Boys Volleyball: NorCal, Rankings, Standings

With the North Coast Section seeding meeting a week away, there was some good news out of the North Coast Section office as it was announced that next season, there will be a NorCal volleyball playoff after the NCS playoffs end.

As NCS commissioner Gil Lemmon said, this opens the door for a state championship down the road as exists with girls volleyball. This is a very good step.
There will be two divisions, and the NCS will get two teams in Division I and will get four teams in Division II, because it fields three divisions, meaning Division III teams will be eligible for the NorCal playoffs as a Division II team.
It will be an eight-team bracket.
Speaking of brackets, this is the last week of regular season play and after this week I will do my seeding predictions and division breakdowns.


Some shifting this week as Cal jumps up to No. 7 after a good week, and a rough week for Amador Valley with two straight losses in three games.
Despite an unexpected league loss to American, Mission San Jose jumps up to No. 4 because of a win over San Ramon Valley.
Speaking of American, they jump to No. 11 while fellow MVAL team Kennedy is at No. 10. It was time to consider more recent stuff when reshuffling the bottom of the rankings.

1. De La Salle (29-2)
2. Campolindo (25-7)
3. Deer Valley (34-3)
4. Mission San Jose (24-7)
5. San Ramon Valley (20-8)
6. College Park (19-7)
7. California (19-9)
8. Amador Valley (18-8)
9. Logan (21-9)
10. Kennedy (20-5)
11. American (15-11)
12. Acalanes (11-7)
13. Dougherty Valley (17-10)
14. Monte Vista (15-14)
15. Northgate (11-8)


Team W-L GB

Alameda (19-7, 10-0) –
Berkeley (12-13, 8-2) 2
De Anza (12-4, 7-3) 3
El Cerrito (6-11, 5-6) 5.5
Richmond (5-8, 3-7) 7
Hercules (2-8, 2-7) 7.5
Pinole Valley (0-13, 0-10) 10

Team W-L GB

Valley Chr. (20-4, 7-1) –
College Prep (12-11, 6-2) 1
Head-Royce (9-6, 5-3) 2
Bentley (6-9, 1-7) 6
Redwood Chr. (3-11, 1-7) 6

Team W-L GB

St. Patrick-St. Vincent (30-4, 8-0) –
St. Mary’s (7-5, 6-2) 2
Encinal (6-9, 4-4) 4
St. Joseph Notre Dame (4-15, 1-7) 7
Salesian (1-10, 1-7) 7

Team W-L GB

Deer Valley (34-3, 8-0) –
Heritage (15-13, 5-3) 3
Pittsburg (6-11, 4-4) 4
Freedom (7-12, 4-4) 4
Antioch (6-17, 3-5) 5
Liberty (0-8, 0-8) 8

Team W-L GB

Campolindo (25-7, 8-0) –
Acalanes (11-7, 6-2) 2
Dougherty Valley (17-10, 2-4) 5
Las Lomas (16-15, 2-5) 5.5
Alhambra (4-17, 0-7) 7.5

Team W-L GB

College Park (19-7, 10-0) –
Northgate (13-8, 7-2) 2.5
Clayton Valley (12-8, 5-3) 4
Ygnacio Valley (6-12, 4-6) 6
Berean Christian (9-14, 3-5) 6
Concord (2-19, 2-8) 7
Mount Diablo (0-9, 0-9) 9.5

Team W-L GB

De La Salle (29-2, 12-0) –
San Ramon Valley (20-8, 9-3) 3
California (19-9, 9-3) 3
Aamador Valley (18-8, 7-5) 5
Monte Vista (15-14, 5-7) 7
Foothill (12-18, 5-7) 7
Granada (2-14, 1-11) 11
Livermore (3-18, 0-12) 12

Team W-L GB

Mission San Jose (24-7, 9-1) –
Logan (21-8, 8-3) 1.5
Kennedy (22-5, 7-3) 2
American (15-11, 7-3) 2
Moreau Catholic (13-13, 4-6) 5
Washington (3-18, 1-9) 8
Castro Valley (0-11, 0-11) 9.5

Team W-L

San Leandro (3-6)
Tennyson (0-6)

Matt Smith

  • Prep Fan

    Since #14 Monte Vista is just 15-14 overall and 5-7 in EBAL play, it looks like they will need to upset either #7 Cal or #5 SRV this week in order to be eligible to make the NCS playoffs.

