NCS baseball heads back to the Coliseum

Good news for all you North Coast Section baseball enthusiasts out there. NCS associate commissioner Karen Smith told me today that the NCS Baseball Championships will be held at the Oakland (or O.Co, if you prefer) Coliseum this year on June 2. And, it won’t be just one game. It’ll be four games! Start times will be 10, 1, 4 and 7.

Divisions have not been set yet, but four games in the Coliseum is much better than two. I’m looking forward to it!

Ben Enos

  • Oh Boy

    Thanks for the heads up, Ben. This is great news. The kids love playing on the big league field and there has been some great play up to this point this year.

    Everyone get out to a game this week! I’ve seen alot of teams that have been working hard.

  • Voice of Reason


    I assume the games will be played on Saturday, June 2?

  • Ben Enos

    Voice, talk about a key detail to leave out. Yeah, it’ll be June 2. Championship Saturday.