East Bay Baseball Poll – 5/14

Here is this week’s baseball poll. Records are through Saturday.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Campolindo (6) 17-4-1 90 1
2. Dougherty Valley 18-4 83 2
3. Deer Valley 19-2 79 3
4. De La Salle 16-6 72 4
5. College Park 17-5 65 7
6. San Ramon Valley 14-7 59 6
7. Northgate 20-2 50 9
8. Newark Memorial 17-5 47 5
9. Acalanes 16-6 44 10
10. Monte Vista 13-9 35 NR
11. James Logan 14-8 30 13
12. Granada 14-8 24 11
13. Clayton Valley 17-5 19 15
14. Alameda 16-6 13 14
15. California 11-11 5 8

Also receiving votes: Arroyo (13-9, 4 points), Heritage (14-8, 1). The East Bay High School Baseball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • Turkey Vulcher

    Deer Valley is still too high. Otherwise, most accurate poll to date.

  • Prep Fan

    The more games played, the more accurate the polls should be. Deer Valley does have wins over both top 10 teams College Park and Monte Vista, but aside from that, they really haven’t played anybody. That is one week of games for an EBAL team, every week. But they’ll get a chance to avenge their loss to Blackburn & Heritage tomorrow to claim the BVAL title. A Heritage win would put them in a tie, but they would have beaten DV twice.

    Big game today in Pleasant Hill, as #7 Northgate (9-1) faces #5 College Park (10-0) in a game that should decide the DVAL championship. IF CP wins, they’ll wrap up the title, and if NG can beat the frosh DeMers, they’ll be in position to share the title. Although NG still has to play #13 Clayton Valley on Thursday, which is no picnic.

  • Prep Fan

    College Park shut down Northgate 2-0 to take the DVAL crown this afternoon. Frosh sensation Joe DeMers was dealing and only allowed maybe 2 or 3 base runners all game. He made the Bronco hitters look like little leaguers rather than a top 10 team with a 20-2 record. Very impressive for any pitcher in a pressure packed championship atmosphere, let alone a freshman. He’s the real deal.

  • redandblue2

    Dougherty Valley loses to Alhambra today and loses a golden opportunity to perhaps share the DFAL title with Campolido. Campo defeated Dublin today to take a 1 game lead with one to play. DV will likely lose a top 4 seeding in the D2 playoffs as a result.

    With College Park winning the DVAL today, they just may have nailed down the #2 seed in the D2 playoffs.

    First year in recent memory D2 is as strong as D1 in terms of depth of top teams.

  • Prep Fan

    D2: Campo is the clear top seed in D2. CP has losses to both Newark and Casa Grande, 2 teams near the top of the D2 field. Dougherty beat both Newark & Casa, in addition to a split with Campo. I’m looking at:

    1) Campo 18-4-1 (Toughest schedule, DFAL champs)
    2) DV 18-5 (wins over Campo, Casa & Newark)
    3) Casa 19-5 (beat CP and also Monte Vista)
    4) Newark 17-5 (beat CP, forfeit win over Cal)
    5) CP 18-5 (DVAL champs, 2 wins over NG,
    6) NG 20-3 (best record)

    But you just never know what the committee will be thinking.

  • Voice of Reason

    The committee tends to reward league winners. Since Casa Grande did not win their league and Newark may not win their league, College Park quite possibly could move ahead of both in terms of seeding.

    Dougherty Valley, even though they beat Newark, would likely be placed behind them if Newark manages to win their league; either way, the best DV can do would be a #4 seed.

  • Salesian hosts St. Mary’s Saturday morning for the BSAL title. Salesian over Piedmont and St. Mary’s over Encinal in the semis.

  • Prep Fan

    The EBAL race is once again in a jumble with 4 teams within a game with 1 game remaining. DLS was beaten 14-5 by Foothill this afternoon to move into a tie at 9-4 with SRV who beat Granada 11-3. Cal beat MV 3-2 to put both teams a game back at 8-5.

    MV hosts SRV Friday, while Cal hosts DLS Thursday. If both home teams win, there could be a 4-way tie for first place. Cal has beaten DLS 4 of the last 5 times they’ve played and anything can and does happen whenever MV plays SRV in any sport. Hold on as this one’s coming right down to the final game.

  • Prep Fan

    #5 College Park losing to Berean Christian in 8 innings yesterday might seal their fate as the #5 seed in D2, depite their being a league champion.

    #3 Deer Valley lost again to Blackburn & Heritage yesterday, but since the Pats lost earlier in the week, DV still claims he BVAL crown. DLS losing to Foothill could still put DV as the top seed in D1 though, even with that loss and the fact they don’t have many quality wins.

    Big EBAL games the next 2 days should have an impact on the top half of the D1 bracket, with DLS, SRV, MV, Cal & Granada all jockeying for position. If AV beats Foothill, then its possible the EBAL will have 7 of its 8 teams make the field.

