East Bay Baseball Poll – 4/3

Welcome to the first baseball poll of the season. Records are through Saturday.

Team Record Points Last year
1. Campolindo (5) 7-1 75 2
2. De La Salle 6-1 70 3
3. Deer Valley 7-1 63 NR
4. James Logan 6-3 62 1
5. Newark Memorial 10-1 52 NR
6. Monte Vista 5-3 49 11
7. San Ramon Valley 5-3 41 7
8. Foothill 8-2 33 NR
9. St. Mary’s 8-2 32 NR
t10. Alameda 4-2 30 5
t10. College Park 4-2 30 NR
12. Clayton Valley 8-1 28 4
13. Northgate 8-1 12 NR
14. Castro Valley 8-3 9 NR
15. Bishop O’Dowd 8-3 6 13

Also receiving votes: Encinal (9-2, 5 votes), Acalanes (6-3, 3). The East Bay High School Baseball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • Xfactors

    Why Campo also receiving votes when they are the #1 ?

  • Ben Enos

    Ah I just left em on when used the softball poll as a template. I fixed it. Thanks for the heads up.

  • @ Salesian

    Salesian baseball should ranked above DLS since the PRIDE can beat the Spartans in on the mound, the court and on the field.

  • Bob Wright

    Who votes on this poll?

  • The Pride is much better this year, will make the playoffs for the BSAL behind St. Mary’s and Encinal but it’s not a top 15 team at this point. Encinal is actually the best overall team in the league but no one can match the top end pitching of SM this season.

  • Baseball Guy

    How is Logan ranked ahead of Foothill when they lost to them 4-1 and Foothill has a better record?

  • Prep Fan

    Part of that has to be that Foothill started out EBAL play 0-2 and that had to have taken some votes off the board for them. Had Foothill not lost those 2 games, they would either be #1 or #2 right now.

    Frosh sensation DeMers of College Park shut down Clayton yesterday and is now 4-0. Not bad for a 14 year old.

  • @ Salesian

    @ Pride Maller be quiet….Shh.. you don’t know anything about Salesian Sports Program.


    Where is Dougherty Valley of San Ramon??
    They beat Newark Memorial with Flexen on the mound, won their own tournament that had both Newark Memorial and College Park particiapting and have played well all season.

  • redandblue2

    Have to agree with JDINUC on DV. At 8-2, they are off to another great start. We’ll see if this is the year they rise to the upper tier of the DFAL. The past few years they have started well in non-league only to get pushed around once league games rolled around.

    Campolindo went 4-0-1 down in Anaheim against some tough southern California teams and appear deserving of the top spot in the east bay.

  • Prep Fan

    I see where Dougherty Valley now has over 2000 students and will be in Division 1 for all sports beginning next season. Livermore has now gone down below 2000 and will be Division 2 next season.

    It is too bad that NCS has already locked up the leagues for the next 4 years, as Livermore would be much better suited to play in the DFAL, and DV would be a better fit to replace them in the EBAL as a D1 squad.


  • redandblue2

    It will be interesting to see if Dougherty Valley can assert themselves in terms of dominating the DFAL over the next 4 years with an enrollment (and facilities) that are nearly twice every other school in the DFAL.

  • ballguy

    Flexen has 0 losses…

  • Big Ed

    Dougherty Valley simply doesn’t have the pool of athletes to choose from that many other High Schools do. With that said, the baseball team has been surprisingly competitive. Much credit to their head coach who has a history of grooming High School players such as Brandon Crawford,Joey Wilson & Anshu Chawla. Big Senior Class this year so the wins over Newark Memorial & Casa Grande are no surprise.

  • FNL 680

    RaB2- Expect DoV to be very competitive in certain sports like they have in Girls hoops. But to link league athletic success via enrollment (of a five year old “new” school) a la Logan is premature. The demographics in the Tassajara/Dougherty corridor is a major factor along with families with athletes having a narrow choice as to whether to attend MV, SRV and DoV. In some cases, it’s allowed sport specific choices as the district was trying to fill DoV and reduce crowding at SRV and MV (i.e. houses were NOT being built at an expected rate in DoV due to the recession). But SRVUSD has become quite strict with it’s boundaries as DoV is starting to fill up. When DoV opened in 2007, it was a very watered down version of open enrollment policies compared to the two Lafayette schools.

  • Prep Fan

    It is a tough plce for DV to be in, competing against smaller schools in league play, and then having to go up against the bigger schools in the playoffs. College Park was in that position until this year when they dropped down to D2. DV will need to schedule some D1 non-league games in order to be able to prepare for the playoffs, assuming they can even make the playoffs as they will first have to prove themselves against the DFAL teams. I don’t see them dominating the DFAL teams, but they seem to be making progress in most sports the last few years.

  • WCAT680

    They won that game and Flexen went five and was trailing 1-0 at the time he was taken out. As for the recent wins, I agree with Prep Fan that those are not surprises. Which takes this back to JDINUC’s question.
    Where is Dougherty Valley in the rankings?

  • redandblue2

    Just witnessed Acalanes absolutely throttle Alameda 9-0 thru four innings. The DFAL is showing their colors again having won 4 NCS titles in the past 2 years.


    Alhambra dropped two games today. Too much talent to lose both games. Coaching errors were the key to both loses.DAMN SHAME……… I’m just say’in.

  • Bulldog Pride….

    Yeah we lost to livermore and then mitty two good teams. Although there might have been some bad coaching decision overall the girls played great. Probably could have went the other way if it weren’t for a couple of minor things…..

  • Voice of Reason

    Big game for the Spartans on Tuesday evening with the 3rd ranked nationally St. Francis Lancers. Could vault DLS to the top of the east bay polls. Looking forward to some great baseball.

  • Prep Fan

    That would be a real nice win for them, but I’m still not sure if they would pass Campo, as that is one heck of a team, and Campo already has some nice wins. We’ll see how the Spartans do in the St. Francis Tourney.

  • Softball Fan

    I’m just saying and Bulldog pride? This is the baseball poll. Not the softball one go to their poll to chime in.

  • Baseball Guru

    i believe Encinal will be top 10 as the season winds down