Calling all 30Q fans?

Hard to believe, but we’re nearing the time for our annual summertime feature: 30 Questions to Kickoff. Ben Enos and I will lead you right up to the 2012 kickoff with a new question each day. We’ll get started on Wednesday, July 25 and conclude our 30 questions on Thursday, Aug. 24, a day before many teams begin their season. As we like to do each year, it’s time to open it up for some suggestions of questions you would like to see answered. Throw them out in the comments section and we’ll do our best to answer some of them.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Junior

    I’d like a breakdown on the upcoming regional games: where will they be played? Will they have double or triple headers? How are the sites selected/what is the criteria?

    Also-what is coach Hartwig’s goal for touches per game for Daniels? The Freedom HS triple threat (Daniels, Mayes, Mixon) have the potential to be explosive.

  • Monarch Alum


    1. Who will win the HAAL ‘A’ league? Berkeley or O’Dowd?

    2. Who will finish last in that league? Hayward?

    3. Can Perenon turn it around at Mt.Eden in year 3?

  • Monarch Alum

    4. Who is the best QB? RB? WR? Lineman? In the East bay?

    5. Who will be the surprise team this year?

    6. Which school is most likely to forfeit their games because of using ineligible players?

    7. Will the Monarchs please give me some bragging rights in the break room this season? I’m surrounded by Hayward high dropouts who are jawin all the time.

  • ManDown

    New coaches and familiar faces at different schools.

    Surprise teams in each league.

  • I see you

    What is wong with the OAL Footbal League?

  • Lumberjack

    Concord High with it’s small band of brothers. Do they reach the D-2 finals for a third year in a row?

  • DVAL Watcher

    Will there be another video with Coach Hamilton ? Please say yes !!!!
    Olito had an amazing, record breaking season last year what are his plans for college?
    Coach Hamilton, has had quite a few high school football stars come thru Concord. Can you do an article on him and his coaching philosophy, how does he get the most out of each of his players and what’s the history behind the sledgehammer? Love watching the opposing team during this ritual, classic!

  • randyc415

    The NCS Div 2 Scene? IMO this is the most interesting Division with most of the big schools from the North Bay being included. The playoffs have been great the last few years.

  • 617lemon

    I would love for you guys to ask all those coaches who ask to be in the b leagues why? Not good enough,dont have the talent to compete or just cowards. Also why does the ncs feel these new b leagues deserve automatic berths. Bcs dropped the big east i think the same should be done here no automatic berth for the seventh best team in the conference.

  • The toughest schedule coming out of the gate in Northern Cal this year?

    How about, De La facing state finalist Bellarmine, Colorado powerhouse 5 state championships Mullen and SJS powerhouse St. Mary’s of Stockton.
    Mullen plays at Owen-Owens for the 2nd game, after a 9-4 year LY, they came off of back to back 14-0 seasons, should be interesting.
    DeLa’s linebacking crew needs to dominate early against these opponents.
    DeLa’s running game needs to be in tune early and pound the rock.

  • HAAL Fan

    WAC-Foothill ?s

    With Berkeley, Bishop O’Dowd and Encinal coming off of League titles who will be the favorite?

    Is San Leandro going to be able to compete with the upper 3?

    Does Castro Valley and Hayward have a chance to win more than 1 league game?

    WAC-Shoreline ?s

    Can this league get more than 1 bid in NCS?

    Will Tennyson run away with this league?

    Does Arroyo and Alameda have enough in the trenches to go with their skill players to make a title run?

    Will Mt Eden finally be respectable?

  • billjohnson

    wac-shoreline these teams r playn 4 7th place from wat i hear all askd 2 play down. there n a down league n wat do these teams do they schedule more cupcakes n da non league. arroyo respectable non league alameda plays miramonte n piedmont healdsburg not bad but the rest of the league is a joke they obviously went lookn 4 bottom of da barrell teams. alameda plays hillsdale n redwood, tennyson plays albany ohigh n jfk fremont good 2 c these coaches saw that there league is weak n scheduled some tough games n non league.

  • HAAL Fan


    The Foothill schools with the exception of Hayward are division 1 and strong division 3 teams. The Shoreline schools are division 2 and division 3. The only school getting shafted is Hayward. Tennyson or Arroyo is the only school that could have asked out of the “A” league. And saying they are all playing for 7th is not right to the kids that go to these schools and might read these post.

  • Coach Redemer

    “Who will finish last in that league? Hayward?”
    “Does Hayward have a chance to win more than 1 league game?”
    “The only school getting shafted is Hayward.”

    We will see.

  • dnrapp

    If they would have known that Logan wanted out of the MVAL so badly. They should have had them join the WAC and have Piedmont stay in their old league. A Berk, BOD, SL, Encinal, CV and Logan division would be the 2nd best league in the NCS.

  • TJ

    Monarch Alum: Rodriguez did it in one year.. just sayin.

  • TJ

    btw isnt CV heading to the EBAL?

