Freedom’s Daniels commits to Washington

Big recruiting news this morning, as Freedom High receiver Darrell Daniels has orally committed to Washington. Here’s what will be in tomorrow’s paper.

Freedom High wide receiver Darrell Daniels has orally committed to play at Washington starting with the 2013-14 season.

The 6-foot-4, 205-pound Daniels confirmed his commitment via text message on Saturday, ending his recruitment early after receiving interest from nearly every big school in the country. He is rated a four-star recruit by Rivals.com, and ranked No. 156 in the latest Rivals 250 list of national prospects updated earlier this week.

Rivals lists Daniels as holding 18 scholarship offers, with Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Michigan, Auburn and nine Pac-12 schools all on the list. He committed to the Huskies while on an unofficial visit to the Seattle campus.

Daniels was the Bay Valley Athletic League Most Valuable Player as a junior in 2011, and will return this season as one of the East Bay’s premier athletes.

Ben Enos

  • FNL680

    Congratulations to the Freedom star. He was a force in NCS first round in ’11 and was the game changer.

  • TJ

    hmm.. saw this kid have trouble against a corner half his size at Laney’s 7on7.. but good luck to him.

  • UC rancher

    Congrats to the kid. Saw film of him. Pretty impressive for a kid his size.

  • HAAL Fan

    be happy for the kid. 7on7s corners dont have to worry about run support or reading run or pass. your either bitter or the pint sized corner who is not getting the props he deserves. like i said be happy for the kid

  • HAAL Fan

    i recently checked maxpreps for schedules and the HAAL is no more. the league is now the Western Alameda County League and the divisions are the Foothill(upper) and Shoreline(lower). Cant wait till late august when scrimages and games take place.

    WAC Fan

  • nfl

    what a perfect name for that league cuz thats what it is WAC! the real question is will these coaches from the lower divison tell there teams how they were put in that league? can’t believe the winner of the lower will get home field game in ncs over probably a more deserving team who only mistake is they play in a real league not one were there coach begged to play in a weaker divison.

  • I hear that Tennyson is poised to take the lower league
    especialy with this stud schedule that they scheduled in non-league:


    Looks like after their best year in the last 25 years they are playing the worst teams they can find. lol

  • Monarch Man

    Tennyson lost all of their players and their JV team sucked. I smell a last place team. The new legue will be between Mt.Eden and Arroyo.

  • HAAL Fan

    i think the divisions were just about right. the only change i would make is hayward in the lower and alameda or arroyo in the upper. u sound like someone who mad because his team is in the upper division

    Tennyson had a good not tough schedule last year and finished 8-2. What did it get for its reward a 12 seed and a trip to Miramonte who was 9-1. If they are not getting a fair seed then whats the point of a tough schedule.

  • HAAL Fan

    Monarch Man:

    For some reason your post did not show up on the screen yesterday. But now that ive seen it, i know there is at least one crazy person on this blog. Arroyo hasnt been half as good as their coaches mouth in the last 2 years. Mt Eden are you ok. That school won 2 games in the last 2 years.

  • EBfootball

    But when does a lower team move up to the Big league? I hear it’s the lower team’s choice to move up or not which is gutless.

    Other than that, I like to Big League in the WAC. Big schools, private school, respectable programs. It would for sure be second to the EBAL in NCS if one of Alameda, Hayward, or Arroyo were there old winning selves (what happened to those schools?).

  • TJ

    I am happy for him.. just didnt care how he carried himself at the camp. I dont know the corner. What I saw from this Daniels kid is that while all his teammates were wearing their freedom practice jerseys he had had Nike combine shirt out with his practice jersey hanging from his shorts. This game has no room for individuals.

    I am happy for him, I just think he has some learning and maturing to do. He’s definitely not as good as he thinks he is.

  • HAAL Fan

    I agree with you saying that the kid needs to be dressed just like his teammates. The coach needs to step in now and let him know that he is a part of the team and its not the other way around. The way the kids try to showboat and be individuals is something that needs to be addressed by most of the local coaches.

  • ManDown

    Congratulations to Darrell Daniels! Great job and now U-DUB is recruiting heavy in the bay!


