East Bay Baseball Poll – 4/16

Here is this week’s baseball poll. Records are through Saturday.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Campolindo (6) 11-1-1 90 1
2. De La Salle 10-2 84 2
3. Deer Valley 12-1 78 3
4. Monte Vista 6-4 70 5
5. Newark Memorial 12-3 66 4
6. San Ramon Valley 6-3 61 6
7. Foothill 10-3 53 t7
8. St. Mary’s 12-2 49 9
9. Northgate 14-1 43 11
10. College Park 8-4 36 10
11. Clayton Valley 11-3 24 13
12. Castro Valley 11-4 18 NR
13. Bishop O’Dowd 12-5 15 15
14. Acalanes 10-4 14 12
15. Dougherty Valley 11-3 13 NR

Also receiving votes: James Logan (8-6, 5 points), Granada (8-6, 1). The East Bay High School Baseball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • redandblue2

    Big game tomorrow in Moraga as #15 Dougherty Valley looks to knock off #1 Campolindo in only the second home game of the year for the Cougars. Each team will be sending their ace to the mound; Snider for D.V. & Marvel for Campolindo. The best news is there is little chance for a rainout!

  • WCat680

    Dougherty Valley handled their business today against Campolindo. Another solid win against one of the highest rated teams and pictchers in Northern Calif. Beat Newark Memorial with Flexen on the mound and now beat CampolIndo with Marvel on the mound. This DV team is legit. I’m sure they will be a major factor in the DFAL and NCS playoffs.

  • Prep Fan

    Dougherty Valley not only looked to knock off #1 Campolindo, but they got the job done convincingly on the road. Snider outdueled Marvel by tossing a shutout and held the vaunted D1 filled Campo lineup to just 3 hits. It looks like the 12-3 Wildcats are indeed for real.

    DLS was no-hit by St. Francis last week, so it’ll be interesting to see who gets the top spot in the poll next week. Could it be 12-1 Deer Valley? The only sure thing is DV will be moving up with a bullet.

  • CatSmasher

    Slow your roll. One game a champion does one not make. The big boys are still big and the chasers are still chasin.

  • WCat680

    Haha!! C’mon CatSmasher. Sounds like you got your big feelings hurt. Read the comments. It was a solid win against a highly rated team and pitcher. No talk of any championship. There’s alot of baseball to be played.

  • Baseball Guru

    Encinal in top 10 in 3 weeks.

  • Prep Fan

    Cal beat #7 Foothill convincingly today with a 13 run barrage to improve to 4-1 in EBAL play, and will face #4 Monte Vista on Friday.

  • CatSmasher

    Cal going 4-1 in EBAL play brings up another interesting point. What would a team like Newark Memorial do in the EBAL? They have ZERO offense and 1 stud pitcher.

  • Prep Fan

    SRV with another come from behind 1 run victory over Amador Valley yesterday to move to 4-1 in EBAL play.
    Down 4-0 early and 6-2 in the 6th, they tallied 4 runs to tie it in the 6th, and after falling behind again in the 7th, rallied to score 2 more runs to win it in the 7th.

    That is at least the 3rd time this season that SRV has come from behind to score 2 or more runs in the final inning, after already having done so against both Foothill and Cal. That is a resilient, never say die group of kids.

  • Prep Fan

    CatSmasher, That is a good question about Newark. While Flexen is one of the top pitchers around, they don’t have much else. In EBAL play, and come playoff time, you need to have more than one pitcher as every team can bring it.

    Witness BOD last year with Joe Ross, as they won just about every time he thew and struggled on his off days. In HAAL play, they were able to line up Ross with the Castro Valleys & Arroyos and were still able to get by against the Haywards and Mt Edens with other pitchers. Once playoffs came, Ross got one win and they were done in game 2.

  • Baseball scout

    California vs. Foothill game. final score 13-8 Cal wins. I look at the boxscore stats on maxpreps. Cal claims to have 12 hits, Foothill claims to only giving up 5 hits. Foothill has a pitcher giving up 8 runs but 0 earned runs!

    This is why you can’t take maxprep stats seriously.


    Prep Fan: Yes, BOD won often with Ross LAST YEAR. Coack K knows how to match it up! But, get the facts straight: BOD might have beaten Hayward but the mighty Monarchs of Mt Eden got the Dragons AT BOD behind a soph pitcher, who also, by the way, took one deep himself. Great win for Coach Alvarez in his final season as head coach at ME!

  • Baseball Guru, Encinal is good but how is it going to get over on the St. Mary’s pitching? Not too well the first time around, good luck next time.

  • Prep Fan

    re:#12 – I stand corrected EB FB Fan. I had forgotten that ME had slain the Dragons last year.

  • Max Preps Stats

    Bscout @ 11- I’d go with Cal’s stats on that game. A reliable source pens Cal’s hits at 11. The four EBAL schools with some semblance of honesty with BA via Max Preps stats, listing ROE and FCs are AV, Cal, dLS and Liv.
    SRV, Foothill, MV and Granada do not stat categorize ROE/FC, possibly rolling those into hits for team/individ BA. If one subtracts the average of the former four schools ROE/FC (around 20) and apply it the latter’s Hits by subtraction, the latter Team BA comparison listed as current/factored become .344 to .232, .333 to .280, .254 to .190 and .273 to .224. Those are significant statistical differences.
    Kudos to Livermore by listing 16 ROE and 15 FCs, tops so far. Those really cut into batting averages but it’s brutally honest.
    Finally, dLS is the only school with accurate defensive chances, POs, etc. which requires a decent amount of due diligence in-game, which a few schools also did in ’11.

