East Bay softball poll — 4/3

Here’s our first East Bay softball poll of the spring. Remember, records are through the past weekend so Tuesday afternoon games won’t factor into the rankings that we’ll publish in the newpaper each Wednesday.

Team Record Points Last year
1. Amador Valley (5) 7-0 75 1
2. James Logan 5-1 70 2
3. Newark Memorial 8-0 65 5
4. Alhambra 4-0 60 7
5. Heritage 4-0 56 3
6. California 5-1 49 10
7. Freedom 4-3 41 9
8. Concord 5-3 40 8
9. Monte Vista 5-1 37 NR
10.Bishop O’Dowd 8-1 27 NR
11. Dublin 8-1 18 NR
12. Arroyo 7-2 15 NR
13. Alameda 5-2 14 13
14. San Ramon Valley 4-5 13 NR
15. Salesian 5-0 8 NR

Also receiving votes: Livermore (3-4, 7 votes), Carondelet (3-4, 3), Campolindo (6-3, 1). The East Bay Prep Softball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Xfactors

    What does Basketball got to do with Softball? See “also receiving votes” section

  • Stephanie Hammon

    Thanks xfactors. Like Ben did with baseball, I copied a template and forgot to make that change. Fixed now and so is Amador Valley’s record. I originally shorted the Dons a win.

  • @ Salesian

    Salesian Softball is awesome program and should be ranked #1 in the polls.

  • Softball Fan

    1.Amador Valley is the best in the East Bay (pitching is too good) the score enough to fight off all.
    2. James Logan isvery talented and will be there at the end
    3. Newark Memorial looks to be solid for D2 and will fight Petaluma for the title.
    4.Alhambra will be tested finally in a weak league. Stay tuned
    5.Heritage is solid but will they be able to score against the better pitchers remains to be seen.
    6.California has very good pitching and scores just enough will be in top 6 of D1
    7.Freedom is going to have a tough time against the better D1 Teams and if they do not hit they are in trouble.
    8.Concord has a strong senior class will this be enough? has not beaten a top team yet?
    9.Monte Vista is talented and will be a .600 team at the end. Too much in the EBAL
    10.Bishop O’dowd has not played anyone and lost to Cal.
    11.Dublin ditto with beating up on a weak schedule
    12.Arroyo some good wins but schedule is nice to them
    13.Alameda: jury is stillout
    14.SRV started out hot and is coming off of their high at the Queen of the Mountain. Coach has them competitive.
    15. Salesian: Schedule is too easy to tell where they belong.

    HM: Livermore with Schiller is tough without they need to score runs.

    Carondelet: tough schdule all D1 teams will be ready for playoff run because of it.

    Campolindo; Playing well and have played all pretty tough will see where they end up!

  • Fan

    Amador is very tough, are they playing in the Stampede tourny. A lot of good teams in it. Dublin lost to Dougherty Valley, that should drop them out of the top. Let’s see how Logan does in Nv against some better pitching, I think their hitting is suspect.

  • MckBooth

    Saw Odowd, man that Carney can really stroke the bat. Might be the best hitter in the east bay. Pitching is good enough to get by and the defense is always good on those Cobb coached teams.
    They have a pretty aggressive schedule coming up with the likes of Berkeley, Arroyo, Castro Valley and Alameda. If they come through that stretch 3 and 1 then they’ll be there for the long hall.

    The Cal game was 2-1 and it could have gone either way. BOd is the real deal.

  • SB Fan

    @ Softball fan: I agree with you remarks about the top 3. At 4, I agree Alhambra hasn’t played anyone. I do think they are a good team and will challenge in a loaded D2 come playoff time. We will see how they do in the Stampede and the Reed, Nevada tourney. I believe they play Petaluma this month as well. I think 5-9 looks good but 10-15 is up in the air. I too, like C-Let but not sold on Campo.

    @ Fan- Logan has some hitters. Grauer shut them down but she shuts down most teams!

  • Softball Fan

    Saw O’Dowd play also, we shall see soon once they start playing tougher teams. Check back after they play Castro Valley? Logan is always tough and time will tell if they do well against better pitching. They lost 2-0 versus Amador which seems to be the norm of Amador games. Dublin has to play Alhambra shortly and we will see.

    There is alot of quality this weekend at the Stampede and next weekend in Reno. that will give more insight as to where this will all pan out!

  • Stephanie Hammon

    Good breakdown, Softball Fan. I think the most challenging part of this poll was deciding what to do with teams like Carondelet, Livermore and SRV, which look fairly solid but all had losing records at the time of the vote. Often voters are hesitant to vote for a team that is under .500, even if they’ve played only good teams. Several of the teams in the 11-15 range have great records but haven’t played challenging schedules. As more games are played, the cream will rise to the top.

  • Softball Fan


    Sometimes a losing record doesnot mean much. Look at Carondelet lost to Amador Valley who is the best around and to 3 other EBAL Teams that seem to have the best league around. Not taking anything from Newark Memorial, Alhambra and Amador Valley are the best teams based upon their records and what they have accomplished so far. Amador has played the best schedule and deserves to be #1. After this weekends Stampede Alhambra looks to be in the finals against either Amador Valley and Mitty (that game will truly be the Championship Game) Unless Heritage knocks of Amador and do not think that will happen, but we will see around 1 pm today.

    Stay tuned.

  • Softball Fan

    Best game of the day tomorrow worth the price of admission. 3 pm Mitty versus Amador with the Winner most likely to face Alhambra in the finals. It would had been nice to see Heritage face Alhambra and Mitty and Amador. The pools were set and did not allow for this to happen. May still see Livermore taking the mound to stop Alhambra’s run? Stay tuned on the pool results of that one. good luck to all! Cal versus Heritage would be a good game as well tomorrow in the other brackets.

  • randyc415

    @ Softball Fan or Stephanie Hammon,
    Could you post game times for tomorrow Stampede? Or where could we look for up to date game times? What time is Cal vs Heritage? Thanks in advance!

  • SB Fan

    Alhambra is a good team but they better not look past Livermore tomorrow.

  • Stephanie Hammon

    Sorry I just saw your comment, Randy. Here’s a link to the Livermore Stampede schedule today. Cal-Heritage is at 11 a.m.


  • Softball Fan

    1. Amador Valley
    2. James Logan
    3. Newark Memorial
    4. Livermore
    5. Alhambra
    6. Heritage
    7. Freedom
    8. Cal
    9. Monte Vista
    10. Carondelet
    11. Bishop O’Dowd
    11. Concord
    12. Arroyo
    13. Alameda
    14. Salesian
    15. San Ramon Valley

    Schedule for some is too weak for me! We shall soon see. Amador has proven without a doubt they are #1. Games should tart getting interesting shortly. We will find out who is better Freedom or Heritage. Concord will start to face a few new faces next week as well. Reed tournament will provide some feedback as well!

  • Softball Fan

    Arroyo Fans:

    I did not know earlier that you did indeed beat Petaluma on Saturday. that would put you in my poll #10 and move all down. Sorry for over looking that.

    Lets see how Concord does against the better teams at the HASA this weekend like Rancho Cotate and Heritage?