30Q-2-KICKOFF (No. 6): Declaration of Independence

No, we’re not delving into American history here. We’re talking about James Logan, which will play as an independent for at least the 2012 and 2013 seasons. It’s a move that at least from the people I’ve talked to is pretty much universally praised.

I broke the story in January¬†of Logan being granted competitive anomaly status, thus making it an independent. It passed by a 6-2 vote by the Mission Valley Athletic League and ratified by the North Coast Section’s Bay Shore Conference. What it means is the MVAL approved Logan’s request to withdraw from competing for a league title. Logan will still play a partial MVAL schedule (four games), but it will not factor in the league title race. Also, they will have a limited amount of all league selection. They’ll receive a maximum of four all-league selections, one for each game they win against MVAL competition.

The independence status doesn’t change a ton about Logan’s schedule for this year. But with Moreau Catholic set to join the MVAL, the Colts would’ve had only three nonleague games. Instead, they essentially get six (technically, every game is a nonleague game, but they’re required to play their final four games against MVAL teams). The schedule is daunting. The open with Nevada Class 4A runners-up Reed-Sparks (Nev.). They play NCS Division I runner up San Ramon Valley and the doozy is a road game Sept. 28 at Del Oro-Loomis, last year’s Division II CIF State Bowl representative. They also play San Leandro, Berkeley and Heritage.

The big reason for going independent is to be more battle-tested come playoff time. This isn’t a perfect solution, since Logan finishes the season with games against Irvington and Mission San Jose, not exactly the most challenging games. But they should get good tests throughout the early schedule and play in some bigger environments. With three-year starters RB Warren Miles Long and QB Jeffrey Prothro Jr., Logan coach George Zuber knows this is a time to go for it. This move was done with that in mind.

One complication is that by not competing in a league, they cannot earn designated league champion status to help them host a playoff game. They’ll have to hope to have a high enough seed and not get matched up with another league champ in order to bring a playoff game to Union City. That’s a calculated risk, but one Zuber was willing to take to step up the schedule and try to take Logan to the next level. I’ll be very interested to watch it play out.


Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Ernie

    sad to say, logan will be lucky to win half of there games. logan does not lack talent they lack good coaching; bottom line. fact; most of the logan kids played in the PAL before coming to logan they were winning championships. know they loose in the first round of the play-offs every year playing against some of the same kids. by the way tha 4A school has a student body of less than 1000kids, logan student body what 4,600 + such a joke

  • Brainiac

    Ernie, I’m sure in P.A.L. Football there are some great coaches. Those parents really know their football. I mean damn maybe they should hire those geniuses coaching the Union city pal to runthe logan team since they are winning all of those championships. I mean those parents have so much experience playing 8th grade flag football and maybe some of the best got to play high school ball. Wow, what a wealth of knowledge.

    It amazes me how stupid the p.a.l. Parents and fans are. They actually believe they know what good coaching is. Ernie, you and any other pal coaching legend should look in the mirror….take a good look at yourself and then slap the sh%# out of yourself yourself and say I’m f#%^ing stupid.

  • UC rancher

    @Ernie, I honestly see Logan going 8-2 or 7-3.They’ll beat Berkley,SL, and Heritage. Likely lose to Del-Oro,SRV, but I really don’t how good Wells of NV is so that’s the game im on the fence about. In game stragtegy is one of the reasons why Logan went independent. When they played League games,they rarely had to make adjustments cause they were so far better than the teams in their league. But when it came playoffs they would get out coached and the would rarely make adjustments. As far as enrollment is concerned, dont read too much into that. Unlike most schools in the valley or suburbs where support of the FB program is great, you don’t get that at Logan. Even the UC Colts of PAL youth football league has trouble getting kids to sign up for football. BTW, a lot of people around the program are expecting this team to be better that the one’s of the last few seasons. Some are even saying they could be better than ’07 squad. We shall see.

  • HAAL Fan

    Logan kids won PAL championships and now there losing in the playoffs to the same kids. Not true. Half of PAL is hayward, san jose, east palo alto and santa cruz. Logan is 1-6 in Zubers 6yrs vs east bay kids not the south bay pal kids. and the teams were good.

