De La Salle opens season ranked No. 4 in country

USA Today released its Preseason Super 25 football poll today, and De La Salle will begin the season at No. 4 in the national rankings.

The Spartans are the second California team in the rankings, with defending Division I bowl champion Santa Margarita ranked No. 2 in the nation. De La Salle is the three-time defending Open Division champion.

Practice officially starts next Monday for high school teams. The Spartans welcome back a talented nucleus from last year’s bunch, led by four highly-touted defensive recruits in Michael Hutchings, Austin Hooper, D.J. Moffitt and Victor Egu.

The only other California school to make the list is No. 22 Vista Murrieta. The Broncos feature heralded all-purpose player Su’a Cravens.

Ben Enos

  • Bob

    Where’s Santa Margarita??

  • Irestmycase

    So you now agree, good to see in print, DLS recruits. Oops! Naw, like we have always been told, its just superior coaching/practice/work ethic. Yea, right.

  • renegades10

    I’m assuming you have some evidence right?

  • junior

    I wish DLS would recruit some O-lineman.

  • Its my opinion that DLS should be ranked #2 and Santa Margarita should be #4…they got it upside down…

  • Junior

    George-it’s the same thing most years with the national polls: they over rate so cal and under rate nor cal. You would think with DLS completely destroying so cal’s best the last two years, DLS would get the benefit of the doubt.

  • renegades10

    I guess I actually thought DLS was too high in the USA Today poll. Until I see the offense and how the new QB is performing I’m not sure they are a top ten team. Too many questions on the offensive side of the ball for me to feel good about that ranking.

  • epcthree

    @ Irestmycase… You may want to learn to read things a little more closely. The article didn’t imply that the athletes mentioned were recruits to De La Salle but rather that they are De La Salle athletes being recruited by colleges. The recruiting argument is a tired one and the reality is that DLS doesn’t have to recruit; athletes (and their parents) choose DLS because of its success, and that breeds continued success.

  • Junior

    Most years you can toss the top 25 teams into a bowl and randomly pull them out for a pre season ranking. The argument is more who is #1 in the state of CA. Once a few games have been played the rankings become more understandable. Calhi will have it correct and will not fall for the latest Socal flavor of the month.

  • chatoman

    Pre season rankings who cares, I like the final rankings!! There’s a lot of good football teams but there’s only one DLS!

  • Irestmycase, all the top 25 teams have lots of college bound players and yes they all attract superior football players, but again, coming from 8th grade, these kids aren’t exactly superhuman. These top programs private and public groom them from frosh ball on, these top programs all have large teams- 50-75 on varsity and all have big JV teams as well. They are all well coached and have multiple position coaches, many who are ex-players.
    The problem with parents who’s kid doesn’t go to one of these top programs is that they don’t like their kid’s team getting rolled.
    Mabey we get all the top teams to play each other, no leagues and their kid’s programs can play these top teams JV’s.
    Irestmycase, don’t go down to Long Beach Poly and talk that crap on them, you’ll get smacked in the weight room and end up in San Pedro, hoe.

  • YoMama, while I rest my case is resting his case, you should walk his significant’s other down Winton to Owne’s-Owen’s for a snack.

  • Guest

    And the kids at the large public high schools may or may not get good coaching. Look at Berkeley High. TONS of talen, but the coaching? Who has Sims signed since he got there? How did they do? BHS needs to support their football team, get some decent coaching, and a coach who will do some work to get his players recruited.