    Looks like Newark and Logan will face off in a playoff to see who gets the MVAL automatic qualifier for NCS, although both teams are certain to make it. Still, the bragging rights, home field advantage & seeding that comes with it make this a huge game.

    No one is going to want to face Heritage with Blackburn on the bump in round 1, as they could wreck havoc. With him on the mound, they are are a much better team than their seeding will be, much the way Joe Ross and BOD were last year.

  • Prep Fan

    Interesting to read recently that neither College Park or Arroyo had won an outright league championship in some 30 years until both accomplished the feat this season. These two teams met in the 3A NCS championship game in 2008 at the Coliseum, won by CP 2-1, but neither had won their league.

  • dnrapp

    Logan beat NM twice. Isn’t head to head the first tiebreaker in the MVAL?

  • Prep Fan

    Dnrapp, that is normally the tiebreaker, but I thought I had read there was going to be a playoff? Maybe the only tiebreaker they have is a one game playoff? It sure makes it exciting and is better than having an arbitrary thing like who wins the second tme around in league. I’m sure Ben and Jimmy will get to the bottom of this.

  • Yup, the MVAL does not use head to head to settle a tiebreaker. Seems odd, but that’s how they do it. So assuming both teams win, there will be a one-game playoff at 11 a.m. at American. The teams would co-champions, with the game to determine the automatic berth.

    The other possibility, although remote, is that Logan and Newark lose today and Washington wins. That would create a three-way tie for first. In that case, they would run through the tie-breaker scenarios. The first one is record against the other teams involved in the tie, and Logan would win that with its 3-1 record against Newark and Washington. (Newark is 2-2, Washington is 1-3).

  • junior

    Congrats to the Spartans on winning the EBAL by defeating Cal. Nice start to Coach Jeans tenure. Their pitching is awefully young too.

  • Sammy

    D2 is tough for sure.

    Question: Will Dublin or Las Lomas be elligible to make the playoffs? Even though their strength of sched is very good, I don’t know if they qualify.
    Also, will Casa stay that high after the loss to Petaluma last night?
    Only problem with Northgate is that they haven’t play a good schedule. They will be tested in the playoff, as will every team.

  • MaxPrepStats

    Season evals of scorekeepers. Schools may want to look into Gamechanger software. Easy, user friendly on Pads and auto loads to MaxP.
    Congrats League Champs and good luck to all the qualifiers in NCS.

    The following published accurate BAs, etc. for offense by factoring into ABs ROE/FC- AV, Cal, Liv and DLS. Therefore, those BAs are accurate. AV (.249), Cal (.291), DLS (.321), Liv (.266). Factoring the mean ROE + FC (38) for the four accurate schools, team BA’s for the other four drop as follows: FH- .323 to .261, Gran- .283 to .223, MV- .269 to .204, SRV- .333 to .273 .

    As far as Pitching, baserunning, defense, etc. it was all over the place by many schools. Most entries and best in league by DLS and Livermore (tough season but fine job by the pencil guy.)

    DFAL-?! Campo- no stats, DoVal- partial, Alc- partial, Dublin- 59 ROE/FCs!- must be a lot of gophers from the creek, Alh- no stats, LL- no stats, Mira- no stats.

    (Just the messenger, so take it easy RnB2!)

  • Chuck Reid

    1 Campo
    2 Dougherty Valley
    3 Newark Memorial
    4 College Park
    5 Casa Grande
    6 Northgate
    7 Alameda
    8 Clayton Valley

    That’s the top 8 when looking at quality wins.

    That’s the top 8 if you look strictly at quality wins.

  • St. Mary’s won the BSAL with a 4-2 win over Salesian on Saturday. Good game, too much Flemer for the Pride. The kid was really dealing, he’s going to be worth watching as he moves up the ranks. Wouldn’t be surprised to see another match up with these two late in the D4 tournament.

  • Bayterychuck

    @maxprepstats, just because those teams don’t input the ROE and FC on the maxpreps site doesn’t mean their averages aren’t accurate. Trust me, coaches understand that a FC or a ROE is considered an at bat but do not take the time to input those things as a stat on maxpreps. For example, Johnny goes 0-3 with 2 FCs and 1 boot by the SS. the Coach will put it in as 0-3 but won’t spend the time totaling and inputting that in those xollumns on maxpreps. The stats are accurate. The only stat that may not be is Stolen Base Attempts.

  • Erndog

    Does anyone have info re: NCS baseball seedings yet?? If you do, share the info…

  • MaxPrepStats

    @19 that could be true but omitting those creates a question mark as to accuracy. True the issue with FCs. Those are easy. Too many ROE’s are listed as H and that’s just wrong. Although this subjectivity would probably not be from a coach inputter but from a biased scorer, it’s more common than appears on the surface. On site scoring from the last two years, the BANG box scores and listed MPS supports the contention. It’s not the end all, I agree. Coaches know who are the good players.

    Again, good luck to all the teams in NCS.

  • dnrapp