Final 2012 East Bay boys basketball poll

Here is the final poll for the 2011-12 boys basketball season.

Team Record Points Last poll
1. Salesian (5) 34-2 75 1
2. De La Salle 28-3 70 2
3. Newark Memorial 28-5 65 3
4. Bishop O’Dowd 27-6 60 4
5. St. Joseph Notre Dame 29-6 55 5
6. McClymonds 19-11 50 6
7. Deer Valley 22-9 45 7
8. Castro Valley 22-8 40 11
9. Freedom 21-8 34 8
10. Liberty 21-7 27 9
11. San Leandro 21-7 24 10
12. El Cerrito 21-9 23 13
13. Monte Vista 20-8 13 14
14. Campolindo 22-7 12 12
15. Miramonte 20-10 4 NR

Also receiving votes: Las Lomas (20-11, 2 points), College Park (20-10, 1). The East Bay Prep Boys Basketball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Voice of Reason

    Baseball/Softball previews coming out soon? Or did they fall to the budget axe at the BANG?

  • salesian is # 1

    Salesian is the best and can beat DLS football and basketball.

  • Yes, the baseball/softball previews are coming out Wednesday. With a staff as tiny as ours is now. we can’t start looking ahead to the next season until the previous season is over. So now that basketball season is over, we can start paying attention to the spring sports.

  • scoop

    Salesians no doubt ONE of the best in football, BUT Are your serious? De La Salle? AHAHA Funny

  • Salesian….There are two chances of Salesian beating DLS in Football….Slim and none…But it sounds good??

  • hoops

    Does anyone know how Salesian,a tiny little school in a not so great location has managed in the past 4 years or so to obtain by far the best talent in Northern Calif????Just seems a little bit funny that they have so many great players that they can lose 2 D1 studs who transfer out and still have the most talent.It appears there might be a little something funny going on with AAU connections and pipelines.That level of talent does not appear by chance,trust me on that.

  • Prep Fan

    Salesian may be “in a not so great location”, but it is in a great location – basketball wise. They get students from the greater Richmond area, Vallejo to the North, and Berkeley & Oakland to the South. I know Bird is from Benicia and Freddie is from Vallejo, but I don’t think they are doing anything “funny”. BOD, St. Mary’s and other private schools in the area also get a lot of top AAU talent from a wide area.

  • Prep Fan

    Campo beat Monte Vista head to head, had a better overall record, won their league and advanced further in the playoffs than MV, but finishes below them? Campo was ahead at the last poll, but somehow MV got more votes once the season was done? Looks like someone wasn’t paying close attention when casting the final ballot. 🙂

  • renegades10

    Consistent success will bring players to a program. Nothing funny going on there, they just have had some pretty good talent come through the program. Players want to go where a team will be successful.

  • salesian is # 1

    Dls is overrated. Salesian is better than the Spartans. We beat Jesuit, St. Joes, and Sheldon to win State. Not bad for a small DIV. 4 Program.

  • Gdog

    Congrats to Salesian. That was quite a gauntlet you ran, Kelseyville, Berean, Arcata 2X, St. Pats, Half Moon Bay, Sacred Heart Prep and an 8 loss Price team. Man that is something. DIV is off the hook!

  • Gauntlet

    @ Gdog Salesian bench can beat DLS starting five!!

  • hoops

    How small a school is has no bearing whatsoever on how good it’s bb teams are.Salesian as stated earlier has had BY FAR the best talent in Nor Cal the past 4 years.I remember when St.Joes had Jason Kidd and a bunch of other good players and then another 6-7 stud from back east transferred in that Kidd had befriended.250 students and the best talent in the state.All that matters is the pipeline of players however it is they happen to end up there.I read an article today that they are going to vote in May for an open division in basketball.MUCH NEEDED AND IT BETTER PASS because Salesian and the like have no business playing in the minor leagues.They use to let the good programs petition up to D1 and they really screwed the public schools when they changed that and sent the catholic schools down into the lower divisions.