    Re post #13:

    Points well made about what the coach SHOULD DO (step in and let the player know he is a part of a team – not the other way around). Absolutely the RIGHT thing to do as a coach. BUT, coaches beware. What is considered the RIGHT thing to do can end up costing the coach his job. When the RIGHT thing to do becomes interpreted as WRONG by parents and lily-livered administrators, the coach is the one who pays the ultimate price. You wonder why so much of this “individualism” is prevalent today? Parents have lost the value of “team” and spineless administrators don’t care about the value of “team”, especially if the out- of-line kid is theirs. I have first-hand experience with this situation. My son played for a highly respected and successful east bay coach who stressed “team”, who held players accountable for being out of “uniform” and “showboating” by separating themselves from their teammates by wearing apparel on game day that was prohibited by “team” policies. And, who was judged to be going against the best wishes of the players by parents and administrators. Yep, the coach.
    And, ironically, that program, with a new coach in place has developed a reputation for poor behavior, put on multiple displays of unsportsmanlike conduct and showed disrespect to its opponents, in particular, in one game that drew negative press where a near brawl broke out just prior to kick off. Yet the most unsettling aspect, though, is that the administration of this high profile private high school in Oakland made no public apology for the players behaviors, took no responsibility for the aberrant behavior of its players and coaches and keeps the “new” coach employed. Please, bring back “old school”. Nothing wrong with having standards and holding players and coaches to them.

  • junior

    Great post EB FB Fan.

    Unfortunately, our culture is changing and the toothpaste might already be out of the tube.

  • Freedom might find out if they make the playoffs about show-boating. Remember last year 2nd round, 70 plus thrown up against them.

  • I saw that 2nd round game. I beleive the score was 70-00 until very late 4th quarter- the Daniels kid scored on a kickoff return and caught a late long pass, both against 2nd and 3rd stering personal- both were mental breakdowns- after the game I saw shock and fear in his eyes, they couldn’t wait to get out of Winton Drive. For a successful Freedom team it’s has to be a total TEAM effort, not just 1 or 2 individuals, better make attitude adjustments now, however coaching staff might not be up to it with all the attention individual is getting.

  • Prep Fan

    Very classy comments. What would Lad think?

    Congrats to Mr. Daniels on the commit and good luck to him this year and up in Seattle.

  • HAAL Fan

    There is about 8-9 weeks until the start of the season and im sure a couple of 7on7/contact camps have already happened. Does anyone have an idea of dates/times/locations for some of the remaining summer camps?

  • Pitt Grunt

    Not sure this has anything to do with this thread, but Pittsburg concluded its Back Diamond camp in which they hosted Concord, Jesse Bethel, and San Leandro high. Yesterday saw a fairly large crowd watching the 11-11 sessions; Concord O vs Pitt D, Pitt O vs Jesse Bethel D,and so on. Well, guess who was on the Pittsburg sidelines watching the scrimmage? You guessed it, Darrell Daniels. The consensus of those of us in the stands was it seemed a bit odd for him to stand on the sidelines, much less attend.

    He sure is a thick kid. Looks like a college level linebacker.

  • pirate football

    you sound like u got a lil haterade in ur game. what school was this half pint corner from. i do agree that lots of kids is about themselves and dont know the concept of team and showboating isnt ok for these high school kids, yes some of these coaches need to nip it in the bud but also so of this comes from home also been in sports as a player and coach for some years and i have seen some very obnoxious parents im not going to bash this kid he is the real deal the kid is a player good luck doule d

    haal fan
    very good point in post 13 EB FB FAN
    im young but i do believe in the old school, i have over the years heard some things bout coach p, but not going to further bash him like other, but the current coach wow yes they are winning but with no class too many negative things going on since he has been the head coach not going to keep talking bout it all i can do is smh

    pitt grunt
    i dont find it odd from what i heard he lives in pitt even close by the school and this was the 1st time i have seen him without pads on in a while he is a thick kid very talented

    young mr daniels
    congrats and good luck get ur college degree young man

  • TJ

    everything is always “haterism” in such a soft society that we live in.

  • pirate football


    i call it like i see it, stop hating on this kid you should b happy that another young man has an oppurtunity to get a college degree thats what its all about i have seen this kids play in persson a few times and the kids is good have u seen him play in a game with pads on? and he can only get better

  • TJ

    Ya, so do I pirate football.. I see a kid that can be good, but doesnt seem like much of a team player. His talent may be enough to get him a scholarship, but now you gotta make the most of it. Simply “being happy” for him despite obvious flaws in character will not enable him to get the most out of it.

