the game for a half.

    Regarding HAAL football, I have heard that it is either a tradition/unspoken rule/gentlemen’s agreement that the league champion not get coach of the year. This could be confirmed by someone at the meetings.


    I have not been at any HAAL coaches meetings, so I do not know about any gentlemens agreement on COY, but SL coach Bowers won COY in same year that SL was league champion; Hayward coach Moreno also was COY in same year that Hayward was HAAL champion. Same for ex Arroyo coach Matt Gilmete. So, EastBay Ray, you have “heard” incorrect information!

    500 posts on why BOD should get rid of Hardy would make for hella interesting reading. It would also indicate that 500 posters might have some great insights into what many feel should have already happened. Maybe BBFAN2 might some want to talk with some admins or AD at BOD to get their takes on Hardy. Feedback from them might not be pretty.


    @ EastBay Ray:

    I have not been present at any HAAL meetings or know anything about any tradition/unspoken rule or gentlemens agreement, but SL coach Bowers has been selected coach of the year in football when his SL teams have won HAAL championship, Same for Moreno at hayward and Gilmete at Arroyo and Calcgno at SL and Perenon at BOD.

    @ BBFAN2

    Did I miss the previous 500 posts on why BOD should let Hardy go? If 500 posters want to weigh in on letting Hardy go, then let it roll! Perceptions can become reality.

  • Monarch Pride

    Please do not steal the thunder of the “BASKETBALL” All League posting…it’s not football season!

    Congrats to all 4 COY and players who are on this list.

    Special shout out to Coach O’Brien, Kevin, Shamil & Noel for their selections.

  • what’s the deal with coach hardy at odowd? perenon not coming back, even if he was invited, something happen with hardy during a game or overall complaints from parents/players???

  • Jfree

    There is no “deal” with Hardy at BOD. As noted above by another poster, any time BOD football is mentioned, it seems to generate 500 posts, usually surrounding Hardy Nickerson or Paul Perenon (the previous coach) “haters”.

    Nickerson has been a success by any definition: reviving interest in the program/increasing the academic standing of the players/winning. Paul is doing a nice job at Mount Eden, too. Not sure what there is to complain about.

  • Prep Fan

    That was a real nice win last night by CV on the road over WCAL power Bellarmine. Now they face an even bigger test with 25-6 Jesuit on Saturday. Great job by coach Jones and it sounded like the younger Trojans came up big when they needed them. That bodes well for the future.

  • Wow- coach vierra at odowd steps away. his record averages out to 24-7 a season over 6 yrs. He will be missed.
    Not to worry , that program has been winning since Frank Laporte was there in the early sixties.

  • Prep fan, Jesuit better than Bellarmine this year?

  • one of the posts on Vierra at O’Dowd was that he let his 6’6 men gun 25 footers against Campo instead of going instead, keeping Campo in the game for a half.
    O’Dowd let Campo hang around for a half. The final score is what counts.
    Let’s not make Campo out to be something they are not.
    The Dragons have always been a school of gunners- Greg Will, Tiechera, Guy Williams and so on. They had a lot of swagger. They like to gun and are usually very successful.
    They liked to tease teams in the past then light it up.
    Campo was no exception-they were teased and then over run- typical O’Dowd BB.

  • That BO team when Will left picked Monnihan at center, 9.8 sprinter Greg Jones and 49 second quartermiler Ron Handley. They ran a lot of fast break and gunned, only local teams as good as them were St. Mary’s, St. Joe’s, Castlemont and of course BHS. Hayward High with Warren Morse and El Cerrito with Wayne Kemp also could hang. All before the 3 pt. shot. Just think what the scores and scoring champs would have been with the 3 pointer in existance.

  • Prep Fan

    re post #24, Jesuit is the #4 seed and Bellarmine was the #5 seed. Jesuit at 25-6 has a better record than the 18-12 Bells. CalPreps lists Jesuit as the #6 D1 team in CA while the Bells are at #13.


    Jesuit’s only losses are to Sheldon, Salesian, Sacred Heart & Newark, 4 of the top tier teams in NorCal. Plus they have beaten Newark and BOD once each and Pleasant Grove 3 times. Bellarmine might have been able to beat them head to head, but I thik Jesuit would have to have been favored had they played this year.

  • GHN

    Sorry to tell you that bellarmine team is not that good Jesuits is alot better but that being said its safe to say high school basketball as a whole this year is way down especially in the east bay

  • @EB FB FAN,

    I meant that this particular blog should be kept to COY and All League for basketball. I have seen posts change and I wanted this one to stay on topic, that’s all. If people want to comment on football, start another blog.

    Congrats to all the bb coaches and players.