Murphy to become Clayton Valley football coach

Straight from tomorrow’s paper, here’s the update on Clayton Valley hiring Tim Murphy as its new football coach.

Tim Murphy has accepted an offer to become the new head football coach at Clayton Valley High, the veteran coach said Tuesday.

Murphy said he initially declined the offer, but with his daughter planning to attend the school in the next few years, he decided to jump at the chance to be at the same school as her.

“It’s incredible to be honest,” Murphy said. “I couldn’t have asked for a better situation than to coach at the school my daughter’s going to.”

The move completes a whirlwind offseason for the former Ygnacio Valley coach. In November, he resigned as coach at Clovis East, where he had coached since 2000. He then accepted the head coaching position at Hunter High in West Valley City, Utah.

In January, he decided to return to the East Bay to be closer to his parents and daughter, accepting an offer to become head coach again at Ygnacio Valley. He accepted the job at Clayton Valley this week, but also praised Ygnacio Valley principal Bill Morones, saying Morones was great to him throughout the process.

Murphy, who has won nine league and three section titles in his coaching career, takes over for Herc Pardi, who resigned in March after 16 years at the helm. Clayton Valley is converting to a charter school for next school year.

“It seems like everything’s moving positively,” Murphy said. “I’ve been there the last two days and the kids were really receptive.”

Ben Enos

  • 617lemon

    Who cares who wins the b league all those coaches asked to play in the b league so is far as am concerned they dont believe in there team they dont think can hang and are playing for 7th place

  • Reality Check

    I think encinal is going to wish they were in the b league this year and even there they would struggle.

  • ManDown

    Reality Check, Why do you think Encinal will struggle against the A level teams? Do you think they would win the B league?

  • Reality Check

    Encinal lost too much and unless they bring in more studs from oakland or richmond, i can’t see them doing much this year. We’ll see how they would do in the b league when they play alameda, which i think they lose this year.

  • follow your gut

    What have people heard at YV…..What will they do now…i have heard they should have a pretty good team….I feel for the players they deserve better!!

  • Dudleydawson

    Reality check well u say encinal lost a lot but there coach still wasnt scared to play in the a league unlike alameda who school is bigger n roster twice the size like lemon said if ur n the b league ur playing for 7th place.

  • JetsBlood

    Coach T at Encinal has never backed down to any team. He has had a successful season every year that he has been there. He also makes sure that his player get to college!

    I expect Encinal to come in first place this year. Watch our O’dowd and San Leandro.

  • JetsBlood

    Hey Perkin, you are usually pretty good with your comments. How do you think the OAL compares to other leagues?

  • hoops

    As much as I respect DLS and their coaches,they have always had excellent talent.They have beaten a lot of teams with bigger,better athletes for sure,but they have always had excellent talent.Their 100% total commitment 365 days a year is the key to their success.How many schools can get kids that dedicated and willing to pay that price?How many schools will allow their coaches to demand/require their students to invest that much time while ignoring all NCS rules in terms of legal practice time.If they practice the amount of time that normal schools do their execution would not be quite as stellar.The same thing with their basketball program.That is the simple truth.

  • Poorly. lol

  • Mack is good. Period. Its just everything else all the other teams that make it so bad. Forfeits. Canceling seasons. No JV other then 2 teams is why it struggles so much. Its a bad rep that all the teams have to carry. Only as good as the rest of the teams.

    League was good in 08 after being down post Carter. . O-High was good. Fremont was making a surge. Castlemont was running things. Still solid in 09 but tapered off a bit with the inel players from Fremont & Castlemont. So they have a bad non-league then they get their players back at grading period & their good but the league plays itself in the play-offs so its only as good as their non-league.

    Comparison over the last few years would only be fair. Not as good as ACCAL Pinole & B-High make that league good with mid range teams like EC & Alameda. Just behind HAAL: BOD & SL have made it good but the midrange teams & bottomg are no better then the OAL. BSAL close but I would favor BSAL with Encinal & SPSV always being good. St. Mary’s good in 09 Piedmont good in 08. Close with the MVAL Logan makes it a good league Washington has made strides recently. Newark was good a few years ago. No comparison to the Valley schools in my opinion. DVAL maybe but its best team is really good Concord. MCAL is tough with Novato & Marin Catholic.

    The bottom line is that these other leagues have play-offs against other leagues so a lot of these talks get handled on the field.

  • TJ

    Just saw some of the SLZ guys at Laney this past week.. if they dont make noise, then there is a problem.

  • cut to the chase

    word out of YV is that turner is back??

  • HAAL Fan

    62. TJ

    I hope what saw is a good sign of things to come for San Lorenzo. Those kids in that area could use a little success. But like i said earlier they had some good athletes last year and were 0-10. They need to get some O/D-line play to let those athletes shine.

    63. Cut To The Chase

    if that is true then i hope he stays this time. the kids at both schools dont deserve this kind of treatment. im sure the guy is winner on the field but off it he seems like a flake.

  • I see you

    #61 PERKIN

    Mack is good but I why do you think Tech hasn’t been sucessful. They seem to have a bunch of D1 athletes each year.

  • UC rancher

    hey guys heard that Logan got transfer from arroyo. He plays receiver. Is he any good? Would like some info please.

  • panther4

    Logan doesn’t throw the ball so a receiver won’t do them much good. Maybe he plays defense as well though.

  • renegades10

    Hoops, DLS doesn’t ignore any NCS rules regarding legal practice time. Everything they do falls within the rules.

  • It took 2 NFL players & a couple other D-1’s for Tech to win the Silver Bowl. I’m talking success in terms of wins & losses. You Play to win the game. Tech perrenial under achievers.

