Boys Volleyball: Livermore on the Rise, Rankings

Last year, the Livermore High boys volleyball program could not get on the same page, and because of that, the 2011 season was the season that was not as the program was temporarily disbanded.

The keyword is temporarily as the Cowboys picked right back up a season later, and with good size, and some players from a JV team that went 20-9 last year, this team isn’t rebuilding from scratch.
“Picking up a year later is definitely a challenge,” Livermore coach Tim Vierra said. “We are most definitely on the upswing this year. We will surprise some teams for sure. I have a cerebral group of athletic, coachable, and motivated players. They are quick to pick up any new drill or skill and have the intrinsic motivation needed to succeed.”
A few basketball players have joined the Cowboys program giving them size and athleticism to compete in the East Bay Athletic League as they have five players who are taller than six feet.
A pair of juniors in 6-5 outside hitter Jason Morant, and 6-4 middle Ben Davison are the two tallest, while 6-3 senior outside Robert Slife brings size and experience. 6-3 sophomore James Dayton brings more height to the middle while 6-2 senior Hunter Ott brings good overall skills.
A team, however, can’t get started offensively without a setter, and Livermore has two good ones, both of whom play club. Senior Andy Hallett and sophomore Alex Kawahara are very skilled.
The Cowboys, yet to win in the EBAL, know that it starts with small steps in building the program. Having success at the JV level helps as well as setting small term goals, which they’ve done. Livermore is hoping for two or three league wins by the midpoint and a solid showing at the Deer Valley Tournament.
“This group is young, but hungry, to show the league what they are made of,” Vierra said. “The boys are very excited to have the program back. We know we are building for next year and the years that follow. If we can win our first league match, ever, we know we can win the next one. Having a winning season last year, has bred confidence and interest. We now have the interest, all we need to do now is win at the varsity level.”
For those that don’t expect much from Livermore, this program probably shouldn’t be overlooked for too much longer.


I’m still missing Moreau and Dougherty’s results from the Drake Tournament, so these might change over the next few hours, or day or so.
Finally got some information on MSJ and they look for real. And it looks like Deer Valley is going to be tough on all EBAL teams this year.
I think things are finally starting to settle into place in the rankings. Look for Logan to keep jumping up a spot or two a week.

1. De La Salle (2-0)
2. Deer Valley (3-0)
3. Campolindo (9-2)
4. Mission San Jose (5-2)
5. Amador Valley (3-1)
6. California (8-3)
7. College Park (2-2)
8. Logan (9-5)
9. Valley Christian (7-1)
10. San Ramon Valley (1-2)
11. Dougherty Valley (3-1)
12. Kennedy-Fremont (6-0)
13. Loas Lomas (6-3)
14. Monte Vista (5-2)
15. Moreau Catholic (2-1)

Matt Smith

  • vballboi

    i’m just wondering why MSJ is ranked below campolindo. they did beat campo in two at the drake tournament

  • Jumpserve

    MSJ is a very good team. Campolindo beat MSJ in a best of 5 match 3-1 early last week. This may be part of the reason Campo is ranked ahead of MSJ. I think Logan should be a notch or two higher. Logan looked good at Drake Tournament.

  • Matt Smith

    Campo beat them in four in a match a few days before that. I think you can gauge teams better when they play the best of five, better than you can in a best of three tournament match.

  • Eastbay Funk

    So how many times has the Kennedy High AD taken you to dinner Matt? #12 ranking…wow. I understand that a 6-0 record looks awesome…until you do some journalistic fact checking and find out that those 6 teams they beat have a combined record of 3-20. DOH!!

  • Matt Smith

    Kennedy beat the same Redwood team that beat Las Lomas, and I have Las Lomas ranked.
    Maybe neither one of them should be, but if I have Las Lomas ranked, Kennedy has to be ranked for now.

  • xfactor

    What happen to Foothill?


    Bob Salini, long time asst. football coach at various schools including Alhambra High has passed away on St. Patrick’s Day 3/17/12 due to heart complications.
    Bob was a graduate of SMCHS ’72 and Cal State Hayward where he earned little-All-American honors in football and all West Coast. He was a pre 5th round NFL draft choice. He was also a track athelete.
    After a serious injury at his last college game he continued sports thru the para- olympics, competing around the world and helping develop artifical legs for sports.
    His memorial is at 3:00 pm Sunday 3/25/12 at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church 30 Mandalay Rd, Oakland, Ca. off Broadway Terrace.
    If anyone has contact with ex-coach Dave Silvera at Alhambra High or Cal State EB ex- football coaches, including track coach Santos please contact them.

  • Prep Fan

    Sorry to hear about coach Salini. May he rest in peace.

    re: Xfactor, I was thinking the same thing. Foothill was ranked #4 in the preseason rankings and have now dropped out completely? With Dusty at the helm, I’m sure they have something up their sleeve over there and will be in the mix.

  • Matt Smith

    Foothill will be back in the rankings, and will be so very quickly.
    Sneaking past American in five and then two straight three-game defeats is cause for alarm, but I think they’ll be back.
    In fact, if I don’t get Moreau’s results from the Drake Tournament soon, I will be dropping the Mariners out.

  • molten

    In regards to Eastbay Funk’s post, a lot of schools don’t record their wins/losses on Maxpreps. I think you based your so-called “facts” straight from Maxpreps. Just because you see so many L’s doesn’t mean it’s their overall record. Factually speaking, Redwood alone has more than 3 wins off of the Davis Tournament and also in league matches.

  • Eastbay Funk

    @ Molten: You are correct-most of the “facts” I found were from Maxpreps, with some bits from other local/net write ups. Obviously, I’m not a reporter. The other obvious thing is that sarcastic remarks don’t translate well here.
    Matt-I really do appreciate your efforts to spread the word on boys vollleyball. So thank you 1st of all. And 2nd, I apologize to you(and anyone else I offended) for sounding like a jackass who was ripping your info.

  • Matt Smith

    Eastbay Funk, no offense taken.
    Questioning things leads to discussion. I don’t mind.

  • UCSC

    Is there a NorCal Boy’s volleyball blog with more information on high school BVB?