    To be eligible, a team must have a winning record either a) overall, b) in league, or c) against teams in the same division. So unless they currently are 3 games over .500 against against all division 1 teams they have played, they’ll need to step it up and get a win this week to get into the postseason.

  • Matt Smith

    Hey Prep Fan,

    The rule is now you can be exactly .500. Monte Vista is safe because of their record within Division I games. I had to research some of the out of area teams they played, but at last check they were 11-9 in Division I, I believe.

  • Prep Fan

    I just checked the NCS Volleyball bulletin and it says a “winning record” is required, and that “A winning record is defined as a team having won more games than it has lost”. As far as I know, football is the only sport where a .500 record is eligible due to the low number of games played. If MV is 11-9 against D1 teams, then they’ll need to beat either Cal or SRV or end up exactly at .500 at 11-11. Maybe they have changed it, but here is the current bulletin wording from the NCS website:

    To be accepted as a participant in the NCS/Les Schwab Tires Volleyball Championships, a team shall have compiled a winning overall record, or a winning record against teams in its own division or class or a winning record in its own league. (Board of Managers 5/1/06)
    a. A winning record is defined as a team having won more games than it has lost.
    b. “Teams in its own division” is defined as any team whose grades 9-12 enrollment fall within the school’s NCS Volleyball
    c. Games against teams outside of the United States will not be counted in determining the “winning record within a division”.
    d. League champions will receive automatic entry into the appropriate division level.


  • Matt Smith

    Hey Prep Fan,

    I know they changed it for soccer (I cover soccer, and it is exactly .500) and I thought I was told it was changed for boys volleyball as well.
    Looks like you’re probably right, and I’m gonna email NCS just for clarity.

  • Matt Smith

    Prep Fan is correct, it is still better than .500 in one of the three categories for boys volleyball.
    However, based on my research, Monte Vista is 12-9 against Division I teams. I looked at the enrollment of the out of area teams they’ve played, and I think this is accurate.

  • Prep Fan

    So I was correct on the rule, but it doesn’t look like it’ll affect any of the top 15 teams in the poll. Thanks for the clarification Matt.

  • Matt Smith

    I just learned that American High volleyball coach Eric Cruzada passed away last night. This is very sad. He was a great guy.

  • Prep Fan

    That is very sad. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and the American HS community.

  • Mv fan

    Doesnt matter, mv beat cal. That should put them in.

  • Shinguard

    @Matt, URGENT
    EBAL Soccer just voted for 4pm Varsity game times starting next winter…THAT IS JUST PLAIN WRONG for all of the working parents of junior and senior players..Its hard enough to make 6pm games with some regularity…they just eliminated 50% of the parents from being able to attend games….EBAL PARENTS voice your opinion. SPEAK-UP and fight this.

  • Shinguard

    RE EBAL Soccer 4pm Varsity game times Parents need to contact your schools AD and voice your opinion.
    Amador Valley High School, Pleasanton
    California High School, San Ramon
    Foothill High School, Pleasanton
    Granada High School, Livermore
    Livermore High School, Livermore
    San Ramon Valley High School, Danville
    Monte Vista High School, Danville
    De La Salle High School, Concord

  • Jeffrey

    So Freedom, Monte Vista and Pittsburg are all out of the D-I brackets. Interesting results.

  • Prep Fan

    I’m not sure if Freedom and Pitt had winning records, but it certainly seems like MV got hosed. There was 1 more opening as only 11 teams made the field and MV was the stronger of those 3 teams. MV was far better than Berkeley who got the #11 seed. MV could have easily been placed as the #10 seed and faced #7 AV or #11 seed and faced #6 Cal, while Berkeley would have moved down to the #12 seed to face SRV. Perhaps they either didn’t apply or didn’t get their paperwork in on time?


  • Not on the committee

    So Drake gets rewarded for beating Campo once early in the season, then bows out of every tournament after that (Deer Valley, SRV. Check their schedule online). Yet they can field a JV team for a JV tournament, though they have no JV team.

    Meanwhile, Campo taking on all comers playing in the second best tourney in NorCal and almost winning the Foothill tourney (19-21 in game 3 against St Pat’s).

    Not to mention a better record against teams with over a .500 winning record.

    Who is on the committee again?

    Not a case of sour grapes. Just calling them as I see them. I realize you have to play everyone.

  • Matt Smith

    Monte Vista ended up 16-16 overall, and 10-11 in Division I. I think NCS looks at enrollment of out of area teams than I did.
    Either way, MV should be in the playoffs. The over .500 rule has to go.