Boys Soccer: Coaching Updates

I hope the club season is going well. I’m trying to familiarize myself with it. For now, I will keep this thread updated with high school coaching updates.

Julio Borge has stepped down at Antioch after seven seasons. The Panthers won the league title 2010, and made the playoffs in two of the last three seasons.

Shane Carney from Campolindo has decided to return for another season, which will be his fourth. Carney has made the playoffs in every season at Campo, and won the NCS Division II title last year.

Matt Smith

  • Turftoespain

    The Vegas Tournament was FUBAR badly organized combined with weather. How could you not have all of the games played on A-turf when the weather forecast all week indicated substantial rain for Saturday. Some of the teams only got to play 2 games and spent big bucks for the trip.

  • Rogue Warrior

    Like in the movie Breaking Away…& the Dad just keeps repeating…Refund…REFUND

  • Shinguard

    Biggest impact on cancelled games in Vegas was U15 age group with 4.

  • The Truth

    Who cares… wouldn’t it just be easier if all three of you commiserated over a pint rather than writing about club soccer on a prep blog ?

  • Matt Smith

    Hey guys!!!
    @Rogue Warrior, No. 2 is the closest to the truth, though I like No. 8.

    Without email alerts anymore, I assume that there are no comments. That my final brief on search and seizure, looking for a place to live with the lady friend and spring break have caused me to log on less. Here I am!

    All East Bay comes out on Wednesday! I’m looking forward to learning more about the club scene and really dedicating some coverage this summer. Keep up the chatter!

  • Matt Smith

    P.S. I’m never tired of the crazed soccer fans. I miss the soccer coverage every single day.

  • Baller#9

    Well we are all glad you could check in Matt sounds like all is well !!

  • Shinguard

    All the more reason for Matt to set up some type of general club blog as so many of our HS teams are comprised of clubbers..see what these kids do in between seasons. IT’s SOCCER.
    Vegas Update: DFC95 came out with a win 2-0 vs LVSC Rapids goals by TJ Hogan and Isaiah Dargan

  • IMPACT SOCCER CLUB (formerly East Diablo or EDYSL) – U14-U18 Boys Tryouts April 14-15 and U14-U18 Girls Tryouts April 21-22 at Freedom High School in Oakley, CA. see website: http://edysl.net/pages/comp/placements.php