Boys Volleyball: Sleeper teams, Upcoming Games, Rankings

We know the teams are always competing for league and North Coast Section titles, but are there any teams that can surprise this year?
Let’s take a look at possible sleeper teams.

Alhambra- The Bulldogs are off to a pretty good start and could be an NCS caliber team, and maybe top two or three in the DFAL.

De Anza- Alameda usually controls the ACCAL, but the Dons are off to a great start this year and could compete for the league title.

Head-Royce- Usually a very good team, but the BCL-East has frontrunners Valley Christian and College Prep, but don’t count the Jayhawks out.

Kennedy- Off to a strong start and with perhaps a power shift in the MVAL, who knows?

Upcoming Games

We’ve already talked tournaments, but here are some big upcoming games this week.

College Park v. Amador Valley- A pair of teams in the top eight as CP looks to see if it can hang with top EBAL teams.

Deer Valley v. Amador Valley- The Dons are involved in another big game this week. Will DV be ready as it gets its kids from basketball back?

College Park v. San Ramon Valley- Another chance for CP and an early test for SRV.

Deer Valley v. Foothill- The Falcons chose a tough opener.

College Park v. Campolindo- CP is playing some serious competition this week.

Logan v. Amador Valley- Logan looks legit, and AV is stepping up the schedule this week.

Galileo v. College Prep- This will be a good test for the Cougars.

Deer Valley v. San Ramon Valley- The Wolverines are playing three of the top four teams in the EBAL.


Campolindo receives a bump after impressing at the Davis Tournament. The ranking stay pretty static for the most part, other than Logan jumping into the top ten and Monte Vista debuting at No. 15.

1. De La Salle (1-0)
2. Campolindo (5-0)
3. San Ramon Valley (1-0)
4. Foothill (0-0)
5. Deer Valley (0-0)
6. Amador Valley (1-0)
7. California (8-3)
8. College Park (1-0)
9. Valley Christian (6-1)
10. Logan (5-2)
11. Dougherty Valley (1-0)
12. College Prep (2-2)
13. Clayton Valley (2-2)
14. Las Lomas (5-3)
15. Monte Vista (5-2)

Matt Smith