    He has the build to go very far, and the best thing in life is that one can always mature. But not if the people around him are just simply “happy” that he made it this far. He should shoot higher.

  • TJ- 1st on 2nd round NCS will help develop his character. Similar to how the ex- QB from San Ramon got his development out at concord and NCS.

  • junior

    someone from Cal, AV, and Foothill tell me the Calpreps schedule recently posted is not correct:

    Cal vs Wash, Pitt, and CV ?? A D2 team and CV?
    AV plays two D2 teams?
    Foothill plays a D3 team and a D2 team?

    These coaches should be embarrassed if this is accurate.

    AT least SRV has some sack: Buhach, Folsom, Logan- very solid.

    MV gets a slight pass-they play all D1 teams: CV, Berk, Pitt- replace CV with a WCAL team and that would be a good schedule

  • renegades10

    At least Cal has Pitt this year. I hope their contracts with Washington and CV are up after this year. They have too good of a team to be playing those two at this point. Maybe one of them but not both. AV doesn’t have much so not surprised and neither does MV. Foothill has some talent and Novato is usually solid.

  • junior

    That contract excuse is garbage- Cal has played CV 3 years in a row now- 4 years in a row with Wash- weak scheduling

    No way Ren10- no excuses for EBAL teams, a league that is top 3 in Norcal should not play this non league schedule. The top 6 teams the EBAL are much better than this.

  • Rebel Fanatic

    What is the scoop on SLZ? When are they going to fire that loser of a coach? Bring back Haag or Versino over this moron Jacob Wright. He is ruining these kids and our program. Who is going to step in and finally clean up this dump site? We deserve better after 10 years. What coaches are available to turn this ship around?

  • greenboy

    one of the lowly D2 teams Amador plays is Concord. Back to back NCS championship appearances a couple of nor cal offensive records, not a bad d2 team to schedule. Concord took SRV to the last 30 seconds 3 years ago, so lets back off some of these outlandish statements regarding schedules.

  • Prep Fan

    I’m not sure why Junior really cares who the other EBAL teams play in the preseason, unless it has some bearing on how DLS is viewed by others nationally due to the strength of schedule of the teams they are playing. The EBAL teams all have one the best teams in the nation already on their schedule every year in DLS, in addition to a tough league season.

    R10 had it right that there are 2 year committments to be satisfied and Cal did move up and schedule Pitt this year in a battle of 2 coaches who once played for the mighty Spartans. How the teams decide to prepare for the rugged EBAL season is a decision for each coach to make on their own. They certainly don’t need to consult with Junior. Foothill and AV didn’t even make the playoffs last year and that could be a consideration in their scheduling. With Livermore on the rise, there are no easy weeks in the EBAL.

    In other leagues, divisions or sections, the strength of schedule becomes more important as the playoffs keep expanding to now include a NorCal playoff, and teams need to show they are battle tested to get selected. The EBAL and NCS D1 teams all know they have to go through DLS in order to move on, and it doesn’t matter if they beat Pitt, some WCAL team, or some other regional power. Logan is a different animal as they were clearly not being tested in league play which ha hurt them in the playoffs, so they went independent and upgraded their schedule.

  • junior

    Im not sure why Preppy cares what Junior says.

    Look at the non league schedules for other sports in the EBAL- it aint soft. For some reason the EBAL football coaches (some) believe they should schedule weak non league games.

    You cant get better by playing a weak non league schedule.

    We went through this last year with Cal playing CV and Wash- no way those coaches balk if Billecci politely asks them to opt out (even if they do have a contract- which I doubt)

    If an EBAL upper tier team cannot play one CCS D1 ,one SJS D1 or D2 and one softy game- then play league- and win 5 games- they don’t deserve the playoffs.

    Have some self respect coaches.

