Murphy to become Clayton Valley football coach

Straight from tomorrow’s paper, here’s the update on Clayton Valley hiring Tim Murphy as its new football coach.

Tim Murphy has accepted an offer to become the new head football coach at Clayton Valley High, the veteran coach said Tuesday.

Murphy said he initially declined the offer, but with his daughter planning to attend the school in the next few years, he decided to jump at the chance to be at the same school as her.

“It’s incredible to be honest,” Murphy said. “I couldn’t have asked for a better situation than to coach at the school my daughter’s going to.”

The move completes a whirlwind offseason for the former Ygnacio Valley coach. In November, he resigned as coach at Clovis East, where he had coached since 2000. He then accepted the head coaching position at Hunter High in West Valley City, Utah.

In January, he decided to return to the East Bay to be closer to his parents and daughter, accepting an offer to become head coach again at Ygnacio Valley. He accepted the job at Clayton Valley this week, but also praised Ygnacio Valley principal Bill Morones, saying Morones was great to him throughout the process.

Murphy, who has won nine league and three section titles in his coaching career, takes over for Herc Pardi, who resigned in March after 16 years at the helm. Clayton Valley is converting to a charter school for next school year.

“It seems like everything’s moving positively,” Murphy said. “I’ve been there the last two days and the kids were really receptive.”

Ben Enos

  • jacketfan

    Someone say: MEOW!!

  • junior

    great hire by CV.

  • EB JC Guy

    Crappy for those kids at YV . . .

  • Not so fast

    2 PITT
    3 CAL
    4 LOGAN
    7 MACK
    9 SRV

  • Pitt Grunt

    Very crappy for the YV kids. Four schools in 6 months??? That’s got to be a record.

    Should be interesting to see how quickly he can turn around the program. Clayton Valley opens up against Pitt in Week 0.

  • I heard YV more or less fired their coach from last year to make way for Murphy. If not renewing a contract is considered firing. The guy was also an on-campus teacher. They f**ked a guy then they got f**ked. Serves them right. lol

  • pirate football

    not so fast
    just wondering what does mack have for u to off season ranking like that or should i say who have the got to transfer

    that was kinda funny but so true

  • MiraMan

    Not So Fast,

    First of all, I hear SRV will be good. To think Compo, Concord or Mack would beat them is very doubtful to me. I would pur SRV (and maybe Freedom) ahead of those teams.

    Second, Encinal is overrated at #10. Not trying to pick on Encinal but they lost a ton, they have a roster so thin I’m not sure who steps in and with the new league they will have their hands full staying healthy. They still have a dangerous team, but not top 10!

    Third, Campo won’t be as good as last year. They also lost a ton! I also think many of the Junior backups just aren’t as good as the seniors they will be replacing. While I keep hearing how they were undefeated at JV I can say I saw their JV team and I wasn’t particularly impressed. Frankly, I think the JV teams in DFAL were weak and Campo was slightly the best of the lot. With a great QB, some quality receivers and a couple of returning starting linemen will keep them very good, but they will drop out of your the Top 10.

    Who moves up? Las Lomas will beat Campo and, as much as I have to say it, likely win DFAL. They have the potential to be scary good! I also think San Leandro will be an emerging team this year and I think that both they and O’Dowd will beat Encinal (and Berkeley) in league play. I would say one or both of them deserve Top 10.

  • Not so fast

    MiraMan –

    Campo has the best QB in the area that keeps them in the top 5…

    Mack – OL/DL that averages 260lbs

    Concord – has the number on RB in the state.

    SRV has an unproven QB with no depth at RB…

  • Ygnacio Valley

    I played football for Tim Murphey for only 3 months (offseason). I can say those 3 months have been the best months of our lives. Coach Murphey had reunited all ygnacio valley boys to play this sport I’ve honor since I was a little boy. We have 95+ showing up to all football practices. I apperciate coach murpheys decesion on switching schools, but all I can say is that 10-5-2012 will be one violent game, and itll be an honor to die in my home field. Wish the best to Coach Murpheys new football program and family


    Marin Catholic has the best QB in the area. However, Campo’s QB is hella nice too. Actually, now that I think of it, there is a pretty good argument for Campo’s QB too. Damn 2 very good QB’s in this area, neither are from the EBAL.

