Calling all 30Q fans?

Hard to believe, but we’re nearing the time for our annual summertime feature: 30 Questions to Kickoff. Ben Enos and I will lead you right up to the 2012 kickoff with a new question each day. We’ll get started on Wednesday, July 25 and conclude our 30 questions on Thursday, Aug. 24, a day before many teams begin their season. As we like to do each year, it’s time to open it up for some suggestions of questions you would like to see answered. Throw them out in the comments section and we’ll do our best to answer some of them.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • MiraMan

    #49 HAAL

    I think its a combination of both. Alameda has definitely improved and as commented above, their program seems to be healthy and growing. Encinal lost some great players and appears to have a smaller roster than ever. I hate to pick on Encinal, but at some point the talent pool shrinks and injuries take their toll. Encinal still likely has the talent to beat Alameda, but the balance of power may be shifting.

    #50 Monarch

    I like you’re ranking with O’Dowd at the top and Castro Valley in the mix. I’ve seen Castro Valley scrimmage and they should do OK this year. I have a gut feeling this is the year San Leandor will pick it up and compete with O’Dowd for the title. My order is O’Dowd, San Leandro, Berkeley/Encinal/Castro Valley (in that order, but pretty even) and then Hayward.

  • Alameda has some good looking athletes & good numbers. I heard that their JV does their own practices & passing leagues so the kids you see at Var tourneys passing league or camps are all Var guys. 4-5 kids with goood size & good speed no way they shouldn’t win the B league.

  • Monarch Alum

    WAC shoreline predictions

    Mt.Eden 9-1
    Alameda 7-3
    Arroyo 5-5
    Tennyson 5-5
    Piedmont 3-7
    San Lorenzo 0-10

  • TJ

    so at 9-1 who does Mt. Eden lose to? You dont seem bias at all.

  • If Mt. Eden plays Bal they loose. Remember, everybody knows Bal’s got soul!

  • If Mt. Eden goes 5-5 that would be a big improvement.
    I had ex- Mt. Eden alums tell me that ME doesn’t have the physical makeup to be great again- I beleive they were refering to size and speed and lack of student interest in football. Perenon is an ex- QB. Mabey they pass the pass instead of pounding the rock to off-set physical abilities. Would the veer work at ME and could Perenon coach it? Coach P most likely to stick with his usual program from the past.


    @YoMama post #56 …

    Saw Mt Eden at a camp last week. I disagree somewhat with the comment about lack of size and speed. ME has some good looking linemen and three very quick backs with balance. Squad numbers at camp were mid 20’s. Strength of team seems to be in their line play (good but not consistent at camp) and talent of the running backs. Defense improved throughout the camp. It seems that Coach P is committing to building physical toughness and getting the players to develop a hard-nosed attitude about how to play and compete.

    I was VERY IMPRESSED with the quality of the staff. Veteran coach Bill Davies will be a huge asset. Young assistants are energetic and really coached well at the camp.

    Getting ME right is not an overnite project. But IMO, Perenon and his staff are heading in the appropriate direction. The players competed and played hard. It’s only a camp. Players must continue to buy in to the coaching and demands set forth by this staff. Staying healthy will also be a huge key for ME. I have followed ME for a numbers of years and very closely since Perenon arrived in August, 2010. For sure, ME is better off today than they were in August of 2010. My hope is that the players will put in enough work and commitment to learn how to win games this season. Things sure LOOK better now. But it takes time.

  • WAC

    WAC b league:
    mt eden 9-1
    alameda 7-3
    arroyo 5-5
    pidemont 5-5
    tennyson 5-5
    san lorenzo 3-7
    all have weak schedules but mt eden can win every game i only have them losing to moreau in non league

    WAC a league:
    bishop o dowd 9-1
    hayward 8-2
    san leandro 6-4
    encinal 5-5
    berkeley 3-7
    castro valley 2-8

    odowd will take league again this year. i see hayward shocking alot of people this yr it could be the year they roar with a solid coaching staff.