  • Chs101214

    Cal knocks off #7 (13-8) and #5 (3-1) this week. It was discussed last year that the Freeman rankings have less validity heading deeper into the baseball season compared to FB.

  • Prep Fan

    Cal had a fantastic week, beating both #7 Foothill & #4 Monte Vista to pull even with both SRV & DLS at 5-1 in EBAL play. But it doesn’t get any easier for the Grizz this week as they now face #2 DLS Tuesday and then #6 (soon to be #4 or #5) SRV Thursday in the rough and tumble EBAL.

    Foothill knocked off DLS yesterday to hand the #2 Spartans their 2nd loss in the last 10 days. Defending champ SRV had yet another win in their last at bat by beating Granada 4-3 in 8 innings, but instead of a come from behind win, this time they gave up the lead in the 7th only to take it back in the 8th for the W.

    I look for Dougherty Valley to make a big move up in the rankings this week after they knoched off #1 Campo & for the stealth Grizz squad to finally make an appearance this week. MV has to drop on the basis of 2 losses and SRV will surely move up past them. CP knocked off NG and will move past them while their frosh phenom DeMers upped his record to 6-0.

    Current EBAL standings:

    DLS 5-1
    SRV 5-1
    Cal 5-1
    MV 3-3
    Granada 2-4
    AV 2-4
    Foothill 2-4
    Livermore 0-6

  • Prep Fan

    Make that Cal is at DLS Wednesday and home vs. SRV Friday. Deer Valley is 12-1 with their only loss coming at the hands of Granada in the preseason.

    I’ve got to think the top 3 team may stay in that order, but MV will drop and Newark lost 3 times in 10 days and may fall below SRV. St. Mary’s has solid pitching and a nice record, but hasn’t played the toughest of schedules, with no wins over any ranked teams, and their stats may be a little inflated with wins over Kennedy of Richmond by scores of 33-1 & 36-0.

  • CatSmasher

    In the end, the playoffs are what matters, not some writer who makes a poll. Prep Baseball fans know that the EBAL is the best league, followed by the DFAL. Other leagues simply have 1 or 2 good teams and then doormats. Look at the last place team in the DFAL, Las Lomas, they are a good team that pitches well every game and has only surrendered 33 runs in 15 games.

    I can’t remember a season where D2 looks like it is just as deep as D1 this year. Man, too bad we’ve got all these divisions. Could you imagine a better playoff format with all these D2’s and D1’s playing off against each other? Getcha popcorn!!!

  • WaxDat

    Why is Newark Memorial ranked so high? One player doesn’t make a team. They haven’t beat anyone and their league stinks.

  • Voice of Reason

    I would have to agree Catsmasher regarding D2 vs D1 this year. In fact, I think I would give the edge slightly to D2 this year when you compare the top 8 teams in each division; and Campo is actually a D3 team playing up. The 2nd round of the playoffs on, for each divsion, should make for some great match-ups.

    A DFAL vs EBAL showcase should be a fixture every season in the eastbay; it would be very rntertaining.

    My opinion is the top 3 teams in the poll will stay the same; but there will be some serious movement beyond that.

  • keepinitreal

    eb fb fan, so what that was over a yr ago, Mt eden is not only in one of the crappiest leagues in norcal HAAL but consider yourselfs lucky if you even make ncs this yr wth all those frosh. What you need to do is get a tutor over there so your kids can make grades. nuff said!!

  • Prep Fan

    That’s a good question about Newark. They beat College Park and Castro Valley in the preseason, and although they lost to Cal on the field, they were awarded a forfeit. So they have beaten 2 ranked teams plus a forfeit win over a possibly soon to be ranked Cal squad. Their 4 losses are to Dougherty, Logan, DLS & BOD.

    An EBAL-DFAL challenge would be great. Although Miramonte is a little down this year, they are usually a top tier squad, and Campo, DV & Acalanes could play with anyone in the EBAL depending on the pitching matchups. The EBAL is deeper but those 3 DFAL teams are solid and there are no real bad teams in either league as all were at least .500 in the preseason.

  • WaxDat

    Miramonte has a Stanford bound Shortstop and an All-World catcher. Their #1 pitcher had surgery otherwise they’d be where they usually are.

    You just made my case about Newark. They beat College Park and C.V. and are #5??? For example, Dougherty Valley beat #5 Newark Memorial and #1 Campolindo and are #15. These rankings are strange. Teams like Northgate and Clayton Valley play the equivelent of Babe Ruth teams all year and are rewarded for it in the Polls.

    The Playoffs will settle it all. Go Livermore!!!

  • RhymeTime

    The New Poll is in:
    1. Campolindo (6)
    2. De La Salle
    3. Newark Memorial
    4. California
    5. Foothill
    6. SRV
    7. James Logan
    8. Monte Vista
    9. Deer Valley
    10. College Park
    11. Castro Valley
    12. Acalanes
    13. Clayton Valley
    14. Northgate
    15. Dougherty Valley

  • Prep Fan

    Mats are still a pretty good team, but not up to their normal high standard. I was agreeing with you about Newark and that #5 seems very high for them, but they should drop in the new poll with 3 recent losses. Dougherty was already #15 before the Campo win, so look for them to jump up in the next poll.