BSAL best?

I was just looking over the Bay Shore Athletic League Championship Track and Field Meet Records, and it’s possible that the league can justifiably compare itself with any other league in the state, if not the nation, from 2001 to the present based on the total quality of the marks below. Do you agree? Remember that these marks were run only in the league championship meet, which takes place three weeks before the state championships:

100 meters: 10.59, Jahvid Best (Salesian) 2006
200: 21.49, Best 2007
400: 49.43, Chance Moses (St. Mary’s) 2010
800: 1:54.80, Tom Phelps (Piedmont) 2001
1600: 4:17.0, Mark Ceraldi (Piedmont) 2007
3200: 9:28.43 Matt Duffy (St. Mary’s) 2008
110HH: 14.78, Jason Bolden (St. Mary’s) 2003
300IH: 38.79, Halihl Guy (St. Mary’s) 2001
400 relay: 42.35, St. Mary’s (2001)
1600 relay: 3:26.13, St. Mary’s (2010)
HJ: 7-0, Ed Wright (St. Mary’s) 2004
PV: 12-9, Nick Lee (Piedmont) 2006
LJ: 22-9, Laurence Lea (St. Patrick-St. Vincent) 2005
TJ: 46-0 Freeman Lewis (St. Mary’s) 2008
SP: 49-9 3/4, Phil Weatheroy (St. Mary’s) 2001
DT: 144-5, Donnie Phelps (Albany) 2004

100: 11.75, Ashton Purvis (St. Elizabeth) 2007
200: 24.05, Purvis 2007
400: 57.46, Willa Porter (St. Mary’s) 2002
800: 2:14.37, Naomi Sparks (Piedmont) 2003
1600: 5:00.45, Bridget Duffy (St. Mary’s) 2002
3200: 11:11.26, Gabi Rios-Sotelo (St. Mary’s) 2004
100HH: 13.84, Trinity Wilson (St. Mary’s) 2010
300LH: 43.93, Danielle Stokes (St. Mary’s) 2002
400 relay: 46.68, Holy Names (2002)
1600 relay: 3:57.95 Holy Names (2002)
HJ: 5-8, Riana Shaw (St. Mary’s) 2001
PV: 11-6, Nicola Garoutte/C. Davis (Piedmont) 2010
LJ: 18-11 1/2, Aziza Baker (St. Mary’s) 2008
TJ: 43-6 1/2, Ke’Nyia Richardson (Holy Names) 2007
SP: 44-4 1/2, Kamaiya Warren (St. Mary’s) 2002
DT: 150-10 1/2, Kamaiya Warren (St. Mary’s) 2002

Phil Jensen

  • Tracklete

    Ebal and specifically de la salle have beat these in the past ten years

  • pirate football

    hey tracklete

    maybe a few but not many these are some really good marks for league championship and it really seems like st mary’s has lots of them. some of these marks i can bet the ebal hasnt met, especially the 1oo and 200 so some acts of this

  • pirate football

    hey phil
    the accal had their meet league finals on may 4th i believe i couldnt find the results online anywhere anyway u can get that if so u can email me that info

  • DVAL Watcher

    DVAL All League Meet Finals on Saturday. Northgate took Boys Varsity, and Girls & Boys Frosh / Soph. Clayton Valley took Girls Varsity. # 1 Running Back in State Olito Thompson has gotten faster and was jumping farther than when season started. We will see him next weekend at NCS and most definitely will be lighting up the scoreboard for Concord High Football come August!!

  • Prep Fan

    Phil, in order to be able to answer your question if we agree the BSAL is one of the top track leagues in the state or nation, it would be helpful to have the records of other leagues listed in order to be able to compare them. A 10 year run for a league is hard to quantify without knowing what the competition is doing. The numbers listed above are very impressive and I know a number of the athletes such as Javid Best, Trinity Wilson and Ashton Purvis are as good or better than anyone, but what are the comparable 10 year records in the OAL, HAAL, BVAL, EBAL, etc.?

  • pirate football

    hey jimmy any info on the accal track finals

  • Phil Jensen

    Good point, Prep Fan. Since I had the BSAL championship meet records on hand, and was impressed with many of the marks, I posted it. If anyone knows where I can access league meet records for the other leagues, please contact me. And, to be clear, I wondered how these marks compared with other league championship meet records, not league records set in other meets such as state.
    Pirate Football Fan, I will look for those marks and contact you if I find them.

  • pirate football

    thanks phil and jimmy i got the results

    bsal has a ton of state champs and finalist

  • Oh Boy

    Anyone who knows track and field can see that these league championship marks are exceptional! The boys 100, 200, and 400 are blazing. The hurdles for boys and girls are high level too.

    Remember that this is not these athletes PR or how they fared in Regional or State meets. This is one league meeting each spring that has put up top records.

  • Nils

    I would like to add one more BSAL “record”, which is Nick Ratto’s 1st place on Saturday May 12 in the 800, 1600, and 3200, which I’ve been informed is the first time BSAL has had a sweep of all three distance events. I know these aren’t record times but the performance itself is amazing (and was a lot of fun to watch!).

  • Prep Fan

    They do look exceptional and blazing, no question. Which is why it would be nice to be able to compare them to another league’s similar 10 year run to see just how good they have been.

  • pirate football

    well like phil asked who has access to other league result maybe phil can contact the ncs office for that due to the do have to go to ncs for section meets. i was there when ed wright did that jump he is currently going for the us olympic team this year

  • Another dismal track and field season at Carondelet. When is the AD going to figure out that the coaches, especially the female coach are terrible. The AD doesn’t know what she’s doing either- ex cheerleader type. Not one girl in distance, nothing in sprints and nothing in field events to speak off. Girls will not come out for this coach. A once proud program reduced to nada.

  • FNL680

    @13- so what bigmamajoe is saying is that not only do the underpaid coaches and Athletic Director need to be fired, all of the student athletes who worked hard to make up the Cougar track team this year sucked, even though several broke meet records. Trashing the adults is a prerogative, but disparaging the girls doesn’t belong here.

  • Prep Fan

    Failure is not tolerated on Winton Drive. I wonder if the girls in the program enjoyed participating and their experiences in high school athletics? The basketball team won the NCS title, the soccer team only made it to the NCS semis, and the top seeded lacrosse team is in the NCS finals tonight. That AD must be getting awfully lucky in a lot of sports if she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

  • Never said nothing about the girls. The facts are pretty obvious. Not one person advancing. That’s coaching and not building the program. As far as the AD, she doesn’t have anything to do with basketball, that coach and her program have been successful for years. Soccer always a strong point for years and lacrosse is very successful on that side on the tunnel.
    The sports that are failing, especially track are a direct result of the AD hiring poor coaches or not making good decisions on the candidates.

  • Junior

    Speaking of not tolerating losing…. At last nights NCS lax game SRV coach Worstell received an award and a statement was attributed to him that winning is not a primary goal for his program… Kessler should spend some time with Worstell this summer.

  • Phil, the BSAL has some excellent times and marks on your list, but they don’t compare to top leagues in the state, not to mention the nation.
    Javid Best speaks for himself, no question, the high jump mark is excellent, not even close in field events and wieghts, relays. The girls marks favor more towards state and nation times, hurdles, triple jump,100 and 200.
    Before the BSAL St. Mary’s was very dominant for 20 yrs, SPSV had a couple of sprint and jump marks, and of course Best in his individual events.
    The EBAL will beat the rest of the marks considerably, SoCal will smoke most of these marks.