Boys Volleyball: Semifinals, Rankings, Standings

The semifinals are here on Wednesday and the finals on the weekend as another great seasons is wrapping up.

Division I

In one semifinal De La Salle will host College Park as the two sides have not played this year, while Deer Valley will host Mission San Jose in a rematch of a very close game at the Deer Valley Tournament.
Can College Park keep up with DLS? The two teams are similar in that they have great setting, and two very good hitters. They also have some depth as well and have the ability to spread the ball around to keep the defense honest. The difference, in this one, is Peter Edwards. The Spartans have the best player in the East Bay and he can be a difference maker.
Mission San Jose is bigger than they have been in past year’s, but Deer Valley has some formidable size. The Warriors will have to dig and be pretty flawless to pull the upset on the road.
Signs point to a rematch of last year’s championship game, but each semifinal should be action packed, close and intense.

Division II

With Las Lomas taking Drake to five games, Dougherty Valley should feel pretty good. It was thought Drake was a soft No. 1 seed, and Las Lomas nearly proved that, and now the Wildcats have their chance. Watch out for the upset here.
Campo also has to be careful. Acalanes, with more matches under their belts, are playing incredibly well, and the last time these two teams played, it was very close. Expect a five-gamer.
It seems like a Campo/Drake rematch, but don’t be shocked if there is an upset.

Division III

St. Patrick-St. Vincent, due to a bye and a forfeit, hasn’t played in a couple of weeks, and will be angry and hungry. The Bruins will roll in their semifinal.
Valley Christian is playing incredibly well and should be able to get past El Molino and set up their chance to give St. Pat’s a run for their money in the finals.


College Park moves into the top five, and Valley Christian gets back in the rankings, deservedly so. Acalanes and Dougherty Valley both move up a spot.

1. De La Salle (32-2)
2. Campolindo (27-7)
3. Deer Valley (37-3)
4. Mission San Jose (27-7)
5. College Park (22-7)
6. San Ramon Valley (22-9)
7. Amador Valley (21-9)
8. Logan (25-11)
9. California (20-12)
10. Acalanes (12-7)
11. Dougherty Valley (21-12)
12. Valley Christian (23-2)
13. Kennedy (23-7)
14. American (16-13)
15. Northgate (16-9)


Team W-L GB

Alameda (21-8, 12-0) –
Berkeley (13-15, 9-3) 3
De Anza (15-6, 9-3) 3
El Cerrito (7-11, 6-6) 6
Richmond (6-9, 4-8) 8
Hercules (2-11, 2-10) 10
Pinole Valley (0-14, 0-12) 12

Team W-L GB

Valley Chr. (23-2, 7-1) –
College Prep (13-18, 6-2) 1
Head-Royce (9-10, 5-3) 2
Bentley (6-9, 1-7) 6
Redwood Chr. (3-12, 1-7) 6

Team W-L GB

St. Patrick-St. Vincent (33-4, 8-0) –
St. Mary’s (9-9, 6-2) 2
Encinal (6-10, 4-4) 4
St. Joseph Notre Dame (5-16, 1-7) 7
Salesian (1-11, 1-7) 7

Team W-L GB

Deer Valley (37-3, 10-0) –
Heritage (17-14, 7-3) 3
Pittsburg (7-12, 5-5) 5
Freedom (8-13, 5-5) 5
Antioch (6-19, 3-7) 7
Liberty (0-10, 0-10) 10

Team W-L GB

Campolindo (27-7, 8-0) –
Acalanes (12-7, 6-2) 2
Dougherty Valley (21-12, 4-4) 4
Las Lomas (19-16, 2-6) 6
Alhambra (4-18, 0-8) 8

Team W-L GB

College Park (22-7, 12-0) –
Northgate (16-9, 10-2) 2
Clayton Valley (15-11, 8-4) 4
Ygnacio Valley (7-13, 5-7) 7
Berean Christian (12-18, 4-8) 8
Concord (2-21, 2-10) 10
Mount Diablo (0-12, 0-12) 12

Team W-L GB

De La Salle (32-2, 14-0) –
San Ramon Valley (22-9, 11-3) 3
California (20-12, 9-5) 5
Aamador Valley (21-9, 9-5) 5
Monte Vista (16-16, 6-8) 8
Foothill (12-20, 5-9) 9
Granada (3-15, 2-12) 12
Livermore (3-20, 0-14) 14

Team W-L GB

Mission San Jose (26-7, 11-1) –
Logan (25-11, 9-3) 2
Kennedy (23-7, 8-4) 3
American (16-13, 8-4) 3
Moreau Catholic (13-15, 4-8) 7
Washington (4-19, 2-10) 9
Castro Valley (0-12, 0-12) 11

Team W-L

San Leandro (3-6)
Tennyson (0-6)

Matt Smith

  • Jeffrey

    Drake is a very, very soft number 1 seed. I think they’ve dropped off from the past couple of years, and will almost certainly lose to Campo if they make it that far. They should beat DV, but we will see…If Dougherty can pass, then they can beat much better teams than Drake.

  • Lumberjack

    First set DLS 25 CP 18

  • Lumberjack

    Second set DLS 25 CP 16

  • Lumberjack

    Third set DLS 25 CP 21
    DLS wins it 3-0.

  • Prep Fan

    Mission San Jose upended #2 Deer Valley on the road tonight in 4 games. They will now go on to face top seeded DLS on Saturday, as Sparty took out CP in 3. Congrats and good luck to both teams.

    Cal played MSJ almost even in losing in 4 on Friday with the last 3 games going right down to the wire, after having given DLS it’s tightest match from a local team the week prior. Cal played its best against the top 2 teams in NCS this past week. AV lost to DV in 3. Just saying, Matt.

  • TrueDat

    Jeffrey is right. I would add one or two more “verys” to the first sentence. Drake almost lost to LL and now just lost to Dougherty Valley. When you played 80% of your matches against teams that are below .500. Your success rate in the post season will be low. Drake needs to go out of their comfort area (Marin schools)and plays in a meaningfull tournaments. Then they might have a chance next year….until they meet Campo because they are stacked with young talent players.

  • Lumberjack

    I’m picking the home teams for the three finals, DLS, Campo and SPSV. I like how NCS staggered the start times so fan can watch each match. Although with gas prices not to many fans will go to all three. NCS should do a tripleheader finals at one site going forward. Food for thought.

  • Prep Fan

    I agree Lumberjack. A triple header at a nuetral site where more people could attend would be a great event for the fans and growth of the sport. A spotlight on all the top teams in the section. It would make it much easier on Matt to report on them as well. 🙂

  • TrueDat

    Prep fan and lumberjack nailed it. They should make all finals at a college (SMC), like basketball. However, I could see why they make each final at different site, $$$$. Where basketball all you need is to buy one ticket and could stay for other games. since there are only three divisions, VB fans might want to stay all three. For next year, Norcal finals should be at one location.

  • Lumberjack

    NCS D2 final. First set Campo 25 DV 14

  • Lumberjack

    Second set Campo 25 DV 16
    Third set Campo 25 DV 14
    Campo wins it 3-0.

  • DVHS

    In the article today in the Contra Costa Times, Dougherty Valley’s outside hitter is Andrew Nelson, not Chris Nelson.