  • GreatScot

    Gotta weigh in on the quarterback discussion. Two other good East Bay quarterbacks that were not mentioned: Burse at San Ramon, and Miroglio at Bishop Odowd. The Odowd kid has better career stats than either the Campo or Marin QB’s, and Burse may project as the most college ready of the 4, even though he has been sitting behind Kline at SRV. Interesting fact is that both Stephens (Campo) and Miroglio (BOD) will be playing college baseball instead of football.

  • Oh Boy

    Mack’s OL/DL averages 260? Since when?! There is no way that is even close to true…If you said 210 I might’ve believed it

  • The Ghost

    Not So Fast,

    Birse has a ton on upside and De La Pena could be the best back in the EBAL.

    SRV has been picking up a ton of kids that should be attending Monte Vista … SRV will have a weak OL/DL and likely need to bring up a few sophomores to fill needed gaps. Jury out on their ability to compete against DLS.

  • Not so fast

    “The Ghost”

    De La Pena was a JV player…

    Birse is unproven…


  • Not so fast

    “Oh Boy”

    MACK has a huge line as well athletic skilled players.

  • Reggie Hammond

    What does Miramonte have? The lost their QB last season. I didnt think much of their OLINE play either. They usually sign up 100+ football players though so anything could happen. Campolindo is definitley the team to beat in my eyes.

  • MiraMan

    Reggie Hammond,

    Miramonte does have a large program, though I put the number at around 130+ including freshman.

    Our big areas of concern are QB and DB, with both getting decimated through graduation. With QB, we lose running ability, but gain some accuracy. I think the real question is what other running game can we produce to offset the loss of Ross. Our running backs will be better than last year, but how much. With DBs, we will have alot of newbies! Great athleticism, but newbies!

    You’re correct that O-line was a problem area last year and also our LB corps was small, limited in number and injury prone. The good news is that we return all but one starting O-linemen, have lots of backups and we also gain some size from JV. O-line should be very good, but perhaps a bit undersized. Linebackers could be really good this year with a whole platoon of 180-210 lb guys that are really good athletes – this will be an area of strength.

    With receivers. we’ll be as good or better. We probably don’t have as many, but the ones we have better hands than some of the graduating seniors. D-line, which was pretty good last year when healthy, will be about as good. The middle is a question, though we do return our sack leader, but I think we may be able to produce a legitimate pass rush from the edge this year. Who knows, maybe it could be better than last year!

    How good? I honestly don’t know! We could go 4-6 or 8-2. Given our tough schedule this year, I don’t see any 10-0 season or anything like that.

    By the way, in the Campo lovefest that is going on everyone is overlooking Las Lomas! They have both of their QBs returnings, two excellent LBs returning, a monster lineman, a top reciever, TE, kicker/punter……. Las Lomas beats Campo this year! In terms of top tier talent, of the teams I follow Las Lomas and O’Dowd have the most talent returning and both seem to be flying under the radar.

    How’s your team looking? Encinal, isn’t it??

  • mikeyboy


    Are you crazy! McClymonds in the top ten. McClmonds or any could never match up to any of the schools on your list.

  • mikeyboy


    Are you crazy! McClymonds in the top ten? McClymonds or any could never match up to any of the schools on your list.

  • Barefoot


    De la Pena played varsity. Backed up Jordan Weiss and returned kickoffs

    Birse may not have gotten any real playing time behind
    , but in high school football that’s really not as huge as people like to think. With the exception of dls, defenses are unproven too.

    The ol/dl is questionable. But the coaching staff will make up for it by using Kim and Arotzarena

    The defense will be the strength. The linebackers are the best players on the team

  • mikeyboy



  • Only coach from the EBAL that would stand a chance in the OAL is Terry Edison. The rest would fail miserably & realize how good they have it.

  • HAAL/2012

    Who will win the Lower Level HAAL (B) ?

  • Arroyo or Alameda. My money is on Alameda they have some good looking kids coming back.

  • pirate football

    i have to some what agree wit perkin not many ebal coaches could last in the oal its so much going besides just the x’s and o’s all leagues on that side of the hill has it way better

    alameda has a ton of good skill players but not very strong in the trenches

  • Out Of The Green

    #23 Perkin,

    Coach Ladouceur would make any school in the OAL winners. Look at what he has done without the super athletes that come from Oakland.