  • Hey, I’m surprised you guys are biting on that joker “Salesian is # 1.” I don’t follow the basketball much but I remember his silly “Salesian can beat DLS in football” routine back in the fall. I thought he was just mocking me when I was backing the Pride during FB season but I see he’s at it with BB as well.

    I don’t believe that anything funny is going on at the school with regard to the athletic talent. The coach and the program are good, a hot ticket right now, and of course the mission of the school is to provide a private school education for many kids who could not otherwise afford it. So, the tuition is heavily subsidized for many students, and a lot of us speculate that it’s fully subsidized for top athletes but no one who knows for sure would be on this blog. SPSV hates us, they don’t provide the same subsidies so we end up with some of the talent that they would prefer stays north of the Carquinas Bridge.

  • JustMaybe

    I doubt if anything funny is going on. Salesian’s scholarships are based on need, not athletics! I know several star atheletes whose parents paid full tuition. Now it is possible that some applications are not a 100% truthful on parent’s income, and I don’t know how deeply Salesian’s and other schools verify the information submitted.

  • salesian is # 1

    Salesian is too good. They are awesome!!!!

  • hoops

    I guess all the Catholic high schools make a choice.They all have admission requirements/test scores etc.If you have an athletic friendly administration you will let athletes in and be more lenient with the academic qualifications if there is an issue with an individual.Same thing with the financial aid.It is the way of the world.It is great for the school and attracts more general applications when the school has a great athletic program.I know for a fact that not ALL schools are more generous with athletes,but most are today.Once you become established like Salesian is now,it becomes much easier because winning attracts more athletes.Salesian rose so quickly from mediocre to elite it was like they won the lottery.

  • MckBooth

    Hey if I’m an inner city kid with talent to play at the next level the last thing I want to be an issue is whether or not I can handle the academic portion of a scholarship. What I have seen at the private schools is that if you can’t handle the academics, you are out.
    I know BOD graduates 95% of their kids from college. A parent should take that into consideration when thinking of the future of some of these kids. The education is the bottom line. That’s the reason that you have more kids go to the private schools. If you look at the choices in some of these areas you as a responsible adult would want your kid to go a college preparatory type school if you had the means and choice.

  • @ Hoops

    Hoops doesn’t know anything. He’s upset that his DLS Spartans are not Elite. Salesian can beat DLs in Hoops and in Football.

  • concrete17

    “@ Hoops Says:
    April 1st, 2012 at 9:21 am
    Hoops doesn’t know anything…….”

    ….oh yeah and your shoe’s untied…..April FOOL

  • junior

    Hoops power shift to the publics??? 17 of the Yay area’s finest all stars (of 24) came from the public school ranks.

  • Prep Fan

    Is that how a power shift is gauged? I thought winning all 10 events at Sacto last week spoke volumes. I’m not sure what the criteria was for those chosen to play, but I think they were looking more for entertainment value than whether they went to a public or private school or how good their high school team was.

  • junior

    Hey don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just delivering the good news.

  • hoops

    Generally speaking the only pub schools left that compete with the private schools are the ones that have half their teams from outside their district.How many of New Memorials,Castro Valley’s players do you think live in Newark or CV.Berk high has had girls teams in the past where none of their good players lived in Berkeley..zero.As I said generally speaking and I should add the schools that are always good like the 3 mentioned are what I am talking about.Some of the lower div publics are consistently good like campo and miramonte but it is rare that they can compete with the elite teams.

  • Noshow moreno

    The stronger the program the better for the community. one thing for sure richmond should be proud of the PRIDE.. I would say hoops has a valid argument with this years pride team with Bird, tagaloa and crew, beating DLS pitts and udemyi squad, because I have seen both this year and the pride by far has the TALENT…but if this was the case then Mitty with Aaron Gordon..arguably the best player in the bay area to (some over Bird) would not have lost by last second 3. in any case it is good to see talent go to private schools but of course the public schools dont get a fair shake. Now on the football end with salesian beating DLS.. i would say to hoops… to stick to hoops