East Bay Baseball Poll – 5/7

Here is this week’s baseball poll. Records are through Saturday.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Campolindo (5) 15-4-1 89 1
2. Dougherty Valley (1) 17-3 80 5
3. Deer Valley 17-2 78 2
4. De La Salle 15-5 77 3
5. Newark Memorial 17-4 63 t6
6. San Ramon Valley 13-6 61 4
7. College Park 15-5 54 8
8. California 11-9 47 t6
9. Northgate 18-2 45 9
10. Acalanes 14-6 32 14
11. Granada 13-7 27 NR
12. Salesian 16-3-1 21 11
13. James Logan 12-7 17 13
14. Alameda 13-5 9 14
15. Clayton Valley 14-5 8 13

Also receiving votes: Castro Valley (16-6, 6 points), Monte Vista (10-9, 5), St. Mary’s (15-5, 1). The East Bay High School Baseball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • Here We Go!

    Thursday 4pm at Dougherty Valley. #1 Campo vs #2 Dougherty Valley, league title on the line. Wow!!!

  • Voice of Reason

    Well, it appears as if the sportswriters at the CC Times feel that Campolindo and their bruising schedule are still better than Dougherty Valley and every other team in the east bay, even after two losses last week.

    We will see if they are justified after Thursday’s game between the top two teams in the east bay.

  • Chicken Salad

    This is where the writers are getting it right with Campo and wrong with Deer Valley. Campo has beat many highly ranked teams. Deer Valley has beat NOBODY, yet they are given credit by the writers for some reason. What would Deer Valley’s record be in the EBAL or DFAL? Not 17-2. Newark Memorial benefits from a very weak league as well.

    This poll seems to be getting more accurate as the weeks go by.

  • WCat680

    I agree that Campolindo has a tough schedule. BUT, Dougherty Valley has played a fairly tough schedule as well, including a very convincing head to head win against Campolindo, as well as wins against other highly ranked teams and pitchers. DV will have to prove it again on Thursday. Should be a great game.

  • Are You Serious?!!!

    #1 Campo vs #2 Dougherty Valley @ Dougherty Thursday 4pm. Both aces on the bump. Christmas comes early for this baseball fan!!!

  • HAAL/2012

    Arroyo is in 1st place in the HAAL Castro Should be behind them in the ranking…right ..

  • Are You Serious?!!!

    If Arroyo is in 1st Place, the HAAL is pretty bad this year.

  • Prep Fan

    With Granada taking down DLS yesterday, combined with MV beating Foothill, AV topping Cal and SRV thumping Livermore, the EBAL race is crowded at the top. This has got to be the most competitive league in NorCal, with only 1 bad team. With 3 games remaining, there are 5 teams within 1 game that have a clear shot at the title:

    DLS 8-3
    SRV 8-3
    Cal 7-4
    Granada 7-4
    MV 7-4
    AV 4-7
    Foothill 3-8
    Livermore 0-11

    The Campo-DV game this afternoon should be a good one.

  • Leadoff Hitter

    We saw a very tight game today with Campo winning 2-1 at DV, as the Wildcats left the bases loaded to end the game. Campo showed more power but could not string together many hits. Both defenses struggled at times, a clear sign that much was at stake. Campo’s pitcher was better today, giving up only one unearned run. For two top teams in the area, I was surprised so many hitters did not adjust and go with the pitch. I hope to see a rematch deep in the playoffs, as these are two evenly matched worthy opponents.

    See you in the peanut gallery!

  • dnrapp

    Congrats. to the Arroyo Dons 2012 HAAL Baseball Champions, Their first outright HAAL championship since 1978

  • Are You Serious!!!

    Wow!!! Campo over Dougherty 2-1. Dougherty loaded em up in the bottom of the 7th. Snider at the plate and it looked like he hit the ball on the sweet spot and his bat broke in half. Liner up the middle that didn’t quite make it thru because of the broken bat. Campo escapes. Dougherty is legit and looks solid all over the field.

