Vierra to step down as O’Dowd coach

Here’s a link to the press release. We’re hoping to have a story with some additional reaction and information up later. Longtime assistant and O’Dowd graduate Lou Richie will be the successor.


Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Hacksaw

    When are baseball ranking coming out?

  • Ben Enos

    Hacksaw, we’re aiming for next Wednesday. Who ya got up top?

  • EastBay Ray

    I have been trying to get out to as many games as possible (the rain just killed last week), but here are my early thoughts (as always, I focus on this side of the tunnel) on some “under the radar” teams:
    – Castro Valley. Solid team, maybe the best coach in the East Bay in Mario Eglesias, and some good young pitching, including the little brother of last year’s ace, Narahara. Just beat a good De LaSalle club.
    – Bishop O’Dowd. Extremely young, but solid starters. Will lean on Dominic Miroglio for hitting (also probably one of the top catchers in Northern California), and lefty sophmore Channing Nisbett for pitching. Watch for them at the end of the season.
    -St.Marys. With two top pitchers, Junior aces Devin Mahoney and Kevin Flemer, they will be in every game. Those guys can both hit, too. Another junior-heavy team that looks to get even better as the season goes on.

  • Ben Enos

    EastBay Ray, thanks. I’ve seen the St. Mary’s box scores as they get submitted and yeah, they look pretty set on the mound. I liked Nesbitt when I saw him last year. Gotta check out Castro Valley. Thanks again for the info.

  • Jfree

    This may be one of the strongest junior baseball classes in many years here in the East Bay. Along with Flemer at St.Mary’s and Miroglio at BOD, the best include Tenerowicz at Campo, and Mercado Hood at DeLaSalle. All have either committed to or are mulling over Div. 1 offers.

  • epcthree

    @ #50 Hoops, you asked if BOD had any big wins in the past 6 years “that would be considered beating a better team”. You may have rested your case, but I thought some additional information might be interesting.

    Here is a list of wins for O’Dowd against higher ranked opponents in the past 5 years (Freeman Rankings):

    2011-12 O’Dowd ranked #117 Nationally
    #39 Centennial (Corona, CA) (61-54)
    #41 Loyola (Los Angeles, CA) (67-58)
    #106 St. Edward (Lakewood, OH) (57-54)

    2009-10 O’Dowd ranked #113 Nationally
    #39 Leuzinger (Lawndale, CA) (63-62)

    2008-09 O’Dowd ranked #742 Nationally
    #235 St. Anthony (Jersey City, NJ) (69-40)
    #323 Newark Memorial (Newark, CA) (62-55)
    #397 Castro Valley (CA) (56-47)
    #662 Hayward (CA) (58-55)

    2007-9 O’Dowd ranked #1803 Nationally
    #370 Oakland (CA) (64-60)
    #1063 San Leandro (CA) (61-48)
    #1461 Garces (Bakersfield, CA) (83-73)

    So that’s 11 wins against higher ranked opponents. In that same time frame, they lost 7 times to lower ranked opponents. That’s 11-7… Not too bad given the level of competition that BOD goes up against.


    Come on, Hoops … we are all eagerly awaiting your reply.
    Those wins look like W’s against some big name programs.
    I still stand by my assessment of BOD guards over the past 10 years. Great big men for the HS level; guard play a cut below in games BOD lost against teams that had better guards. I would compare Coach Vierra’s record and accomplishments right with those of Mike Phelps’ time at BOD – not quite as long a tenure, but equally successful in its own right. Coach Vierra did as well with his “talent” as Coach Phelps did with his while at BOD.

  • hoops

    EB….A big difference of course is Phelps played D1 and I would go out on a limb and say that no knowledgable basketball person has ever said that Vierra is as good a coach as Phelps,unless of course they have a personal animosity.By big wins I was referring to NCS finals,nor cal games or state finals.I can care less about some post that has teams ranked 400 or 1100 in the country by some service or games played in holiday tourneys out of the area.Of course one could also say in terms of guard play that there were plenty of good guards that could have been better if coached by someone a little better at developing guards and a little better in executing an offense.The difference between a pretty good coach and an exceptional coach is the ability for example to get wide open shots for their 3 point shooters vs. a hurried shot with a hand in your face.As an example the kid from Denmark last year was a GREAT shooter but because of they way they played he was always taking difficult shots instead of open on balance shots.I am sorry but when you have Ashley,and all the other big guys they had and you struggle to get good looks for your perimeter guys it says a lot about your ability as a tactician.Their is a fine difference that most people do not even realize that seperates coaches.Just like DLS football.They execute so much better than anyone else and you see the results when they destroy so many teams that are bigger and stronger.I am not saying Vierra never beat a good team in 6 years but I am saying they should have been better in terms of execution and based on x’s and o’s he is certainly not in the class of a Phelps or an Alloco.Lets just put the Vierra thread to rest.I have my opinion and you have yours.In terms of being an offensive tactician Vierra was very average.His strength as a coach was on the defensive end where they played solid D.As I said many times…a good man.

