East Bay Softball Poll — 4/9

Here’s our latest East Bay softball poll.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Amador Valley (6) 13-0 90 1
2. James Logan 5-1 84 2
3. Newark Memorial 9-0 78 3
4. Heritage 9-1 72 5
5. California 10-3 61 6
6. Alhambra 7-2 60 4
7. Freedom 4-3 56 7
8. Concord 8-3 51 8
9. Bishop O’Dowd 8-1 35 10
10. Monte Vista 8-5 34 9
11. Livermore 7-6 33 NR
12. Arroyo 12-3 30 12
13. Alameda 5-2 18 13
14. Carondelet 4-4 11 NR
15. Salesian 7-0 7 15

Also receiving votes: None. The East Bay Prep Softball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Softball Fan

    Concord is too high with a weak schedule. Loses to the better teams and beats all the teams that it should. Bishop O’Dowd is still to high. Arroyo with their win at the Standley cup needs to be higher beat one of the better teams around Petaluma. Alameda has only lost to teams rated higher. 3 of Carondelets loses are to Amador Valley, Cal and Monte Vista, they are better than Concord. Livermore should be higher as well they beat Alhambra, Cal. Oh well check back next week.

  • randyc415

    Softball Fan:
    I agree with your statement with Arroyo. Dont agree with your thought on Concord. Concord beat Castro Valley who Beat Monte Vista and Concord lost to CAL High so I think they are situated just right. Concord plays Heritage this Friday 5pm at the HASA Turny, James Donlon Park in Antioch. Heritage showed how good they are at the Stampede losing the closest to Amador and winning all the other games.

  • MckBooth

    I think that Arroyo winning the Stampede should move them up also. Petaluma was really peppering that ball when I saw them. So arroyo must have been playing at a high level.
    It’s hard to move Bishop O’dowd down when their only loss was to Cal 2-1. I think Cal should also move up the board with the amount of one run games they have won.

  • hv baby

    Arroyo won the standley cup, not the stampede. They beat a really good pateluma team and lost to heritage 3-2. They are playing some good ball, the tough part of their schedule is coming up so we”ll see. GO DONS

  • Bulldog Pride….

    Alhambra is playing in reno this weekend. Should see some tough comp. Dogs are tough and loudest with talent should move back up the rankings…

  • Softball Fan

    Concords schedule is loaded with creampuffs and have lost to all the good teams. We will see where they stand against Heritage. look at many schedules and it is very easy to believe why they have the numbers they do! Alhambra has only beaten Whitney? Lost to two other good teams. Heritage lost to Amador by the same score as others. Would like to see O’Dowd play a better schedule before they are ranked that high. Carondelet beat Castro Valley also by a margin does not mean they should be higher? They are in Reno along with James Logan, Alhambra, Castro Valley, Spanish Springs, Reed and Newark Memorial. A 3-2 result may happen for afew good teams. We shall see? Heritage will play Rancho Cotate in the finals at the HASA and Concord will play Antioch( won’t be a game). Concord will go 3-1. Arroyo should be higher since they beat a very talented Petaluma team. Maybe have a D1 top 10, DII top10 and DIII top 10? What do you think?

  • MckBooth

    Thanks for the correction HV baby. It was the Stanley cup and not the Stampede. The competition was pretty good at the top this year. The upper brackets usually test you.

  • Buster Hymen

    Hmmmm. All the good teams have cream puffs in their divisions. Though, I’d have to say Amador Valley is the team right now…

    Div. 1 Amador, second to none.
    Div. 2 Petaluma, very good pitching. Oh DVAL is weak, yes, but don’t blame Concord for that. Don’t count out Pinole.
    Div. 3 Since Alhambra is moving to Div. 2, quarters top. Oh yeah, talking about a weak division. Look at theirs. Otherwise, it is Bishop O’Dowd.

  • Here’s Gianni

    Okay, here are some thoughts that I need to say outloud! Bishop O’Dowd plays in one of the worst league and so does Arroyo the only copetition that Arroyo has is Castro Valley, Bishop O’Dowd has absolutely no one, yes I know they lost to Cal by a 2 to 1 score but games like that happen. Yes Heritage is a good team and only lost to Amador 2 to 0 and one other team lost to Amador by a 2 to 0 game in league play which is the same team that scored the most runs against them in the Stampede. Top four teams are as follow: 1.Amador 2.Heritage Cal and Monte Vista to follow, take your pick on which one is 3 and which one is 4, they play each other this week.

  • w. jones

    I think that Logan would beat Cal or Monte vista and Heritage would be a great game. Logan should be in the top four!

  • Here’s Gianni

    Well I do believe that Logan will be playing Monte Vista on the 27th, atay tuned!

  • Softball Fan

    James Logan should be #2 with # 3 Heritage, Cal and Newark Memorial tied for 4. Alhambra, Carondelet took a few blows this weekend in Reno. Alhambra lost to Castro Valley and to Reed and Carondelet lost to Douglas and to Spanish Springs. Rumor has it that Spanish Springs and Reed are the best that Nevada has to offer so losses should not be too big of a surprise. Their win solidifies James Logan position as well. Payback for Newark may come this week. Snowball is not ideal conditions so we shall see what results happen in warmer weather. Some good games to come!

    Heritage beat Concord and then beat up on poor Las Lomas. I doubt Rancho Cotate will be able to compete with Heritage next weekend. Concord will take thrid in a very weak tourney.

    To the Dog, internal issues with Alhambra should be handled in house. This is not a place to air the dirty laundry. I thought this was a softball poll not a place to state if a coach was right or wrong in making a decision. Where was her parents?

    Good luck to all this week!

  • Here’s Gianni

    How can you put Carondelet ahead of teams that beat them?

  • Softball Fan

    Who is not in front that beat Carondelet? San Ramon they have not done well since the Queen. Gianni give more information. In fact they beat Livermore yesterday. Does this mean they are better now than Alhambra since Alhambra lost to them and Castro Valley and CHS beat both?

    Please explain?