  • Hs f-ball fan

    What are the most consistent football programs and why.

  • dnrapp

    CV changed their mind when they expanded the HAAL to become the WAC


    @TJ Post #17:
    You did not do your homework. Coach Rod took over at Mt Eden in the fall of 2000. They were never over .500 until the 2006 season (8-2), then fell back to .500 the next year. BTW TJ, when was the last season Mt Eden played in the NCS playoffs? or won a league title?

  • MtEdenHomer

    EB FB FAN is correct. Coach Rod lingered around .500 for most of time at Mt. Eden with the exception of that 2006 (8-2) season. I don’t believe they’ve been to the playoffs since the 90’s. That 8-2 season would’ve been a playoff season if not for the stacked 4A division. Even when Mt. Eden made the playoffs in the 90’s I don’t believe they were a D1 school.

  • who is the best team in the old accal? how do u see the public schools matching up with all the private schools? E.C. is returning alot of athletes….

  • TJ

    ya but they did go 5-5 in that first year. Mt. Eden is 1-19 for the past 2

  • MtEdenHomer

    Come on TJ. I’m already hurting. Stop the bleeding buddy.

  • moreaufan2

    I have BOD winning one side of New HAAL and Arroyo or Tenneyson winning the other side, What u all think?????

  • moreaufan2

    Not Sure what Encinal has but they are always competitive when they play high quality teams, so never want to count them out. Sl will be athletic as well but ovwerall i think BOD will be better than everyone else!

  • EBfootball

    Speaking of the Jets…
    Will this tougher league prepare them more for the playoffs? How will the coaches and players respond to the challenge? They won’t have to wait for the semis to play a tough team anymore (besides Serra of course).


    @TJ #20 …

    I wonder if Coach Rod walked into the mess that Coaches Perenon & Thompson found waiting for them at Mt Eden?

    IMO: the groundwork that is being put into place at Mt Eden under the direction of Thompson and Perenon in 2010 and 2011 and continuing in 2012 under Coach P just might make the Monarchs roar. Watched the Monarchs in a camp lst week and saw some 7 on 7 @ Chabot over the past two weeks. I see a program making some strides. The Monarchs actually had the LOOK of a team; simple approach on both sides of the ball, new DC Davies will keep it moving forward, kids playing harder than what I’ve seen in a long time. Up to this point in the summer this group is showing signs of hope for their future. And the kid that got hurt last year looks to be healthy and ready to have a break out year. Line has size; one of the guards looks like a top caliber player. Depth is at running back. It’s very early but I like what is happening at Panama and Hesperian! Stay healthy Monarchs and follow the lesd of Coaches perenon and davies.

  • TJ

    Mt. Eden was a mess.. Gumbs was the coach the year before.. enough said.

  • HAAL Fan

    Rodriguez was a 5-5 coach for most of his seasons at Mt. Eden and 8-2 in 2006 a year after going 2-8. 2yr average of 5-5. Sometimes it takes a special group of determined bought in kids to change a culture. Thats what Rodriguez had in 2006. Maybe what EB FB Fan has seen this summer is another special group of young men. It would be nice to see Hayward, Mt. Eden, and Tennyson be a tough game for everyone on thier schedule. Good luck this season to all 3 Hayward schools.

  • Monarch Alum

    Mt.Eden had only one good year under Rodriguez & he didn’t win any championships. But they were better than Mits, Gums, Duran, and Perenon/Thompson.. Benavides was our last winning coach, they should bring him back.

  • Hoodboy

    I heard Alameda was looking good this year!

  • TJ

    We shall see… we were hearin that Mt. Eden gave a beat down to Encinal at some point during the summer last year too.. so time will tell.

  • HAAL Fan


    I remember hearing that mt eden competed well against encinal. And that was before they lost thier running back for the year. Im confused are you a rodriguez guy or a mt eden guy?

  • HAAL Fan

    Im excited to hear that mt eden is headed in the right direction. hayward sounds like they are on a mission to prove opinions wrong. tennyson seems to be on the verge of a league title. i think the non-league/pre-season for these schools will tell us a lot.

    Hayward (has the toughest schedules of the 3)
    8/24 vs Ygnacio Valley @sunset 7pm
    if kids are baught in they should start 1-0
    8/31 vs Livermore @sunset 7pm
    EBAL/NCS D2 early season big games
    9/7 vs Liberty @sunset 7pm
    Redemer might want this one more than the kids
    9/21 vs Colleg Park @sunset 7pm
    another chance to get a NCS D2 win
    9/28 @ Clayton Valley 7pm
    1st road game is the start of tuff final 6 games

    Mt. Eden (if summer opinions are true soft schedule)
    8/24 vs Albany 3:45
    should start season off with a home win.
    8/31 @ Richmond 7pm
    score 34-29 was closer than game last season
    9/7 @ Moreau Catholic 7pm
    1st test of season comes on the road
    9/14 vs Oakland 3:45
    good game to get back on track or keep it rolling
    9/21 vs Mt. Diablo 3:45
    hasnt done well vs hayward schools past 2 years

