Heads up for NCS baseball in Oakland

Consider this a public service announcement to all the baseball fans planning on heading to the O.co Coliseum for tomorrow’s North Coast Section championships.

Take BART, or hit the ATM before coming.

Tickets should be a reasonable amount, as they usually are at section title games. But parking is going to be the issue tomorrow. According to the bulletin posted on the NCS website, parking will cost a whopping $25. If you want to bring your bus, it’ll cost you $75 to get through the gates. I would expect BART to be the preferred method of getting to the game.

And, to demonstrate that I feel your pain, I gotta pay that too. No parking breaks for media. If anyone wants to meet outside the gate and ride in, I got three seats open. Let’s get it goin.


Ben Enos

  • Oh Boy

    Ouch. I know the paper will reimburse you but still. That’s too much.

  • Erndog

    $25 bucks to park for an NCS title game??!! Incredible!! Once again the NCS finds a way to find the pain in prep sports…

    How sad….