  • HAAL Fan

    Western Alameda County Non-League Schedules according to Maxpreps

    Foothill (upper) Division:

    Berkeley- Kennedy(richmond), @monte vista, Lincoln(stockton), @pittsburgh, @logan
    BOD- Las Lomas, McClymonds, Valley Christian(SJ), Minico(idaho), Arroyo
    CV- monte vista, @Leland(SJ), Cal, @liberty, freedom
    Encinal- aptos, @rodriguez, @serra, castlemont, @alameda
    Hayward- ygnacio valley, livermore, liberty, college park, @clayton valley
    San Leandro- @dublin, arroyo, @bellermine, @freedom


    Alameda- redwood, @northgate, mirmonte, @hillsdale, encinal
    Arroyo- american, san leandro, concord, oakland tech, @odowd
    Mt Eden- albany, @richmond, @moreau, oakland, mt diablo
    Piedmont- healdsburgh, moreau, @albany, john swett, @washington(sf)
    San Lorenzo- mt diablo, @newark memorial, american, @richmond, @hercules
    Tennyson- albany, @lowell(sf), @acalanes, oakland, @kennedy(fremont)

  • nfl

    what about the tri county stone divison jfk-richmond hercules de anza albany swett richmond. one of these teams is going to the playoffs unbelievable! who’s bright idea was it to make these bullshit divison’s? nice to see hercules kept emery on there schedule tells you all you need to know about that coach.

  • HAAL Fan


    BS divisions. I assume you are talking about the TCL-Stone and the WAC-Shoreline. Here are some facts that show why these teams are in the lower divisions in their new Conferance.

    WAC-Shoreline(calpreps) had three NCS teams last year
    Arroyo (0.9) 4-6 NCS2 L23-45 1st Rnd to Champ Windsor
    Piedmont (-4.6) 4-7 NCS4 L26-49 1st Rnd to Healdsburgh
    Tennyson (4.5) 8-3 NCS3 L7-42 1st Rnd to Miramonte

    WAC-Foothill (calpreps)
    Berkley (22.9)7-4 NCS1 L10-28 2nd Rnd to Pittsburgh
    BOD (28.1) 9-3 NCS3 L17-34 2nd Rnd to Champ Campolindo
    CV (16.4) 6-5 NCS1 L14-42 1st Rnd to San Ramon Valley
    Encinal (26.6) 11-2 NCS3 L6-41 3rd Rnd to Marin Cath.
    Hayward (-7.7) 3-7 Should be in the lower division
    SL (17.5) 6-5 NCS1 L12-28 2nd Rnd to Monte Vista

    TCL-Stone (calpreps)
    Hercules (-3.6) 7-4 NCS3 L21-58 1st Rnd to Champ Campolindo. game 10 L7-26 to Pinole Valley

    TCL-Rock (calpreps)
    BC (7.8) 8-4 NCS4 L35-42 2nd Rnd to Fortuna
    EC (9.6) 7-3-1 NCS3 L28-29 1st Rnd to Eureka
    PV (0) 6-5 NCS2 L7-20 1st Rnd to Rancho Cotate
    SM (0) 6-5 NCS4 L35-42 1st Rnd to VC-Dublin
    SP/SV (-17.1) 3-7 Should be in the lower division
    Salesian (40.2) 13-0 NCS4 CHAMPION
    VC (10.5) NCS4 L7-35 2nd Rnd to Champ Salesian

    Arroyo or Tennyson should be in the Foothill and Hercules should be in the Rock. Good luck to Hayward and StPats/StVincents.

    Hercules might be in the 2nd year of a 2 year contract. From now on before you make crazy/rude comments look up some facts 1st

  • moreaufan2

    Wow these are very interesting leagues!

  • Someone made a comment that a lower div team will make the playoffs because of the weak pairings. I have a solution- let them play the DLS junior varsity and if they win they make the playoffs or make the JV team eligable for the lower seed playoffs.

  • HAAL Fan


    If you and anyone else thinks that having 1 team from this so called lower leagues is not right. Instead of crying about them being let in the playoffs. Start making noise for an Open/Private School division in NCS. That would be a solution that would allow the kids from the upper and lower divisions to enjoy the memory of at least 1 playoff game in their high school career.

  • HAAL- that’s ok with me. The lower division winners should be div-5 or div-4, however school population numbers might not support that for CIF purposes. No problem if a school wins their league, but 4-6 and 3-7 teams should not be awarded UNLESS they have played up in pre-league during the year.

  • RichBallBoy

    Any word on the BVAL teams. Seen Pitt play and today was able to watch Deer Valley.
    Who is going to be the force this year?

  • moreaufan2

    I personally think the new leagues look about right. Gives everyone chances to win and compete