Boys Soccer: Way Too Early Top 15

Just to get the discussion going…

1. De La Salle- A five-peat is looking very likely.
2. Richmond- Got a few holes to plug, got so much talent.
3. Ygnacio Valley- Nearly everyone coming back and motivated after last year.
4. San Ramon Valley- Always there in the end. Always.
5. Bishop O’Dowd- A lot depends on Academy with this team, but should have some key kids back.
6. Acalanes- This team will re-load and be unhappy with last year’s early exit.
7. Pittsburg- My up and coming, surprise team of 2013.
8. California- Enough fire power to keep up with the pack in the EBAL.
9. Newark Memorial- Should be the top dog in the MVAL again.
10. Hayward- My sleeper team for Division II. Watch out.
11. Clayton Valley- It’s a program now. They can sustain key losses and still be elite.
12. Dublin- See above.
13. Amador Valley- Young and upcoming. Probably a year away.
14. Campolindo- Coach Carney always has something up his sleeve.
15. Monte Vista- Always solid and will be again.

Matt Smith

  • Scoreboard

    Never too early Matt! Any news on the Amador search? Rankings look pretty good to me. What about Tennyson? One and done??

  • Juan Pito

    i think amador and monte vista might be a little better than cal and SR in ebal. MV and amador have some good talent coming up and cal and SR are at the end of their cycles.

  • Juan Pito

    also, word is YV might be losing players to academy.

  • Scoreboard

    Which YV kids may depart for Academy? Edgar is w/ DFC 95, no need to jump from that squad..
    I agree with Amador & MV lots to be excited about for those two programs in 12-13.

  • F50soccer

    early predictions for best players in EBAL?

  • Bueller


  • Juan Pito

    Many kids do make the leap from DFC to Earthquakes. Even though DFC is a fantastic club with some outstanding teams, it is hard to beat what the quakes offer. Free everything, (travel, apparel, cleats,etc.) It is hard to pass up on an opportunity like that.

  • Matt Smith

    I’ve heard they have interviewed candidates at AV, though I can’t say who until it’s official. There is one coach I’ve heard who I think would be perfect for it.

    I’m not sleeping on Tennyson, and I bet they are right there in the HAAL, and will be one of the ten teams just outside the top 15 to start the year. They have some production to replace at key positions, but many good returners.

    The EBAL is so hard to predict. MV and AV could easily jump SRV and Cal, but history says SRV and Cal will be top ten teams.

  • Shinguard

    Sparty will provide some great soccer this season although I predict a battle for top spot in EBAL but Sparty will prevail and should have the 5peat. MV should be up a bit higher in rankings along with Acalanes. Not always greener on the other pitch.. to jump ship from YV to Earthquakes and a depart a solid club program & you will no longer be able to play HS as Earthquakes play a 10 month season.
    December the DLS Showcase will be a hot-ticket event..great teams from all-around. Nov 5th is just around the corner 🙂

  • Bicycle Kick

    This just in…Villegas out….and who is in? Drum roll…..Scott Berglin??????????????? Who in the hell is Scott Berglin?? Guess who he is…an assistant from Ken Villegas’ (who got fired) staff. What??? How does a storied program like Amador with a long history and tradition of excellence hire a guy no one has ever heard of who has ZERO Varsity Head Coaching experience #1….and #2, how does it hire a guy that just came from a staff that got fired????? Someone please tell me.

  • Upper V

    Wow…Amador hired who? With all of the way more higher qualified candidates…they hire a guy from a staff of a coach that got fired? Rest assured, the group who banded together to see to it that Ken Villegas got fired after 15 years will not be happy in the least to see that a coach off of his staff got hired…not to mention a guy that never played for or graduated from Amador. What a disgrace.


    @ posts 10 & 11: Interesting reading. I am not a soccer guy, but this blog is strong and attracts prep fans to it.

    Sounds like the Amador Valley administration drinks out of the same kool aid cup as the one at Bishop O’Dowd in Oakland. Unfortunate.

    Very shameful.

  • Tim

    Lots of “no name” coaches go on to be very successful. Good luck to the new coach.

  • Someone-Please

    Okay, Bicycle-Kick and Upper-V, let me get this straight…”Villegas was at Amador for 15 years… and Amador has a storied program and long history and tradition of excellence?…did I get that right?

    …and Berglin was on the same staff ?…would that be during the “excellent history” period?…sounds like you gentlemen don’t know the “story”….just saying.

    You’ll probably find out who Berglin is soon enough. Amador is in for good times ahead!

  • Bueller

    How does anyone get a “name?” First, they get hired…

  • Lonewolf

    Whats the final word at Las Lomas regarding coaching changes???

  • Someone-Please

    Please allow me to repeat myself:

    14.Someone-Please Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    July 13th, 2012 at 10:10 p

    Okay, Bicycle-Kick and Upper-V, let me get this straight…”Villegas was at Amador for 15 years… and Amador has a storied program and long history and tradition of excellence?…did I get that right?

