Logan’s Warren Miles Long commits to Northwestern

James Logan High running back Warren Miles Long made an oral commitment to play football at Northwestern on Friday. Long announced his decision on Twitter and confirmed in a phone interview.

Long was in Seattle at a football camp at the University of Washington when he made his decision and he returned home to Union City on Friday evening. He said the timing just felt right to make the call.

“It was probably the coaching staff and how they welcomed me like no other school,” Long said of his reasons for choosing Northwestern.

The Colts star, who will be a senior this fall, has been a standout running back the past two seasons. He rushed for 1,314 yards and 19 touchdowns last season and 1,545 yards as a sophomore. Long was a first-team Bay Area News Group All-East Bay selection last year as well as the Mission Valley Athletic League’s Jim Randall Offensive Player of the Year.

The 5-foot-11, 191-pound Long also had an offer from Colorado and interest from other schools, but Northwestern’s balance of academics and football won out.

“That’s been my thing — academics,” Long said. “I’m trying to get that degree, so of course, that’s important. What I was trying to do is find a school that can balance academics with having a good football team.”

He’s also excited about the move to the Chicago area. He made an unofficial visit to the Evanston, Ill., campus in April.

“I want to meet Derrick Rose, I want to meet R. Kelly,” Long said. “I want to watch the play Chicago. I want to have the whole Chicago experience.”

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • renegades10

    Congrats to Long. Should have a good senior year.

  • renegades10

    DLS’ Michael Hutchings committed to USC.

  • concrete17

    Miles…great choice for the right reasons. My son will be a junior this upcoming year at NU…loves the academic challenge(engineering major), the Big 10 Conference(team co-captain in another sport)his team & coaches, an AD and University President who are committed to improving/investing in NU’s athletic programs while not sacrificing academic requirements…..and the L train is a short hop into Chi-Town.

  • S1lverngreen

    Congratulations Mr. Long. Not too shabby!

  • Prep Fan

    Congratulations Warren Miles. Northwestern is a top notch school and their football program is improving. Good luck this fall and then the next 4 or 5 years at NU.

  • I see you

    Congrats Miles! I wonder who the first OAL player that is going to get an offer. It is a shame that the coaches don’t do more…

  • HAAL Fan

    Congratulations and good luck this season to Logan, Warren and his family. Is there any word on the other RB Damond Beasley and the QB Jeffrey Prothro.

  • HAAL Fan

    I See You:

    The coaches in the OAL need to rule with an iron fist. It might be tuff at first or maybe not because the area is full of great athletes. If a coach sticks to his guns eventually these kids will need to make a choice student/athlete or athletic future has been/never was. It sounds harsh but the real world doesnt care about these kids feelings.

  • I thought coaches coached I didn’t know they earned scholarships for players.

  • TJ

    #6 what do you suggest the coaches do? This is not a movie where a coach can volunteer ALL of his time and still manage to put food on the table. Half the time those movies are glorified anyway.

    If the coaches rule with an iron first, they get fired (Oakland High)

  • The OAL commish needs to take the lead, then coaches can run their programs without the fear of being replaced.

    Rule 1- No grades, no play.
    Rule 2- No practice, no play.
    Rule 3- Bad attitude- no play.
    Rule 4- CIF violations- no play.

    The school’s admin and coaches need to have their paperwork in line, forfeits are a cop-out, they need to be held accountable also, forfeits are the quickest way to ruin a program and wreck all the hard work put into it.
    I also suggest a parent team meeting with these teams to lay out the guidelines and get some cohesiveness.

  • OAL Bad Boy

    Yo Mama,
    Or, here’s an idea….
    Instead of complaining anonymously in a chat room, how about you go make some changes yourself, and volunteer to help keep their paperwork in line.
    Dont be the critic of the man in the arena. If it was so easy, everyone would be coaching.

  • I see you

    #6 PERKIN


  • Define bad attitude? & grounds for no play due to a bad attitude. I think that 4 out of 6 OAL schools cannot fill out a JV roster not Frosh, JV. If your mission statement is no forfeits then I will guarentee that a Coach will have to play players with a bad attitude & not attending practice 90% of the time in the OAL.

    #12 ??? Wake up & attend some games talk to parents & coaches you will get the picture.

  • So Perkins, what’s your solution? I know one thing, if the OAL ever wants to join the NCS to get some stability the schools can’t operate the way they do now. Most NCS teams have a frosh or JV or both.
    If they stay the OAL so be it, do what they want or can do, but other leagues(SoCal) in inner city areas are making it work- example Crenshaw.How about all those ex- OAL alumni step up? How about the Oakland Raiders step up for some funding? I know that still leaves the numbers problem with players, but other sports kids like basketball and baseball might come out if they saw some new excitment and improvement.

