East Bay Baseball Poll – 4/23

Here is this week’s baseball poll. Records are through Saturday.

Team Record Points Last week
t1. Campolindo (3) 12-2-1 87 1
t1. Deer Valley (3) 14-1 87 3
3. De La Salle 12-3 78 2
4. San Ramon Valley 10-3 72 6
t5. Dougherty Valley 13-3 57 15
t5. St. Mary’s 13-2 57 8
7. Foothill 11-4 52 7
8. College Park 11-4 48 10
9. Newark Memorial 13-4 47 5
10. California 9-7 36 NR
11. Clayton Valley 13-3 32 11
12. Northgate 15-2 27 9
13. James Logan 9-6 19 NR
14. Castro Valley 12-5 11 12
15. Acalanes 11-5 3 14

Also receiving votes: Alameda (9-5, 2 points), Bishop O’Dowd (12-6, 2), Monte Vista (6-8, 2), Granada (9-7, 1). The East Bay High School Baseball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • redandblue2

    Good to see Dougherty Valley get rewarded for their win against Campolindo last week. Thought Deer Valley might sneak ahead into first place.
    California was also rewarded for their tough league play & first place tie in the EBAL with SRV & DLS.

  • Prep Fan

    Deer Valley moved all the way up into a tie for the top spot with Campo, as both Campo & DLS suffered league losses. Monte Vista dropped like a rock from #4 right out of the poll with 3 tough, close losses. With MV dropping out, the only ranked team DV has now beaten is College Park, and their lone loss is to Granada.

    As expected Dougherty made a big jump with their victory over Campo as they now have a signature win to go with their stellar record. Cal jumped into the poll this week with their 5th straight win over an EBAL opponent to move into a 3-way first place tie with #3 DLS & #4 SRV at 5-1. Foothill held their ground at #7 after getting roughed up by Cal for 13 runs Wednesday, but came right back to stun DLS 4-2 on Friday. SRV moves into #4 with a close eye on the top spot as they continue to pile up 1 run last at bat victories in EBAL play.

    Still a lot of hardball to be played this season as we are only about half way through the league season before the playoffs begin in 3 more weeks. A lot of good teams out there slugging it out.

  • TomCat

    Prep Fan you make a great point. Deer Valley has beaten College Park while Campolindo has beaten a number of highly touted teams and is clearly a better team. How can Campo be the 4th ranked team in the country according to the unbiased Freeman Rankings on Maxpreps yet are tied with a local team that has loaded up on cupcakes?

  • Gdog

    LMAO…Unbiased Freeman Rankings, that’s a good one!

  • Prep Fan

    Unbiased as it pertains to a team like Dougherty without a strong baseball tradition or reputation, but it rewards them for their wins & the relative strengths of the teams it has beaten. Deer Valley has a strong baseball tradition and might incur some voters bias in a poll for instance. I know DLS backers have issues with Freeman as it tends to favor SoCal teams early in the season in football due to the perceived strength of the teams down South. Garbage In – Garbage Out. It is certainly not a perfect system, but at least it does do the calcualtions without regard to the name of the teams being ranked.

    Deer Valley only loss is to a Granada team that has been beaten by Castro Valley, Logan, AV, Cal, DLS & SRV. DV has beaten CP and little else. Both Campo & DLS, as well as SRV & Dougherty have played much tougher schedules than Deer Valley, but that one loss looks pretty good on paper.

  • redandblue2

    Rankings are a funny thing. Certainly scheduling perhaps the toughest schedule in northern California this season gives Campolindo a very high strength of schedule in the freeman rankings. Here are some of the other rankings for Campolindo this week:

    #4 in the nation & California – Max Preps/Freeman
    #17 in the nation – Baseball America
    #13 in California – Cal Hi Sports & Massey Rankings
    #5 in northern California – Norcal Preps
    #1 in east bay – CC Times

  • Max Preps Stats

    For general consumption
    SOS as of this week

    Campo- 8.9
    DoughVal- 4.6
    Alc- 7.3
    Dub- 6.7
    Mira- 5.5
    Alham- 5.5
    LL- 7.0

    MV- 8.9
    DLS- 8.3
    AV- 8.2
    Cal- 7.3
    SRV- 7.2
    Footh- 7.0
    Gran- 6.9
    Liv- 5.8

    Looks like EBAL will beat each other up but keep rising as their SOS’s are, well, stronger than DFAL.
    Campo in the top 10 nationally after a tie to a team (Cap Valley) in third in league behind the #74 US ranked Tesoro? If the tie were in the fourth game of the tourney, okay, but in the third and still top twenty in any national “poll”? Those early wins prop them up but that 8.9 will go down.

