East Bay Softball Poll — 4/16

Here’s our latest East Bay softball poll.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Amador Valley (6) 13-0 90 1
2. James Logan 10-1 84 2
3. Heritage 11-1 78 4
4. Newark Memorial 12-2 72 3
5. California 10-3 66 5
6. Freedom 5-4-1 54 7
7. Concord 9-4 50 8
t8. Monte Vista 8-5 43 10
t8. Bishop O’Dowd 8-1 43 9
t10. Alhambra 9-4 37 6
t10. Arroyo 13-3 37 12
12. Livermore 7-6 30 11
13. Alameda 6-2 18 13
14. Salesian 7-0 10 15
15. Carondelet 7-6 8 14

Also receiving votes: None. The East Bay Prep Softball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Softball Fan

    Shake up this poll:

    Newark Memorial lost again to James Logan does not mean much.

    Freedom losing to Antioch (Freedom needs to drop a lot.

    Carondelet beats Livermore yesterday. They beat Castro Valley and Livermore. Two teams that Alhambra has lost to does that mean Carondelet is better than Alhambra?

    Heritage plays Freedom this Thursday so we will see if Freedom can rebound or drop to #15. Concord is beating teams but they should be doing so by a lot more with their senior laden team?

    The big question if god forbid if a pitcher for the following get hurt who will the turn to?

    Heritage, James Logan (told they have two),Newark Memorial, Concord, Freedom, Monte Vista and Carondelet? I guess some are not worried about their continued success in the years to come without throwing others except their #1? See what coaches come back next year after they lose their #1 to graduation? I know some #1’s are Juniors but pitching them every game will wear them out by the playoffs?

    Check back on Friday for more!

  • SB Fan

    C-Let lost to Douglas and Alhambra beat Douglas. Goes both ways. C-Let and Alhambra are pretty close in my opinion. It may get settled come playoff time!

  • SB Junkie

    Tough to rank teams when the competition in each league is so different. EBAL is by far the most difficult league to consistanly win in and one lose can drop you considerably in the rankings (depending on who you are).

    The top teams in the EBAL have a number of pitchers that are very capable of filling in if their starter goes down. Amador-2, Monte Vista-3, Livermore-2, CAL-4, C-Let-2.

  • Softball Fan

    As you see in my list not many for EBAL was on there? I think Carondelet and Monte Vista only. I know that CHS has Blair but who does Monte Vista have?

    it looks like Amador solidifies their spot and Cal shows they are in the mix. Alhambra plays petaluma tomorrow and will be a great game. Livermore lost two in a row? Freedom should drop out of the top 15 with back to back loses not due to the lost to Heritage but to Antioch? should be interesting next week! good luck to all

  • hv baby

    Arroyo vs CV yesterday if you were there to see you seen a really good battle. CV can play but arroyo would not go away. Getting a dramatic win in the bottom of the 7th. K. Percheid really showed me something yesterday. Never give up DONS

  • SB Junkie

    Arroyo vs CV was a good game…good win for the Dons. It was nice to see a couple of young pitchers compete against strong hitters on both sides.

    A little troubling to see CV head coach continue to sacrifice the well being of the team in an effort to show that she has ultimate authority. Definitely some bridges need to be gapped at CV. Give them credit, they continue to play with energy despite the issues that continue to plague that program.

    Hope they can come together at some point.

  • MckBooth

    Not sure whats going on internally at CV , but they are really stroking the ball. One of those teams you’d hate to see in the playoffs, because they’re a lot better than their record.