    Tennyson (team has a shot to be 5-0)
    9/1 vs Albany 1:30
    will make Albany happy thier not in WAC-Shoreline
    9/7 @ Lowell-SF 3:30
    1st of 2 weeks vs double wing attack
    9/14 @ Acalanes 7pm
    hopefully has double wing figured out by now
    9/21 vs Oakland 3:45
    might have less athletes but will have better coaching
    9/27 @ Kennedy-Fremont (TAK) 7pm
    another NCS D3 opponent to pad the resume

    I wish Hayward was in the Shoreline division with Tennyson and Mt. Eden or at least on schedules. The games would be good ones. Oh well. Good luck Hayward in the Foothill division.

  • TJ

    #29 Do I have to be either to express an opinion? and if it takes 1 person from going toe to toe with Encinal to finishing 1-9 then you are not very good.

    Im sure their RB at Mt. Eden is good, but he cant make up the entire team.

  • HAAL Fan


    your right. you dont have to be either. the colts were almost a lock for 11 wins every year. then some qb #18 got hurt and they went 2-14. that was on a pro level where all the players are world class and have been playing football for years. now say you take away a division 1-2 type of player from a team of kids, some athletic and some just happy to be apart of something. one person can get you maybe 3or4 more wins because he can elevate the level of play from his team. if you play(ed) sports you know what im talking about.

  • TJ

    we’ll see whats up. thats why they play em!

    Hopefully the kid who had that injury is as good as you guys say he is. That would be awesome if he could bounce back.

  • nfl

    peronon asked to be in the b league that should tell you what he thinks of his team.

  • nfl

    i would like you guys to ask coaches through out the eastbay to name there favorite programs in the eastbay to watch besides there own.

  • HAAL Fan

    39. Nfl

    you either know someone who was at this meeting or you were at this meeting. what coach in the WAC could be named NFL? i wonder. even if perenon was to ask for his team to be up or down shouldnt even count. the fact that mt eden has on won 3 games in the last 3 years is enough to make them an automatic pick for the lower division.

  • Reggie Hammond

    Calling all 30 Q’s: How is Alameda in the B league. Every summer they go to passing league with 30-40 varsity skill players and at the same time, they are running a JV camp with 50-75+ 9th-11th graders. What gives? Is what im hearing true? They asked to be down and it was granted…?

  • MiraMan

    I think the “A” and “B” leagues were based on team success over a period of time…maybe three or five years. I don’t think that generally coaches asked to be in either league though there could be exceptions.

    I think the plan is to re-evaluate every couple of years and realign the “A” and “B” leagues based on performance…perhaps moving down the lowest winning “A” and moving up the highest winning “B”.

    Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with a struggling program preferring to be in the “B” league. I don’t like the A/B structure, but hey, that’s why they did it that way – with 2 divisions instead of 2 separate leagues. So, personally I doubt coaches had to “ask” to be in the “B” league, but even if they did, what’s the big deal??

    Reggie Hammond, I think Alameda is in “B” because their record hasn’t been very good over the past several years. Also, I agree Alameda has a healthy program, but I think you’re getting happy with your numbers. I saw Alameda at Skyline and their whole varsity was 25-30 guys.

  • vic

    How will the ebal shape up this year?..key game predictions?..dls v mv, av vs foothill..srv?

  • Nfl

    Haal fan got it from the league commish all the teams in the b league were asked a or b all chose b all gave there reasons some legit some were total b.s. Youve seen mt.eden schedule does that look like schedule a good team would make knowing your in a down league? Please..to me it looks like garbage playing garbage!

  • Nfl

    miraman i see you guys play alameda how do you see that game turning out since youve seen both teams in camps?

  • MiraMan

    For what it is worth, and I don’t put much value in camp outcomes due to missing personnel, coaches trying some things and hiding others, etc., but Miramonte was better than Alameda. Don’t get me wrong, Miramonte is young and Alameda is much improved. The game will not ba a cakewalk, but Miramonte should win.

    Maybe a good question: Is this the year Alameda becomes the best team on the island? I think it entirely possible they beat Encinal!

  • HAAL Fan

    45. Nfl

    the commish probably told you that thinking you would keep it private. im sure he told you about other coaches that wanted to play down. how come you are not saying anything about them? if you have a grudge or dislike for paul perenon handle that with him. dont get on a blog and call the kids at mt eden and thier opponents garbage. what team do u like to watch?

  • HAAL Fan

    47. MiraMan

    has Alameda improved that much? or has Encinal come down a few notches since last season?

  • Monarch Alum

    WAC foothill predictions

    O’Dowd 8-2
    Encinal 6-4
    San Leandro 5-4
    Berkeley 5-5
    Castro Valley 5-5
    Hayward 1-9