  • Leadoff Hitter

    #11, the broken bat was quite bizarre, but only happened because the Campo pitcher sawed it off at the fists. It was a battle royale moment, advantage Cougars today. DV is indeed legit, but needs to make adjustments at the plate to use the whole field, and take fewer pitches when facing an ace. As I posted earlier, it would be great to see a Campo v. DV rematch in the NCS playoffs.

    Oh, and following post #10, congrats to the Arroyo Dons for winning their first outright title in…34 years(?), is that right? Well done DONS!

    See you in the peanut gallery.

  • Split finger

    Has anybody seen that sophomore catcher/DH from Monte Vista? His name is Halstead and is legit. About 6-3 220 and can flat out hit the ball. Has a cannon for an arm, teach him how to play first also. Doesn’t matter what you throw him, he will be fun to watch the next couple of years. Piona might have found something, good job.

  • dnrapp

    #12 if the ranking( amx prep) stay the same a first round playoff game between a #2 DV at a #15 Arroyo(league champ hosts) would set up a rematch of the first game of the DV Preseason Tourny that was tied at 2 going into the 7th.

  • Leadoff Hitter

    Dnrapp #13,

    Nice call on the potential rematch between DV and Arroyo. I did not catch up with the HS baseball season until 3 weeks ago, so your preseason matchup knowledge is great to get an angle on. I would much rather face DV at my home field. Time will tell, and the seeding committee is a hit or miss proposition.

    See you in the peanut gallery!

  • Leadoff Hitter

    Prep Fan,

    Where are you on Friday’s EBAL matchups?

    MV @ Granada
    Cal @ Foothill
    Livermore @ DLS
    SRV @ Amador

    I’ve got Granada, Cal, DLS and SRV, but 3 of the matchups are probably toss-ups.

    See you in the peanut gallery!

  • Prep Fan

    I’ll go with DLS over Livermore as a lock, and SRV over AV as a heavy favorite. Hecht threw 3 innings vs. MV on Wednesday, so I’m leaning towards Cal, but the Falcons are extremely tough hitters at their home field so I agree its a toss up.

    MV & Granada are the two hottest teams around, and the loser of that game can probably kiss their championship aspirations good bye, so there is a lot on the line. MV will have Gallagher on the bump, but I’ll have to go with Granada as they are at home and hitting the ball well. It’s really a coin flip though.

  • #13 Split Finger,

    Haven’t seen the MV catcher but Salesian also has a super promising junior catcher Zach Boyett. He already has seven home runs this season and he has a stunningly strong throwing arm. Completely shuts down any opposing running game. Doesn’t get a lot of press over here on the west side but the kid is legit.

    The Pride can wrap up the #1 seed in next week’s BSAL tourney with a win today against SJND.

  • Turkey Vulcher

    Leadoff hitter,

    You have no idea what you’re talking about. The Campo pitcher did not saw the bat off. He throws like 85 mph. Hardly enough to break an aluminum bat. Word is, Snider hit the ball on the nose and the bat broke from wear and tear.Why else would an aluminum bat break? Campo and Dougherty are the best teams in the East Bay and it was fun watching them play.

  • Turkey Vulcher

    Also, who’s better? Campo or Dougherty??? They’ve played 14 innings and the score is Dougherty 4 Campo 2.

  • Voice of Reason

    Turkey Vuture,,

    Me thinks you have been watching too much soccer, where aggregate scoring is used in playoffs. Any knowledgeable baseball fan would never make such a statement. DV has had a great season thus far and will likely get to host a couple of playoff games.

    If there is a round 3 between DV & Campo it will likely be for the D2 champioship.

  • redandblue2

    Turkey Vulture,

    As a veteran baseball coach and as someone standing right behind home plate when it happened, Snider wss swinging a 2-piece bat. I have seen these bats break at the seam before. It was most likely due to wear and tear as you say, but it appeared as if he hit the ball right at the seam of the bat, 1/3 the way up the bat from the handle.

    In any event it was a great game played by two very good teams who are representing the DFAL well. Shelton was the better pitcher on this day; perhaps staking claim to the most valuable pitcher in the league this year with his undefeated league record.