  • moreaufan2

    Whats up with the coaches in the OAL! They should go NCS, and get more funding. Yeah I agree it seems like no OAL schools can field V gootball teams, very sad! But they have talent up the ying yang when kids actually come out. but what happens is u get alot of kids who dont want to put in work and you have coaches who are able to motivate and inspire, which is not easy so I respect and Appreciate anyone who coaches in the OAL. Whether they are winning or not winning.

  • Oh boy

    @YoMama, etc.
    It sounds like you’re spouting off about some things tat you don’t really understand. Let me explain.

    1. OAL doesn’t want to join NCS and does not want your approval. They think the OAL will lose its’ voice in CIF and its’ players will always get the shaft by the NCS executives in eligibility and scheduling. The views on this board back that up.
    2. Only Tech and Skyline, sometimes Mack field jv teams. There are not enough players, coaches or equipment to provide for a 2nd team. I don’t remember fremont playing baseball this year and Mack rarely plays a full schedule so recruiting from other sports won’t work.
    3. Crenshaw is not Oakland. OAL coaches actually put in more work than other leagues coaches. Most hold a 9-5 while trying to transport kids without rides to and from practice. They try to run practices with boys that regularly miss meals. They hold kids in schools with a 40% dropout rate accountable for going to school and practice, grades and behavior.
    4. With all your criticism, OAL probably sends as many athletes to college on scholarship as any other league. And a good number of those kids D1 sooner or later.

  • ManDown

    It hard to blame coaches for players not earning scholarships because they are not with the kids 24/7. The athlete, administration, and parents are the ones who really hold the keys as far as college goes. The number one thing that goes with earning a scholarship is academics. Does it help to have a good coach that has connections and can make calls for players? No doubt about it, but coaches can’t do anything if a player can’t meet the academic requirements. Pointing the finger at coaches is ignorant. Start holding these players, parents, and administration more responsible for what’s going on.

  • Oh Boy, thanks for your info- what would you do to fix the OAL issues to shore up the football teams?
    You said they supply rides, how do the players get to school in the morning- coaches?
    Try running pratices after school or is that because coaches have 9-5’s?
    Didn’t knock coaches, don’t you believe the OAL commish and school admin help solve these problems?
    Why does Crenshaw have a great system? Alumni, parents, fundraising, all on the same page.
    Do you want to accept the present situation or improve it?
    Makes no diff how many div-1 players, how about all the other players- should not they enjoy sports in their high school years?
    Here’s a good solution, hit up some local merchants or Oakland companies and put on a players meal 3 days a week after practice?
    About the NCS, they would get the shaft in scheduling and eligbility? You’re either eligable or not.
    I hear a lot of cant’s, how about some solutions before the season starts? Does the OAL commish have any board meetings to solve some of these issues?
    Seems like the opinion is to fix the problem as it breaks, not solve the problem.
    Their isn’t a region or section that’s having the OAL type problems in California.

  • ManDown

    I highly doubt that joining NCS will change the problem the OAL has with sports. Comparing any Oakland school to a SoCal school is insane because SoCal has the nations second largest city in the nation. Therefore they have much more to choose from. Alumni and Raiders step up? They always have donated whatever they can to the OAL and still do to this day. There is a bigger problem that obviously most aren’t aware of.

  • EBfootball

    Several things about the OAL:
    1) There is no commissioner right now so Oakland will have to hire someone at $70,000 a year or pay about $800 per school for NCS dues. That’s more than $60,000 that could go to equipment, etc instead of an unnecessary commissioner.

    2) Bill Gates gave Oakland high schools about 30 million dollars several years back and nothing changed so he decided not stop giving Oakland money (google it).

    3) Students get promoted to the next grade no matter how poor they perform, misbehave, or attend class prior to high school in Oakland so when they get to high school there’s a good chance they have a very poor work ethic. I teach middle school in Oakland so I know. You can see how this can easily translate to sports. Unless a kid is an angel, has great parenting, or graced by god with with good sense it’s pretty easy to fail at anything in the Oakland schools.

  • Mabey they should level it like Detroit and put in some farms.

  • Moreaufan2

    Wow, they only have to pay 800 buck per school if they go NCS??? if thats the truth then it would be a no brainer. The commish didnt do anything anyway but mess things up from the way i heard things!!

  • I see you


    You never answered my question. With all of the athletes that Oakland has, how come there are no football offers yet?

  • bug

    Congrats to the young man. I remember him back in the days with the uc colts, dude was a beast.

  • moreaufan2

    Hey I hear that Russell White is the new OAL comissioner, any idea who takes over at Castlemont??????????????

  • Is this Russell White from Cal fame?

  • moreaufan2