East Bay Softball Poll — 4/23

Here’s our latest East Bay softball poll. A couple big changes with Castro Valley and Pinole Valley making their debuts in the poll and Freedom dropping several spots.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Amador Valley (6) 16-0 90 1
2. James Logan 11-1 84 2
3. Heritage 14-2 78 3
4. California 12-4 72 5
5. Newark Memorial 13-3 66 4
6. Concord 13-4 57 7
7. Alhambra 13-4 52 t10
8. Monte Vista 9-6 50 t8
9. Arroyo 15-3 45 t10
10. Carondelet 9-6 36 15
t11. Pinole Valley 8-5 26 NR
t11. Castro Valley 8-8-1 26 NR
13. Bishop O’Dowd 10-2 19 t8
14. Freedom 5-6-1 11 6
15. Alameda 8-3 5 13

Also receiving votes: Livermore (7-8, 3 votes). The East Bay Prep Softball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • MckBooth

    No comments! Everyone must be happy with these rankings. Make sure you write this down ;+)

  • Fan

    Castro Valley, really? Every good tema they play they loose. Carondelet just lost to Granada last night

  • softball fan

    Carondelet just lost to Granada and Cal. Does that mean they need to fall? They just need to be .500 to make the palyoffs and we will see if their tough schedule helps them? I do not see any easy games other than 2, how many others can say they have less than 7 (other than any EBAL team)? C-Let is a top 15 team, not top 10. to top it off they play Amador today tough week for them.

    I guess we will have to see where everyone ends up come playoff time. We will see where Concord, Pinole Valley, CLet and Freedom all end up at the end. Check back in 3 weeks!

  • Softball Junkie

    I had to go see it for myself Amador Valley versus Carondelet. I am glad I did. Wow how impressive is Amador’s pitcher. She is by far the best around. However, with the expanded strike zone she received yesterday, no wonder why she had 14 strike outs. Amador is a very stong team and has the confidence to win it all. Great coaching helps. I saw Comcast Xfinity there yesterday taping the game. It was very exciting to say the least. I hope they do not edit it since the centerfield camera will be able to show you what I saw. It should be On-Demand soon for all to see, judge for yourself. Umpires do make mistakes like all players and coaches but it seemed yesterday those two were in a fog.

  • w. jones

    James Logan 10 Monte Vista 0

  • MckBooth

    Dragons upset the Dons with 5 runs in the bottom of the 7th all with two(2) outs. Man that was a good one. Haven’t been at a game that exciting since Keener hit the walk off grand slam against Acalanes in 2006.

    Good to see a solid race in the HAAL.