  • DonPride

    Yeah, your right “Out of the Green” Ladoouceur has had no super athletes like Oakland. Except maybe these:

    T.J. Ward Safety for the Cleveland Browns
    Maurice Jones-Drew Halfback for Jacksonville Jaguars.
    Amani Toomer Wide Receiver for New York Giants
    Kevin Simon Linebacker for Washington Redskins
    Matt Gutierrez Quarterback with Kansas City Chiefs
    Jackie Bates Cornerback with the Kansas City Chiefs
    D. J. Williams Outside Linebacker with Denver Broncos
    Derek Landri Defensive tackle with Philadelphia Eagles

    “Ignorance is bliss”

  • HAAL/2012

    Yea I think Alameda will win it also Arroyo has lost so much and I heard the starting QB transfer to Castro valley and Wr to James Logan and RB to San Leandro and three JV players to San Lorenzo .. WOW WOW …

  • ManDown

    1. DLS- Losing Houston will be tough but the defense and there backfield will be stout.
    2. Logan- Return the most from every other team and I like there stud RB. He’s a beast!
    3. Pitt- Should return to form this year even with losing stud QB Watson.
    4. Freedom- The WR Daniels is one of the best in the country and with him they can make things happen this season.
    5. Campo- With Stephans returning I like what they can do in the DFAL. But losing stud WRs is tough.
    6. SRV- Strong defense but losing Kline will be a huge loss. I don’t want to hear about a JV QB that has never played varsity football. He won’t make a differnce.
    7. CAL- Strong in the trenches. They will be back this season.
    8. Concord- The best RB in the East Bay in O. Thompson and a crazy good coach in Hamilton.
    9. BOD- Returning QB and some very good lineman. I hear they had a very good JV team coming up as well
    10. MV- Maybe ranked too high.
    11. Berkeley- Very young and a very very athletic JV team coming up to add to what they have. Sleeper team
    12. Encinal- Lose everything. Rebuilding year and switching of leagues will put Encinal at the bottom of the pack.
    13. Dublin- Can someone say Wade?
    14. Salesian- We will see what they are without the studs.
    15. El Cerrito- Athletes everywhere. Pippins and Harvey are the real deal.

  • ManDown

    Who will win the upper and lower level HAAL ?

    1. Berkeley- Smash mouth football wins this league
    2. BOD- Maybe finish first with what they have.
    3. Encinal- Coach Joe always has his kids prepared
    4. San Leandro- Sophomore QB with a few “Transfers”
    5. Hayward- Should be better but I don’t see them doing much in 2012
    6. Castro Valley- Stuck in a tough spot

    1. Arroyo- JB is licking his chops!
    2. Alameda- Coach Moyer is excited to compete in this league
    3. Tennyson- Can the build on last season success?
    4. Piedmont- Tough gig for any coach now days
    5. Mt. Eden – Peranon is over his head!
    6. San Lorenzo- FIRE coach Wright! He has gone 0-10 yet again

  • renegades10

    ManDown, SRV’s QB has played varsity football. He threw a TD pass in the win over Mitty after Kline had to temporarily leave the game in the third quarter. This wasn’t a Don’t count out sitting behind Kline and learning. I’m not saying he will be as good as Kline at this level, but he isn’t too shabby of a replacement. I’d put Cal ahead of Pitt and Freedom. And I think they will be better than Logan too. If their QB is accurate they will be a very dangerous team for anybody, DLS included.

  • HAAL Fan

    Upper Division – can be won by any of the top 4

    1. Encinal-has been in more big games and played better than the rest of the league combined the last 5yrs
    2. Bishop O’Dowd-they have plenty of athletes, but the last 2yrs when the pressure is on they are not
    3. San Leandro-last 2yrs cant get past Dragons
    4. Castro Valley- held their own against EBAL and gave SL/BOD toughest games last yr.
    5. Berkeley-not sold on the coach and the league is to tough to win on just talent
    6. Hayward-should be in the lower division

    Lower Division- going to be closer than people think

    1. Tennyson-had plenty of athletes and i think the kids are baught in after back to back NCS trips
    2. Alameda-havent seen them but i know they played Encinal tough and that says a lot
    3. Mt Eden-think the 3rd yr of the Thompson/Peranon project might be the breakout
    4. Arroyo-inconsistant 1st year of Barnes, over hyped year 2, and now kids are leaving. KARMA
    5. Piedmont-just not that good
    6. San Lorenzo-seem comfortable as bottom feeders

  • EBfootball

    Word on the street is that OAL commish resigned. Will they finally join the NCS???