  • ManDown

    MiraMan, Encinal will be good this season. I do believe they will be a bit weaker than the past few years but I don’t think the power has shifted to the other side just yet. Yes Alameda has improved, I seen them in action at Skyline a few weeks ago and they don’t look that much better than what they were last season. Yes they have some good players but they had that same type of talent last year. I think Alameda has a ton of potential to be good but when you look at the schedule you see that the head coach doesn’t think his team can compete with the best. I guess we will all have to wait and see.

  • Monarch Alum

    @ Yo mama, the veer? Passing? Coach P is known for smash mouth football and handing the ball to his best ball carrier, the zone run game is what they ran at O’Dowd.

    @ eBay fan, you seem to have a lot of insider knowledge on coach P. Who does he think will be their toughest challenge for the title? Arroyo? Tennyon? Alameda?

    What is our best rb’s name? Who are the ones you’re talking about? Who should we be looking for to get us to the playoffs?

    @TJ, you sound like a rodriguez player or coach who’s just hating on the new staff. Coach Rodriguez for the record never beat Perenon. You were probably on the receiving end of some of those 50 point spankings. Rodriguez made Mt. Eden respectable but theres no comparison to Perenon and his 200 wins and many playoffs, league tiles, ncs titles and pros. Not to mention Perenon has placed about 50 kids on scholarships compared to zero for rodriguez. TJ, when it’s all said and done I think coach Pernon will have Mt.Eden on top. He is old school like Benevides was and Ben was a winner.

  • TJ

    “hater” this “hater” that.

    Just calling it how I see it. Ya i MUST be a rodriguez guy… i played in the haal, but not for him.

  • TJ

    we’ll see tho.. this is the year it should happen. His incoming freshman are now Juniors

  • Monarch Alum

    @WAC, Hayward 8-2? You are on one. Hayward’s 2012 season will resemble something like if they put a sexy young female in San Quentin for 3 months. Some unmentionable acts and personal violations will occur. Get out the rap_ kit, Hayward is in for a long season.

  • WAC

    @monarch alum: you believe mt eden can go 9-1? but dont believe hayward can go 8-3? ive seen both teams in camps and passing leagues they both can have a solid year. everyone is doubting hayward because they have had a few bad years. i see hayward getting back to old form within the next few years now that they have a coach that is keeping them dedicated and has them working hard.the only thing hayward has lacked recently is discipline. we all know hayward has the athletes to hang with most schools in the bay. now that they have coaches that can get the best out of every player they can get back to old form. same with mt eden, they have a better team this yr then they have had in recent yrs. perenon has those kids making strides. they can also shock alot of people and go 9-1 only losing to morequ if anyone. the only teams i have hayward losing too this year is odowd and clayton valley

  • Moreaufan2

    Hey i think mt. eden will improve but it will take time.coach p is not at a private school like he used to be so now he has to take what he gets in a sense. But some say they will be the deal this yr. we play them this year so i know they will be a very tough opponent who plays hard.

  • after reviewing the new shoreline league Perenon should be able to win that division with him at QB.

  • why is o’dowd ranked lower this year? same coach or new coach?

  • It sounds like the Moreau running game is the second coming of Brankston Banks? Moreau fan- are you sure Moreau is good? They had a tough time in the Bayshore in the past.

  • Monarch Alum

    Hayward is a still an undisciplined, no one shows up to practice program. How do you come up with 8-2 when they have to play: O’Dowd, San leandro, Berkeley, encinal, and Castro valley? Liberty, Clayton valley, college park and Livermore are all teams that can defeat Hayward. Let’s come back to reality.

    And what do you mean now they got coaches who keep everyone dedicated? Under this coach Hayward was 3-7. I can’t remember a worse Hayward team. Coach P is a proven winner. Coach reeder is a proven loser. Just sayin.

