NorCal ticket info @ DLS

A big crowd is expected for Tuesday’s NorCal semifinal between Jesuit-Carmichael and De La Salle. Here’s the ticket info.

Tip time is 7 p.m. Only one game this time (Carondelet is hosting at Ygnacio Valley). Admission is $9 for adults, $5 for seniors/students. Gates open at 5:30. No ticket pre-sale this time, so if you want to ensure a seat, get there early.

Ben Enos

  • It’s the Christian Bros. vs. the Jesuits. The jesuits were missionaries that dictated their will on the people they were trying to save. See the movie Shogun for a clearer understanding.
    The Christian Bros. were a religious teaching order sworn to educate the poor. Their methods were more humane and less strict than the Jesuits.
    They were more into liberal arts than task and toil.
    Hopefully tonite DLS ends the Jesuit tyranny.

  • junior

    The almighty is a Spartan. March is a green month- thus the green machine turns big red into a pinkish hue.

  • Inthekey

    Sorry YoMama…not to be…Spartans had fear in eyes and and started to panic in the last 5 min.
    Good old fashioned Jesuit beat-down.
    Sparty needs to think outside of the box..try-again next year.

  • Gdog

    Tip your hat to Jesuit they made plays when they had to.

    We will be there again next year like we have every year for the past 15. Maybe Jesuit will be back again in 5 or 6 years like they do. No need to go looking in any other boxes.

  • renegades10

    A 3 point beatdown ya…anyways this Spartan team lived too much on the 3. I had a feeling the lack of that go to post presence would eventually catch up to them. After watching Johnny Mac and then Pacos dominate the paint the last few years, this year was a different team. Another great season for the Spartans however and congrats to the Marauders.

  • Prep Fan

    Johnny Mac dominated the middle for sure, but Pacos seemed to get a lot of points on 3’s when he brought his man (usually a center) outside of the key. He did very well inside depsite his height limitations but he wasn’t dominant in the paint like Mac. If Pitts puts on some weight, he has the height and abilities to get it done inside next year if they don’t have anyone else in the wings to step up.

    Good season by Frank and the Spartans, with EBAL & NCS titles. Jesuit battled hard last night, scored more points when it counted and deserved the victory.

  • congrats to Jesuit.