    For what it’s worth, Headfirst ran an “all-star” tourney for rising seniors/juniors-sprinkling of sophs last year pitting HAAL, DFAL and EBAL teams. IMO, about 60-70% of participants will end up being respective all-leaguers. HAAL, 0-3. DFAL 1-2 with both losses to EBAL which went 3-0 to win it.

  • Baseball Scout

    I witnessed what I consider the most obusive act of coaching ever!!! Granada vs. Livermore High. Coach Perotti from Livermore rolled his pitcher Daniel Ocasio out for a complete game….. 158 pitches!!!! And if Granada would have kept the top of the 7th rolling i’m sure Ocasio would have continued pitching; there wasn’t anybody in the pen! Nothing on the line like a perfect game, no-hitter, shutout, only a meaningless game on their part to their cross-town rival. On top of that, this young man has a history of arm issues….SHAME ON YOU COACH PEROTTI!!!!

  • Oh Boy

    Wow…158 picthes? That kid probably can’t lift a pencil today. I really hope this isn’t true.

  • BaseballFan

    It was 160 pitches……..

  • Baseball Scout

    It’s absolutely true. It’s unfortunate that this coach wanted his first league win of the season so badly against his cross-town rival that he tempted fate with his pitcher….. and they lost anyway!

  • redandblue2

    Not sure what your point is Max Prep Stats. It is not so much the strength of schedule but what you do with it. Campo has defeated many of those tough teams that make up that SOS, hence the high rating; which you fail to mention.

    In fact, going to Calpreps.com and look at comparing leagues, you will see the DFAL has the 10th highest rating of 9.0, (average rating of all teams in the league against non-league competion) and the EBAL checks in as the 18th best league with a rating of 8.2. Frankly, this is a testament to the DFAL teams playing, and beating, good non-league opponents.

    Finally, the “all star” tournament that Headfirst ran last year was hardly all star. To my knowledge not one of the fifteen college recruited rising juniors or seniors from the DFAL participated. Still, I think this is a great local showcase that will only get better each year.

  • Prep Fan

    The EBAL has a non-league strength of schedule of 6.6 while the DFAL is at 5.6. This is the measure of the caliber of non-league teams being played, not overall ratings. Both are very strong leagues and the top 2 in NCS.

  • Voice of Reason

    So what is more important? The measure of the caliber of non-league teams or the rating? What good is a high SOS when you don’t win the games? Clearly what the Freeman rankings tell us is the DFAL is a better league this year than the EBAL.

    The overall rating combines the SOS with how well the teams did against those teams, hence the DFAL with an overall rating of 9.5 vs 8.7 for the EBAL.

  • Livermore Parent

    If the Livermore High coach threw this young man over 105 pitches [15 x 7 innings] just to win a game, it just illustrates yet another example of the poor quality this school district has in their programs and coaches. Understandably, the coach should be more of an adult, but the school should take some responsiblity, since they hire the coaches. Who actually monitors the coaches? Is that the Athletic Directory? If so, what are the guidelines for coaches? Are they defined? Sounds like Livermore needs to do a complete review of their sports programs with a specific review of their coaches. Are they actually following the guidelines specified by NFHS? What are the checks and balances where coaches will need to explain why they placed a young man’s arm a peril for the glory of winning. If the coach wanted to win that specific game why didn’t he plan ahead and create a stronger bull-pen? Sadly, Granada High is also guilty doing this over the past few years.

  • Coach Willis

    I happened to stumble across this post.

    Livermore Parent, your statement inferring that the Granada Baseball program abuses arms is flat out false. If you want to make such a statement, please identify yourself and give a specific game. Otherwise, keep your libelous comments to yourself.