  • EB JC Guy

    Wow, Monarch Alum, are you coaching somewhere, dedicating hours upon hours to turning the potential of young men into reality, spending endless hours of time away from your family and in the gym and on the practice field? I don’t think so, yet you have the mindless audacity to refer to a coach who has had one year somewhere as a proven loser? It is high school sports, takes time to turn things around, especially in a challenging environment, maybe then it takes even longer. Get a clue, and then stay away from bashing the people who dedicate so much time and effort into building programs so young men can have a valuable experience. Coach P is a great coach and a proven winner. But that doesn’t mean others won’t be or aren’t working just as hard, or harder, to get there. Just sad when you use a record as the sole indicator of the progress of a program. Pathetic, actually . . .

  • Monarch Alum

    I don’t have to be a coach to recognize that Hayward won a couple of titles and made the playoffs with the previous staff. I just looked it up and Casey Moreno and Bishop had Hayward playing better than redemer’s 3-7. I don’t think you should talk down the previous staff if the current staff did worse than them.

  • Mark

    #69 Monach Alum, I dont understand how you can say Redimer is a loser I had the experience with coaching with him and he has a way of getting the best of what he has. Coaches can lose games players win games. I knew Red and he cares about his players and program and tries to not only make them better football players but better men. I also coach in the east bay been associated with winning and losing programs, However what most dont understand is that public schools do not offer finacial aid or have kids wanting to go out of district to attend like a DLS which has several distinct advantages and I dont deny them that but in a private setting a good caoch can become a great coach becuse he has those resources. So calling Redimer a loser is just wrong give him time he will build a good program over there been there seen some of his kids last year and it wasnt a bad team BUT When you take over a program just a month or two before the season especially that one and try to instill a program based on dedication and team work and love for each other to play at the highest level for each other takes time. MOnach Alum have you ever coach public school football do you realize the time it takes and the effort. I can tell you this from experience I have seen Red take a team with little or no talent and have a great season maybe not win league but exceed all expectations and build the character of those young men how can you call a man like that a loser. Red is a good coach give hime time he will build a respectable program again at Hayward. This is also his first year at the HC position being a HC at the lower levels at Liberty and you can say what ever you want about Liberty football But Red was there when they beat Pitt for the first time in 25 years and then the lean years when Heritage opened up and the talent pool was shifted to that school. I defend Red Cause I know him and I know his character and commitment I have been upset with him at times but he is a good coach who if he can get the players to come out can be a very good coach. So Monach Alum give him a year or two more beofre you say he is a loser, stop being a hater. ALso if you read Red is also brave enough to step on this board and without hiding behind a fake handle and tell you that his team will do all they can to prove everyone wrong in fact if it was me I would have already printed this and put it on the team room and in each players hands and challeged them to prove everyone wrong. And while other staffs may have had better records it takes time to buld a program and I am not putting red in the same class as Lad but it took him a few years to reach the levels he reached as well so give Red time and you will see you may even be surprised this year Kids rise to the level of thier coaches expectations and knowing Red he has high ones.
    Now I am ot here just defending I just dont like this calling people lsers stuff you can say a coach is not knowlable but loser come on unless you really know Alum.

  • EB JC Guy

    There you go again, using last season’s 3-7 record as your sole basis . . . how about the fact they did not hire Redemer until summer? Months behind every other program in porepration. Do you know what goes on behind the scenes in that program? How hard they actually work? Not saying you should talk down the previous staff either, in fact to the contrary. Moreno did a tremendous job there. Just no valid reason to talk down the current staff after one season, especially when head coaches spend so much time trying to develop young men, regardless of current record on the field . . . if you want to use records to bash coaches, look at the NFL and the coaches and players getting paid millions to win, not the teachers who volunteer all their extra time to provide a solid after-school opportunity in their community.

  • TJ

    Monarch alum.. with your rationale about hayward, your post #60 is officially BS.

    You cant use one school of thought and selectively apply it when u wish.