  • I see you

    #68 PERKIN

    Delton Edwards has been the coach at Tech for many years. Do you think he and his coaching staff are the real “under achievers”?

  • Its tough to just blame the coaches. The administration has to want to win, parents, coaches & the kids. Have to investigate all to start realistically being able to blame one or the other.

    All I can say from the outside looking in is that Tech always has good numbers. Maybe the 2nd best in the OAL over the last 10 years to Skyline. Average on Var 35-40 & another 30 or so on JV. That would mean that the coaches have a lil more leverage then other schools in the OAL or various other programs in Richmond & Hayward that can barely field 2 levels or can’t even field 2 levels. With the talent I see there which is obvious as was said they get a lot of D-1’s they should be a lot better in my opinon. They should be a real East Bay power.

  • UC Rancher

    Actually Panther, they do throw the ball considering that they are running team. Their QB Prothro threw for 1154 yrds,16 TD’s, & only 2Ints. Along with upcoming receiver Fukofuka (32.43 ypc), any addtion to the passing game would be welcome & offset the loss of TE Jones.

  • YVguy

    MaxPreps shows the YV coach is Philip Puentes, looks like he just came from Clovis East, which is where Murphy was recently. Maybe Murphy left YV but put in a good word for Puentes. I’ve heard Turner may be the OC. With a a mix of passing and wing, YV might be fun to watch.

  • Prep Fan

    @68, I didn’t think that Hoops post #59 would go without a response from the DLS faithful. Just suprised it took a couple of days. Had it been made during football season, it might have been rebutted within seconds. 🙂

  • ManDown

    Tech- Has the best situation in the OAL number wise. 60+ for two levels is a dream for a lot of coaches in the east bay. They also have the best weight room the area. Doesn’t hurt to have Marshawn Lynch and Josh Johnson donating money into the program.

    Skyline- Located in the best area as far as crime goes. Numbers wise they have the best. They get a bunch of players out every year but they’re not getting the same type “Athletes they used to. But weight room and locker room is embarrassing.

    I give the edge to Tech. But like PERKIN said in a eairler post, “Its tough to just blame the coaches. The administration has to want to win, parents, coaches & the kids. Have to investigate all to start realistically being able to blame one or the other.”
    Couldn’t have said it better.

  • HAAL Fan

    O.A.L – Outcoached Athletic League

    For a school like Tech to have that many athletic kids coming out for football and better than most schools weight room thats just sad. Fremont has probably forfeited more games the past 2 years than they have won. Oakland had one win last year by forfeit. Castlemont is middle of the pack. Other than Skyline and McClymonds the league is barely average.

  • Panther4

    Hey Rancher, probably shouldn’t start this kind of argument in the spring but, why not. These boards have been pretty boring lately.
    I would hardly call 1154 yards in a season anything close to “throwing the ball.” With Logan’s 11 games last year that means he averaged 105 yards throwing per game. I would guess that they ran for an average of at least twice maybe three times that per game.
    Plus, if they have a receiver that averages 32 yards per game that equates to a little more than 3 completions per game??
    Hopefully, if they did get a quality receiver to transfer in, it may open them up a little. Logan has been so one dimensional over the years this would be a nice change for them. I think that they are going to have to open things up a little with this new beefed up schedule.(which I completely respect by the way)

  • UC Rancher

    Hey Panther, no arguments there. Matter of fact u kind of made my point considering the fact that he averaged 105 passing yards per game on running team not 2 mention that he didn’t even finish most of the games (especially league play) 2 pad his stats. As far as Fukofuka, he was their big play receiver in the passing game especially in the non league games. But, he wasn’t their go 2 receiver ( Jones & Wahab shared that role). But he made big play after big play whenever he got the opportunity. With his role increased, I expect a big season. Any addition to the passing game would help but they will only goes as far as their O-line will take them. Pass blocking was a big problem especially in the playoff game against SRV. Prothro had barely anytime 2 throw.

  • JetsBlood

    The OAL teams went 5-25 in preseason games against other schools last year. Embarrassing!

  • I see you

    MACK went 10 -0 and won all of their pre-season games the year before.


    What does Castlemont have. Who are they featuring? Will Castlemont beat MACK this year. Or has that team been offically depleated?

  • I see you

    Castlemont has nothing. OAL is finished.

  • eastbay preps

    Clayton valley will be tough to beat…..Murphy is a great coach and will dominate that leagues other coaches…

  • I see you

    It will take Murphy at least three years to be good. They won’t make NCS this year.

  • DoubleWing is not a very difficult offense. They will immediately be good. Atleast a winning record which gets you into the play-offs with a 16 team bracket.

  • Prep Fan

    They’ll have defending champ CP as well as Concord with Olito Thompson to contend with this fall, but the rest of the teams in the DVAL are beatable right away. There is no reason they can’t make the playoffs in 2012. It’s not like he took over at Mt. Diablo. It remains to be seen how the charter school designation will affect their athletic program but most people I’ve spoken to think they’ll become a public school sports juggernaut in a few years. The hiring of Murphy is a major step in that direction.

  • HAAL Fan

    Anybody have locations/dates for upcoming 11on11 and 7on7 camps.

  • sparty

    foothill is this week…and i think contra costa week after. then the under armour 7 on 7 at dvc a few weeks after.

    anyone have any info on the laney tourney this past weekend?

  • HAAL Fan

    Are Foothill and Contra Costa 7 on 7 camps? I know in the past Logan has had a contact camp in late June. Is that going to happen this year? What teams?

  • Clayton Valley

    Murphy is the man! Expect a state title in the next coming years for Clayton Valley!