30Q-2-KICKOFF (No. 4): Regional revolution

Today I tackle the very first question submitted by a reader. We planned on addressing it anyway, but kudos to Junior for throwing it out there.

I’d like a breakdown on the upcoming regional games: where will they be played? Will they have double or triple headers? How are the sites selected/what is the criteria?

Unfortunately, the answers to your questions don’t exist quite yet. The California Interscholastic Federation is still working on site selection, but from what we were told at the state basketball championships last season, they will be selected far before the games actually take place.

If I were to guess, I would say that yes, double or triple headers are likely. I don’t know the criteria offhand, but I would think they’ll look at places that have successfully hosted big high school football events before. That makes me think of somewhere like Sacramento State.

Don’t discount an East Bay site like Dublin High though. The North Coast Section has run some pretty good football playoff nights at Dublin. I wouldn’t expect to see it at a place like the Oakland Coliseum, because I doubt the CIF wants to get into all that. The NCS has a good relationship with the folks in Oakland and that’s why that works. I would think the JC/college level would offer good venues to choose from.

The much bigger question to tackle is how will these teams be picked and, I hate to tell you, not much will change from the way things are now. Teams will be selected to compete in the Northern California regional championships (ie. Open, Division I, II, III and IV). So, you’ll still see a selection, just one week earlier. Yes, it gives more teams a chance to get to Carson. Does that outweigh the earlier start date, the addition of an extra game and the physical toll it will all take on players? Well, that’s a matter for future debate.

Ben Enos

  • I would rather have these teams fight it out for the right to go to Carson rather then have teams chosen.
    The draw back for some teams would be a down night for them..but thats the price you pay not not coming to play…Its possible that injuries will take place and this is part of the game…I find it sad that some team will chose not to play certain teams…but i don’t blame them….

  • ManDown

    Concord star RB Thompson just committed to Washington State! Leach probably fell in love with his tape

  • Thompson is hitting full speed in one and a half steps, something it takes at least two steps for most guys and sometimes three…Any body who saw the Concord/Las Lomas game saw just how fast Thompson turned the corner. If he gets the blocking this year like last..he will be a holy terror….

  • BayAreaSection

    It’s about time they have regional games! If the Good Ole’Boys from the South can play 16 Games why not us Californians?