  • Encinal is losing a lot. Can’t rank them 1 or 2 out of the gates. They will have to be dark horses this year. They are not worse then 3. SL seems like they are on the way to mediocrity fast. CV 5 then Hayward. Yes Hayward should be in the B league. BOD would have to be the favorites then B-High. Started slow last year but came on track quick. I wasn’t sold on the coach either. But late season surges usually means the caoch is figuring it out & doing better.

    If its true about Arroyo they are down to 3rd. Tennyson & Alameda will battle out for 1 & 2. I have Alameda winning it. Can’t rule out Piedmont small numbers but those white boys play tough. May sneak into 3rd. Mt. Eden & SLZ will battle it out for the bottom of the barrell.

  • HAAL/2012

    I agree!!!Haal Fan

    1) Alameda- They have a lot of good players coming back
    2)Arroyo – If they get the support from the Admin then they could battle for #1 no summer school, funds, and classes are to hard for the kids.
    3)Tennyson – There coach has them going in the right direction
    4)San Lorenzo – b/c of Barnes they have been given a few gifts that will turn into wins.
    5)Mt eden – lost to much and grades are a big problem there..
    6)Piedmont- just not that goo

  • EBfootball

    Why is Alameda in the B League? They were beating Encinal and BOD on a regular basis not too long ago and occasionally beating Berkeley or playing them tough. I heard the last coach was let go because of injuries complaints. Are they afraid to bang?

  • I hate to admit this but I think Mira man maybe correct about Encinal.

    The 2012-13 Jets are on the down hill side of there amazing run.

    I have no doubt that Coach T will have his young men as ready as they can be, but if he has the same type of attitude he had last year with some of his players ie missing meetings, practice etc. nothing he can do will help

    Couple that with the most difficult schedule and the large roster of players they will see it will be like little big horn for the Jets and Coach T will be like General Custer on sidelines of a losing battle.

  • pirate football


    how long ago was this when alameda beat b high what year did that happen

  • mikeyboy

    1. Alameda, Good coaching…
    2. Arroyo, OAL coach, Please…
    2. Tennyson, Never wins any big games.
    3. Mt eden, Peranon can get it done!
    4. SLZ, 0-10 last two years…
    5. Piedmont, good program should do well.

  • Alameda beat B-high in 03 & 06. Glory years for Alameda. Very innovative O.

  • EBfootball

    What about Tennyson in the A league? They beat San Leandro (who beat Berkeley) and Hayward.

  • ManDown

    EBfootball, The OAL commish did resign and will this be a sign for them to join NCS? I guess we will have to wait and see but it would be great to see that happen.

    Encinal did lose a bunch but they were also very young last season. Don’t write them off just yet but I do believe they will struggle because of that reason. As we all know they are always well coached by coach Joe and his staff.

  • jacketfan

    According to sources, some coaches actively petitioned to put their teams in the B league.

  • HAAL Fan


    Alameda: they have athletes. do they have O/D lines?
    Arroyo: wipe your tears. classes to hard. thats a joke.
    Mt Eden: all schools have bad grades. like your Arroyo.
    Piedmont: who knows
    Tennyson: i think 3 straight non losing seasons. Early Favorites

  • HAAL Fan

    45. continued

    San Lorenzo: had good athletes QB/RB last year. whats new.

  • HAAL/2012

    Haal Fan :
    All schools dont have bad grades just the ones that have 30% teacher turnover and no summer school like SLUSD..SLZ AND ARROYO are not playing with a full deck of cards the weavier system is diff and the grading ..
    And there lower level 8th grade kids are goin off to San Leandro.. But everyone points at SLZ/Arroyo for stealing player…

  • pirate football

    that was the era of bissell alameda should b so happy wit that everybody beat them that should have

    hey jacketfan
    i bet the whole lower div and hayward was trying to get out the upper div b high/SL game is going to b a good 1

  • HAAL/2012

    hey Pirate:
    Arroyo was in the A league but the Arroyo admin voted to go down but Arroyo will play BOD and SL ever year…

    What I can say is that there will be some good games in that A league.. B-high vs BOD football and basket ball will be a good one.

  • pirate football

    just wondering if ur in the upper div for football will u have to be in that div for all sports hey jimmy do u know that info still dont think anybody in that lower div REALLY wants to be in the upper from what i hear a bunch of coaches were running from it