Campolindo’s Piatt commits to Cal

Got some late-night football news to report. Campolindo athlete Griffin Piatt has orally committed to play at Cal next season as a preferred walk-on.

Piatt, a 6-foot-3, 180-pound receiver/defensive back, said his decision came down to Cal and UCLA. He said he might end up on either side of the ball.

“I thought since I grew up in the Bay Area, being part of Cal football would be an amazing experience,” Piatt said.

As a two-way star, Piatt was a big reason for Campolindo’s storybook run to the CIF Division II bowl game. He had 12 interceptions as a safety, but was also one of the best receivers in the area. He was also named DFAL MVP in basketball.

Piatt also said his ability to vie for playing time as a walk-on definitely played a role in his decision. Cal has made a habit lately of getting talented East Bay players to walk on, with Monte Vista wide receiver Bryce McGovern doing the same thing and playing as a freshman.

Ben Enos

  • Juancho

    Best of luck to him. Let’s hope this turns out well for him and Cal.

  • S1lverngreen

    Congrats Mr. Piatt!

    Yo Ben,
    How about a story on all of the local talent heading to my Golden Bears? I’d like to see O Thompson, D Daniels, Hooper and Moffitt all head to Cal next year, that could be a good possibility…word is, Hutchings may head to U$C…what are you hearing?

  • Ben Enos

    Hey s1lver. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hutch heads for USC. I doubt that decision has been made though. As for the local guys, we’ll see where they all land. The four you named are certainly going to have some nice options to choose from.

  • ManDown

    This was a good pick up. I seen him against Marin Catholic and he was making plays left a right. Good luck!

  • KMoWong


    Any idea what position Cal coaches are looking to get Piatt to play? There seems to be a ton of WR coming in this year and I assume a couple of them will red shirt.

    Piatt’s size at DB would be amazing. Did he play CB or more of a FS/SS role? Can he turn his hips and move like a CB?

  • ConcordBear

    Piatt is a glue guy. A great student from a really good family. It’s great to see people like this sign onto the football program. Excited to see if he can work his way onto the field. He has talent, smarts and great frame. Just needs to get stronger and faster.
    Bem, is he coming in for Summer Bridge to study and train with the team?
    Hope Cal can land the top student athletes in Northern California and the central valley going forward. Talented high character guys are the priority and will get us to the Rose Bowl.
    Keep the winners home at the University of California!
    Go Bears

  • GridDog

    Saw Piatt play a couple of times this year. He needs to put on some bulk to play at the next level, but he’s got good feet, great hands, and one of those guys that always seems to be around the ball (playmaker). Good luck to him

  • Fast and physical

    They need to stop playing and offer Andre Lewis before he goes to Oregon, Washington, or Utah. Run Rickey Run

  • Ben Enos

    KMo, he said he didn’t know which side he might end up on. If I were a betting man, I think his athleticism sets him up to be a pretty good safety. Think Chris Conte, in terms of size. He played FS for Campo.

    ConcordBear, I’m not sure on the Bridge question. I would assume that’s an option. You’re right on the glue guy comment. I really think once he gets a little bigger and faster, he’s going to be a very productive Pac-12 player.

  • Old Bear

    Being a walk-on doesn’t mean he’s not talented but it also doesn’t mean that he’s got mad skillz, either. Tony Gonzalez is the exception, not the rule, and until this dude shows something he isn’t worth discussing.

  • Nor-Cal Scott

    I like what I’m reading. If Piatt was an MVP in hoops I imagine he had to play some decent defense too. That would lead me to believe he can swivel his hips pretty well.

    Sept 1 is right around the corner! Go BEARS!

  • Crawford

    Are we really getting excited over a walk on? Come on people- I’m a huge Cal fan but I’ll get excited when we bring in top 100 talent….I’m sure he is a great kid and great student but lets be real, he’s a walk on…I wouldn’t expect use or oregon fans to get all pumped over a walk on, why are we?

  • S1lverngreen

    TJ Ward was a walk on at Oregon, 42nd overall pick in the NFL draft 2 years ago…what’s wrong with a little optimism man?

  • moreaufan2

    Congrats to this young man! he is a nice player! glad to see him move on to get a high quality education and be apart of athletics also. He can go and earn the scholarship!!

  • The Ghost

    The life-blood of any collegiate program is walk-ons … because recruiting is not a perfect science a lot of very talented players go to less prestigious schools (Boise State) and do QUITE WELL. I love to see kids like Griffin Piatt head to Cal with a chip on his shoulder and show everyone what a huge mistake was made.

    Curious if he had offers to any smaller schools … if not, he’ll really get some heads turning if he does well!