  • Not so fast

    Hoops, Just so you know Perenon did not want to leave BOD. After years of success he was let go. Horrible mistake!


    Hoops, why does everything you rail always end up with a “personal” stigma to them? My opinion is that Vierra was as productive during his tenure with his talent as Phelps was was his talent during his tenure. No animosity, not hating, nothing to do with anything but my take on Vierra’s six years when evaluated against Phelps’ years. Obviously Phelps had a longer tenure, but the numbers match up very evenly and Doug did have three trips to the state title game in six years. And, a good man, an honest man, a fair man. Those last few adjectives might make Doug the better “coach” at the end of the day. Just my opinion. Nothing more to it then that is how I see it.

  • hoops

    EB….OK I understand what you are saying.To be honest the animosity statement was tied to the things you said about the pres.If you make statements like you did about the pres than I am assuming you would have a bias against the coach.Does that make sense?Anyway there is so much of it in our society now I feel like an idiot when I do it as well.When all is said and done it is really impossible to say who was a better coach in terms of motivation,life lessons and having a positive influence on a young person’s life.You would have to talk to all the players these guys coached and they are all going to have different opinions based on their individual relationship with the coach.It is quite possible that Vierra rates higher in that area but there is no way I really know that.It is much easier to evaluate the tangible things like skill development,the plays a team runs and how well they execute.To me,the bottom line that seperates average,good and exceptional coaches as tacticians is the ability to get your players easier shots and play to their individual strengths.I would respectfully say on that issue there is a large gap in the ability of the two coaches on the offensive end and they were both good on the defensive end.I am pretty sure if you talked to Vierra he would agree with the x’s and o’s assessment I gave.The bottom line is that it is all opinion and there is no way to ever really setttle the argument and less than 50 people in the world even care.
    On a side note since we had argued about the pres so much,I forgot to mention an interestig experience I had a couple years ago.I was at a game sitting next to an african american man around 50 or so and the pres walked up to him and it seemed like they were old friends.I asked the man how he knew the pres and he told me that he played bb for him in cyo years ago.He said the pres taught and coached in the inner city for about 10 years or so and really did great things for a lot of kids in really difficult situations.He helped change a lot of lives.I had heard somebody talk about it before but did not realize he had spent so much time there.Anyway…..People all have their opinions about coaches,teachers,administrators and the truth is probably somewhere in the middle when you weigh all the positives and negatives.Running a school and not pissing some people off is impossible.Coaching a team in this day and age is impossible to do without having criticism from somebody.All I know is I would not want either of their jobs.

  • Speaking of coaches- Bob Salini- line coach at Alhambra and SMCHS R.I.P. 58 years young. Services/Memeorial at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church- 30 Mandalay Rd. off Broadway Terrace- Oakland, ca.
    Sunday 3:00 pm, 3/25/12.
    If yoy know Bob, please honor him with your pressence.
    Great coach, great athelete, great man.

  • hoops

    EB…Watching OD girls up 32-10 and looking great.I will predict next year they just may be be the most talented team,male or female, in the history of east bay prep basketball.Only criticism is they have too many careless turnovers but they play hard,unselfishly and take the shots they should be taking.Their coach really did a good job with them this year.

  • Valley Boy

    Preseason Football Predictions

    1. De la
    2. Cal
    3. MACK
    4. Campolindo
    5. SRV
    6. Pitt
    7. Freedom
    8. Logan
    9. San Leandro

  • Prep Fan

    Valley Boy – That could be the top 10, but I would put Logan higher and Mack lower. Pitt & Freedom should be better than SRV or Campo as well.

  • Valley Boy

    Prep Fan,

    I guess I would agree with you on moving MACK down. Although I do think that I am right aboutn Campo and SRV. Keep in mind, Kline is not there anymore.

  • Not so fast

    “Prep Fan” I would like to see you 2012 football predictions.

  • Prep Fan

    How about:
    1) DLS
    2) Logan
    3) Freedom
    4) Cal
    5) Pitt
    6) Encinal
    7) Campo
    8 ) Mack
    9) Salesian
    10) SRV

    Logan and Freedom return some absolute studs and Cal’s JV team was solid last year, losing only to DLS. There is a lot of work to do for all teams prior to the season, but that is my top 10 projection at this time. I’m sure I may have missed someone but I just threw that out there without really delving into it.

  • Prep Fan

    I didn’t mean to put a smiley face on Mack, but the website automatically makes the 8 & ) combo into the smiley face. 8)

  • I added a space in between the 8 and the ) for you Prep Fan. That keeps it from turning it into a smiley face.