    Corrigan Willis
    Granada Baseball Coach

  • Well, not as sexy as the EBAL but the BSAL has a pretty interesting race going. Salesian (one loss) has now snuck in to first place with frontrunners St. Mary’s and Encinal (two losses each) both falling to lesser teams this week.

    St. Mary’s lives by it’s pitching and it looks as though lefty ace Mahoney is injured, no appearances on the mound in April. Salesian will have its hands full Friday against Flemer, who I believe no hit the Pride last season.

    Fourth place Piedmont has been the surprise of the league with nice wins against both Encinal and St. Mary’s. Kennedy has apparently folded up for the season with all games forfeited since early April.

    Any other BSAL fans out there??

  • Prep Fan

    Re: 314 Voice – Obviously, it is more important to have a high rating as opposed to a high strength of schedule. I wasn’t commenting on the relative importance of the two. Just pointing out as part of the discussion that the EBAL has a higher non-league strength of schedule than the DFAL. And also stated that both are very strong leagues and the top 2 in NCS. And yes, the DFAL is rated higher, but that was already brought up by redandblue2.

  • Baseball Scout

    @Livermore Parent – I’ve watched EBAL baseball for many years and coach Willis’ program since he took over. I’ve never witnessed or heard of him rolling out pitchers beyond acceptable limits. In fact Granada brought on a well known travel coach to be their pitching coach. I guarantee that the Granada pitching staff is one of the best conditioned staffs in NCS and are pitching focused. Let’s not throw a program under the bus by making a blanket statement. I’m talking about one game and one game only.

  • Mr. Baseball

    Pride, Not if hitting coach Mr. Dunlap and Pitching coach Mr. Guerro has anything to say about it. Down goes Salesian.

  • FNL680

    Cal-SRV have now played two nail biters. Grizzlies down by one in each of the 6th, 7th (two out RBI) and wins 4-3, walkoff RBI single with no outs in the 9th. Similar scenario as first meeting when SRV had a B7 walkoff. In consecutive weeks, Cal has beat the #4. La Salle maintains one game EBAL lead, with Grizzlies/Wolves tied for second.

    Regarding national or state polls, they have to include a modest amount of subjectivity. Post #6 is an example. As more head-to-head in-league transpires, there’s discernable movement in the local poll. In ’11 AV was nationally ranked pre-season,#2 @ 5-1 after six games, out of the BANG poll early May, and finished 11-13, 5-9 EBAL, out of NCS.

    The Cowboy P has superior level private pitching coaching so mechanics should allow going deep innings. That was a huge number of pitches though for ANYone if fact, and following two knee issues, should be cause for concern.

  • Prep Fan

    The Grizz came up big yesterday with a 4-3 come from behind extra inning victory over #4 SRV to move the teams into a 2nd place tie at 6-2, a game back of 7-1 DLS. The Wolves face DLS next week with a chance to get back a share of first place.

    With St. Mary’s losing twice in league this week, coupled with the SRV loss, Dougherty has a shot to move into the #4 slot.

  • redandblue2

    I think you may see College Park slide into #5 as well as Dougherty Valley moving up to #4 on Monday. Both teams are incredibly hot right now.

  • Prep Fan

    I could see CP move past both St. Mary’s & Foothill, but they shouldn’t pass SRV, at least not right now. CP may be hot, and I really like their frosh sensation DeMers, but they play in a weaker league then SRV. They have similar records, but SRV has played a much tougher schedule.

  • redandblue2

    You may be right Prep Fan as Joe DeMers and College Park lost 7-1 yesterday to Casa Grande. In the midst of an incredible freshman season at the varsity level, DeMers shows he is human after all.

  • Prep Fan

    And CP’s loss was at home to boot. SRV clobberred Pitt yesterday by double digits, and will surely stay ahead of CP despite the loss to Cal on Friday. I see them at #5 behind Dougherty. St. Marys may just drop out of the top 10 with their 2 losses this week and the lack of quality wins.

    1) Campo
    2) Deer Valley
    3) DLS
    4) Dougherty Valley
    5) SRV