    …and Berglin was on the same staff ?…would that be during the “excellent history” period?…sounds like you gentlemen don’t know the “story”….just saying.

    You’ll probably find out who Berglin is soon enough. Amador is in for good times ahead!

  • Wow!! Scott Berglin AV head coach, great choice for amador, who is scott berglin? He is the harbaugh of soccer Great sense of the game, makes it fun for the kids, get ready ebal i have a sense amador will be the black horse this year

  • Marlene

    Berglin is going to do great things for Amador soccer, just you wait and see!

  • Sam Weaver

    Scott Berglin has coached both JV and Varsity at Amador for over 10 years. He played collegiate soccer at CSUH. He has a long history of working with students and teens as a youth pastor. While there might be more “qualified” coaches, Scott would have been my first pick too.

  • Upper V

    Uh…Someone-Please…the guy was part of a staff that got FIRED. Remember? So he coached JV and was an assistant at Amador….whoop de do…there a million guys out there with JV and Assistant Varsity coaching experience. And to my knowledge of the Amador situation, which is as good as anyone’s, trust me…since Villegas was there, there was no “excellent” period. The point being made was that Amador has a ton of history…and they hired a dude that not only has no Varsity Head Coaching experience, but was part of a staff that got FIRED and on top of it all, didn’t play or graduate from Amador either. I think Amador deserves better.Your opinion is your opinion..so is mine.

  • AV Alum

    Upper V you need to get a clue. Villegas took AV to the NCS Finals three times during his time as head coach, winning it in 1999. Before that AV hadn’t won NCS in 11 years. There has also been countless EBAL Titles and trips to NCS. (13 out of 15 years). That is a pretty excellent period in my book. I know you are hurt cause your guy (or you) didn’t get the job and you are titled to your opinion but saying there was no “excellent period” is WAYYYY OFFFF!!! Berglin will get the most out of his players and will bring an NCS Championship back to AV. MARK IT DOWN!!!

  • dnrapp

    #19 wow! Since the parents “got” the head coach fired. one would assume the parents must have “approved” of the hiring of the new coach. I guess every school must first at alums to fill every coaching openings. How many Amador alums from the last 15 “not exellent” year period, because they aren’t going to hire a 45 or older coach, are out there that have Varsity head coaching experience?

  • Another AV Alum

    Amador followed a terribly misinformed decision (firing Ken) with a very wise one (hiring Scott).

    I’ll just assume none of these naysayers actually played for Scott, or even Ken for that matter. I played 4 years at amador (05,06,07,08) – with multiple EBAL titles, NCS bids and a Winter Classic title to show for it.

    Is #21’s “knowledge of the Amador situation” as good as that? I can get you a multitude of alums who feel the same way as I do.

  • Sean Lemoine

    As a friend to both Kenny and Scott I would like to say thank you to Kenny for his 15 years of dedication to Amador and the sport of soccer. To Scott I wish you the best moving forward. Having had the pleasure to coach and play soccer with you for many years, I know Amador is in good hands.

  • Wolfpack

    Concord is a team to watch. Clayton Valley’s change to a charter school (?) is pushing students and athletes to change schools.

    Concord will have 3 OUTSTANDING seniors who play for DFC 94: Emmanuel Jimmenez (goalie), Andy Altamirano and Yojay Basulto (CV transfer).

  • Lonewolf

    DFC 94 Won the Davis Showcase…they dominated and made a solid statement in the final.
    DFC 95 also came out on top at Davis.

  • J.D.

    Who is Scott Berglin? Scott played four years at Cal State Hayward, was an assistant coach at Cal State , has coached at Amador and in club soccer . Most importantly for a town that cares about “character”. Scott is a man of great integrity and character…No administrator , parent, or athlete will ever regret Scott Berglin being named head coach at Amador. He is not looking to build a resume but help young people.

  • J.R

    I hear tennyson Gk is no returning back to tennyson , i heard he was going to Mt Eden

  • DJ

    That is not remotely close to English J.R

  • Mudhen

    Matt, do you have any comment on the realignment of the teams from the West bay?

  • MVAL player

    Interesting to note about MVAL this year as it will develop into a weak league, yet this league has a new team coming in, Moreau Catholic which will come in as a new resident eager to take on the prominent teams. As well with Logan being out of that division.

    Along side of that, Irvington and Mission San Jose high school have built a very strong program of experienced players who are eager to push out Newark and take top spot. Look out for some surprises in that division.

  • Matt Smith

    Tennyson keeper going to Mt. Eden would be a big boost for them, and too bad for the Lancers.

    I think the realignment is interesting. I really feel bad for teams being put into the league with Richmond. It won’t even be close. Pinole Valley is the next best team by a lot.
    I think the Rock Division of this league will be pretty balanced with Albany, El Cerrito and St. Mary’s all in the running.

    I think the WACC is a pretty fascinating league now with 16 league games and teams with all different styles. BOD and Berkeley should be considered favorites in their side of the league, and Hayward is a clear cut favorite in the other half.

    In regards to the MVAL, I still think the Newark and Logan will be pretty good and the league won’t be all that bad.