    2011: L14-28 vs San Ramon Valley (had a d1 qb)
    2010: L6-23 vs Berkeley (big school more athletes)
    2009: L37-59 vs Foothill (sweeney, ebal)
    2008: L14-33 @ Freedom (start of strong run as top program)
    2007: W31-7 vs Foothill, L9-27 vs Cal (runner up to dls)
    2006: L32-29 vs Foothill (runner up to dls)

    2005: ncs title game dls beat san leandro 14-0 (zuber was the defensive coordinator)

  • BayAreaSection

    Goota give props to Logan. Hope them to see them Schedule more teams from the CCS/SJS.

  • bval

    big school more athletes… thats your point in 2010?

    Do you understand that Logan is the biggest school in the entire state… They have probably 1,000 more students than Berkeley… saying they have more athletes is not a valid excuse

  • HAAL Fan


    maybe i should have said berkeley was on a roll heading into that game. logan had a bunch of 10th graders as playmakers that probably played tight a nervous. i dont think it was a coaching issue that night but a experience issue. those kids are seniors now QBs Prothro and Bua, RBs Long and Beasley. i think the early exits from the last 2 ncs for that group will motivate them enough to suprise either srv or del oro and win an ncs game

  • LoganPride

    If my numbers are correct Logan is 53-14 in six years under Zuber. Included in this run are two undefeated regular season a section semifinal and a section quarter. They have beaten in this time Foothill twice, Monte Vista, Berekely, Heritage and dominated their league. Yes, they’ve also lost their fair share of games to the EBAL, but who on this side of the hills hasn’t?!?

    Also of note, they may be large, but their male population is very diverse with a large majority of kids coming from non-American football nations, so the argument that they should dominate because of their numbers is thin at best.

    Zuber has done a good job, and hats off to him for going independent, and recognizing the need to become “battle-tested” for the playoffs.

  • Prep Fan

    So Logan will have to play on the road in the playoffs if they face any designated league champions. This is a different status than DLS had when they were independent. I recall that in 2007, both Pitt and DLS were considered BVAL league champs as far as home field advantage in the playoffs. Interesting change, as Logan would almost assuredly win the MVAL this year if they continued to compete as a normal league member.


  • Prep Fan

    While I’m sure it’s true that Logan’s “male population is very diverse with a large majority of kids coming from non-American football nations”, the same could be said for a lot of schools in the East Bay. Welcome to 2012. They still have a huge enrollment.

  • mvalfan

    logans best player is a filipino. how can you say kids from “non-american football nations” cant play, he is the best player in the east bay.

    logan cant win in the playoffs. maybe going indepenent will help them. washington has just as diverse of a school and they win in the playoffs with a lot less

    i agree with #1 it all starts with zuber he has to learn how to win in the playoffs/big games.

  • LoganPride

    Mvalfan and Prep Fan I think you’re misinterpreting what I said. Didn’t ever say Logan couldn’t win because of their student population (I said they were 53-14). Just said the argument that they should dominate everyone else because of their population is thin, especially the teams over the hills (EBAL) where the percentage of the male population that is interested/has the size to play football is much higher. Agreed that Logan has similar dynamics to east bay schools. It’s not an excuse, it’s reality. East bay schools have a disadvantage to schools over the hills in many ways, that being one.

    Very bad argument that Washington gets it done… they do in Division 2, but they lose to Logan every year before they do that (one exception in 6 years), you don’t think Logan would make deep runs in D2 playoffs…come on. That being said, I have much respect for Washington and root for them in the playoffs.

  • mvalfan

    washington went to the d1 semis 3 years ago. in the past four years they have won more d1 playoff games than logan and have been in d2 for 3 of those years. i never said washington gets it done. i said they know how to turn it on in the playoffs. they play their best football when they get to the playoffs. logan plays their best football to beat washington then crap the bed the next week in playoffs every year. logan has double washingtons and students they should never lose to them

  • MtEdenHomer

    LoganPride is exactly right. Logan shouldn’t win games because they have a school population of 4,133 kids and a male talent pool of 2,121. That argument doesn’t stand up. It doesn’t matter that the number of young men at the school is larger than the entire school population of any DII school (which includes aforementioned Washington High). We shouldn’t use that as a barometer of what our expectations should be for Logan because many of the kids come from ethnic backgrounds that don’t want to play football and, even if they did, they’re too small in stature to play anyway …

  • HAAL Fan


    whats are your thoughts on all the comments your school has been getting the past couple of weeks? have you seen them this summer?

