East Bay softball poll — 5/15

Here’s our final East Bay softball poll before playoffs begin next week.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Amador Valley (6) 22-0 90 1
2. James Logan 20-1 84 2
3. Heritage 20-2 78 3
4. Newark Memorial 17-4 72 4
t5. Alhambra 19-4 61 7
t5. Concord 18-4 61 6
7. Monte Vista 14-8 56 8
8. California 15-7 48 5
9. Alameda 15-3 40 t9
10. Arroyo 19-4 37 t9
11. Castro Valley 12-8-1 30 11
12. Pinole Valley 13-6 24 9
13. Freedom 10-7-1 18 14
14. Livermore 12-10 15 NR
15. Granada 11-11 4 15

Also receiving votes: Bishop O’Dowd (16-6, 2 votes). The East Bay Prep Softball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • MckBooth

    When do the playoff brackets come out?

  • Here’s Gianni

    Alhambra and Concord has no one in their league, when will they stop getting rated so high?

  • Say Gianni….As long as Concord and Alhambra keep winning I doubt that both teams will drop….But the playoff’s will tell the story…Will both teams be able to stand up against outside competition…

  • SB Fan

    I looked at Alhambra’s schedule and agree that they are in a weak league. However, the non league schedule makes up for it. Quality wins against Petaluma, Vacaville, Whitney and Granada and 4 losses against good teams that were all close games. 1 run loss to Mitty leads me to believe they are a good team.

    I think the ranking is justified but agree with George. We will see come NCS time.

  • randyc415

    Concord wins at Alameda 8-5 to finish the regular season. Great game gals! Does Alameda play Pinole Valley for ACCAL Title?

  • MckBooth

    So how do you see the playoffs?
    D1- Amador, Logan, Cal and Heritage
    D2- Newark Memorial,Alhambra,Petaluma,Arroyo
    D3-San Marin, Bishop Odowd,Tamalpais,Campalindo
    D4-St Patrick st Vincent,Moreau Catholic,Peidmont,Salesian

  • Here’s Gianni

    Cal has lost 5 in a row now, there is another team in the EBAL that is looking pretty strong!

  • Prep Fan

    Lost 5 in a row but took the #1 team in the nation to the limit twice. That is one team AV hopes they don’t have to see in the playoffs.

  • Here’s Gianni

    There is still another team out there Prep Fan.

  • junior

    AV isnt worried about facing any team

  • randyc415

    D1) Amador, Logan, Heritage, Castro Valley, Cal, Livermore, Freedom
    D2) Newark, Alhambra, Petaluma, Concord, Rancho, Alameda, Arroyo

  • hv baby

    Bottom line is you have to be ready to play no matter what your rank was the whole year. If you don’t you might get an early summer. I only have one beef [415] how can you put petaluma so high when arroyo beat them in them in the standley final? anyways there is alot of good teams it should be a real good fight till the end. GO DONS

  • Here’s Gianni

    D1) Amador, Logan, Heritage, Monte Vista, Cal, Freedom, Castro Valley
    D2)Newark, Alhambra, Pateluma, Concord, Rancho, Arroyo, Alameda

  • randyc415

    (Hv) I love the Dons but they didnt close the deal vs CV to make it easy for NCS commitee.

    D2 is STACKED with Newark coming down from D1 and Alhambra & Petaluma Petition up from D3. The lower seeds will be much better than usual with some really good teams being left out all together. The Seeds are fun for Sunday but throw all the numbers out when the girls hit the field next week!