Final 2012 East Bay girls basketball poll

Team Record Points Last poll
1. Bishop O’Dowd (5) 30-3 75 1
2. Berkeley 29-3 70 3
3. Carondelet 28-4 65 2
4. Miramonte 31-2 60 4
5. Salesian 31-5 55 t6
6. St. Mary’s 27-8 50 5
7. Deer Valley 22-9 42 8
8. Dougherty Valley 21-10 41 t6
9. Heritage 25-6 35 9
10. Mission S.J. 27-4 31 10
11. Monte Vista 22-6 22 11
12. Alameda 22-8 18 12
13. Oakland Tech 18-12 16 NR
14. St. Joseph Notre Dame 24-11 11 NR
15. Dublin 18-9 6 15

Also receiving votes: Piedmont (19-11, 2 votes), Foothill (15-13, 1). The East Bay Prep Girls Basketball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Prep Fan

    That looks about right Stephanie. Good job. BOD had an incredible team this year, and should be even better next season, which is a scary thought.

  • MckBooth

    Yep , I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bishop Odowd ranked number one in the nation coming into next year. I don’t understand why the excellent 25 doesn’t have them in the top 10 or 25. That tells you a lot about their bias. That’s just crazy.
    One things for sure there sure were a lot of college scouts and coaches at the Arena.

  • Stephanie Hammon

    I don’t know about No. 1, but I would be very surprised if O’Dowd doesn’t start the year in the national top 10. I imagine they’ll play in the top bracket of the Nike TOC and doing well there would help their ranking even more.

    As good as O’Dowd was at the end of the year, it did have three losses and that hurt the team in the Xcellent 25 rankings. The one to an unranked team from Pennsylvania hurts the most. The losses to St. Mary’s-Stockton and Windward weren’t bad, but neither team ended their seasons in the CA state championships. ESPN has the Dragons at No. 14 to end the year and that seems about right.

  • hoops

    Rumor has it that OD has another superstar freshman coming in next year.Right now they have 6 D1 players coming back and if true that would make 7.They really improved as the season went on and I think they just may be the most talented team ever from this area next year.

  • Prep Fan

    The rich get richer. Why wouldn’t an incoming superstar freshman consider BOD? Maybe they wouldn’t start right away, but they’d defintely get some great exposure and most likely a state championship in their first year. And those practices have to be pretty competitive when you can put 3 D1 athletes on each side.

  • MckBooth

    That team that O”dowd lost to in the Nike TOC was 29 and 3 the year before and very senior laden. I thought it was a trap game when I saw it. So was the St Mary’s game, they just hadn’t played anyone for weeks before that one. They definitely had Winward on the ropes leading by 5 in the fourth with 4 minutes to go. It was the Windward guards who won that one which was surprising. The freshman guards kind of stepped up after that one.
    I do agree that this team should have been undefeated this year. They still would beat Mater Dai or the Chicago team right now. That’s why they should be in the excellent 25.