  • TJ

    not sure if mtedenhomer’s comment was sarcastic lol

  • LoganPride

    Geez. Ok, buddy, you’re right Washington does great in the D2 playoffs. To be admired. My point was, so would Logan and would compete for or win the D2 championships most every year if they were in those playoffs, and Washington would have a similar or worse record in the D1 playoffs if they switched places with Logan. My point is that you can’t compare the two, they are totally different levels of play. There are some great teams in D2, but none of them are DLS, Foothill, SRV, Cal or Monte Vista.

  • mvalfan

    did you not read my comment, washington went to the d1 semis three years ago. in D1 not d2. when was the last time logan even won one game in d1 playoffs? come on. my point is logan is great all season then sucks in playoffs. logan underachieves every year for how much talent they have, and they have a lot

  • UC rancher

    @MVALfan, u have 2 compare competion in each division. As of right now there is no comparison between D1 and D2. If washington was in D1, they wouldnt even stand a chance let alone be competitive. Also the last three meetings between Logan and Washington have not been close at all. Logan has been beating them by an average of three touchdowns. Not good when trying to prove your argument.

  • UC rancher

    @ Mvalfan, correction on Logan’s best player. He’s Half Filpino, Half Black. Thank you very much.

  • Moreaufan2

    I totally agree with U Rancher on this. u cant compare D1 and D2. Logan is a playoff team, no one can take that away from them, secondly its not easy to win in the playloffs for any team, and we cant act as if logan has never won any playoffs games. they are one of the best teams in the Bay Area! I have no problem saying that!

  • epcthree

    @ BVAL – Just an FYI… According to HighScools.com to (a resource of Public and Private U.S high schools data), Logan is the 25th largest school in the state. Key point is that Madera HS, just north of Fresno is the only school outside of Southern California that houses more students than Logan; the other 24 are all in what would be considered Southern California. The ethnic breakdown for Logan in its Enrollment for the 2011-12 school year; 5% Pacific Islander (206), 23% Asian (951), 20% Filipino (827), 30% Hispanic (1240), 10% African American (413), 10% White (413) and 3% Other (83).

  • bval

    I saw a list a year ago listing all CIF member schools and Logan was the only school listed having over 4,000 students

    The racial breakdown you provide is irrelevant to athleticism… Unless of course you’re racist and value one race over another in terms of athleticism

  • MtEdenHomer

    100% sarcastic, TJ.

    Sorry HAAL Fan. I don’t frequent the boards enough to know about the comments you’re referencing.

  • epcthree

    @ BVAL – Well, then apparently the list you saw was incorrect. While James Logan does indeed have more than 4,000 students, there are a number of schools in Southern California which have more (including Long Beach Poly, Paramount, Fremont (LA), Wilson(Long Beach), Bell, Millikan, Garfield (LA), Angeles (Simi Valley), Lakewood and Huntington Park. HS Enrollment is extremely fluid and is a constantly changing number, and while Logan is indeed the largest school in Northern California, it is in no way the largest school in the state.

    Additionally, I provided the racial breakdown because LoganPride posted: “Also of note, they may be large, but their male population is very diverse with a large majority of kids coming from non-American football nations, so the argument that they should dominate because of their numbers is thin at best.”

    All I posted was raw data; I didn’t imply or infer anything. If you want to make racist charges, please know of where you speak rather than raise unsubstantiated accusations.

  • Eastbayfan

    Someone correct me if i am wrong..logan has won 1 playoff game from 2005-2012….i think that is all someone was saying on here..Logan wins league then cant win when it counts

  • Eastbayfan

    Or i guess 2005-2011 sorry