  • Moreaufan2

    Hey Big DOg i never said we were good, but we are ,uch better than were were in past season. We have a long way to go, but I see the kids working hard when i go there to waych practices. They only loss two game in the BSAl last year, and to two playoof teams! so i think they have done well, and the year before that they went 6-3-1, so we have improved, but not good to sya we are better than any other team, not saying that at all BIGDOG!, So we are truly humbled every year to make sure we improve. Cotter has done a decent job getting those kids ready to compete with teams that are much more talented on paper

  • Monarch Alum

    I’m not saying Redemer is a loser in life, just in the game of football.. That’s what Redemer’s 3-7 record says after Hayward won 5 games the year before. In #64, WAC claims they have better coaches at hayward now to make the kids more dedicated which is slap at the previous staff and So I compare 2011 to 2012 and I see that Redemer’s staff has lost 2 more games. So how is it that more dedication with “talent that rivals any school” is better off?

  • WAC

    @monarch alum.. you dont know the situation at hayward last yr. the coach got hired in june and had 2 months to get the team together. a team that had lost many solid players due to transfers and changed the whole offense/defense and was still able to compete in some games. he changed the whole atmosphere surrounding hayward football.. he started with grades. the team gpa has went up tremendously in the one year he has been there. academics is far more important than having a winning season so fast. this year he has had the team since janurary working out and getting ready for the season. they are not the same hayward team of last year.and if you think coach bishop was better.. lets put this out there the last yr they went 8-2 half the team did not make grades for ncs. and got killed by las lomas. that will never happen with redemer. he checks up on grades weekly and there is much more discipline and deication now

  • TJ

    isnt redemer also an on-campus coach? That helps in a huge way.

    If he is not an oncampus coach, my bad lol

  • WAC

    @ tj yeah hes also an on campus coach. and he has mandatory study hall everyday during week at lunch for kids when grades drop below 2.5

  • Monarch Alum

    @wac, Tell dem kids who don’t have a 2.5 to go on and enjoy their lunch cos Hayward will not win a game in their league. Can you really see it? O’Dowd, Encinal, Berkeley, San Leandro or Castro Valley, where are the wins coming from?

  • Monarch Alum

    Looking at #35, Hayward’s only win is ygnacio valley. While Mt.eden can win all of there nonleague games. Coach Perenon in his 3rd year can easily win this league.

  • Monarch Alum

    Tennyson is not going 5-0 in non league. Last year was a fluke. They will lose to Lowell, Acalanes, and Kennedy.

  • HAAL Fan

    Monarch Alum:

    i got to see mt eden and hayward at chabot this past wednesday. what i saw was 2 teams that will play hard and compete well with who ever they face. they were both physical and fast. i know hayward has a tougher schedule but most teams will look past them and that could be a mistake. hayward will surprise a lot of people this year. mt eden is going to be a smashmouth team because in passing league most of plays were play action and to 3 big tight ends. if they can have good line play on both sides mt eden is going to have a major turnaround this season. tennyson will go either 4-1 or 5-0 in non league. lowell will not have the athletes on defense to match up with tennyson and if they fall behind they dont have the offensive make up to throw the ball. kennedy did nothing but talk last year and that was it. they have a new coach again this year. tennyson should win that one easy. acalanes will be the toughest game for tennyson but seeing the double wing the week before should help the kids. all 3 hayward schools should have a good year on the football field.

  • WAC

    @haal fan i completely agree with that post

    @monarch alum… yes i can see them winning like haal said alot of teams are looking past hayward which will be a mistake.. i can see hayward destreoying castro valley just like they did every year in the past besides the last 2 years.. hayward has almost beat san leandro the past 2 years thi will be their year. encinal will be on a down yr being so many graduated and a few left.hayward will have a good game with berkeley and i see them winning. odwod is the only team i say they could lose too

  • TJ

    ppl that say about encinal every year.. lol

  • WAC

    @tj yea thats true buti think this may be the down year for them. could be wrong though

  • Monarch Alum

    WAC, you’re predicting Hayward wins over Berkeley and Castro Valley? LMMAO!

  • WAC

    you think castro valley is better than they really are. you sound like somebody that has never coached or played in your life. we will see this season

  • WAC

    @monarch alum. would you happen to know anyone named jigba ? lol

  • Monarch Alum

    Yeah, ME Running back. What about him?