30Q-2-KICKOFF (No. 10): Casting call

This might be the most fun I’ve ever had with a 30 Questions topic.

For those who haven’t heard, the book “When the Game Stands Tall” by former Contra Costa Times columnist Neil Hayes is being turned into a movie. The tale of De La Salle’s football team will be directed by Thomas Carter, who directed “Coach Carter”.

So, who ya got acting in the movie???

First, a disclaimer. I got this idea from our friends over at SportStars Magazine, who covered it in depth in their last issue. I laughed pretty hard at the breakdown they gave.

So, I got to thinking. Who should be in this flick? First of all, I’m locking up Liam Neeson for Bob Ladouceur. Neeson is in everything these days, and I think he’s got the range to play the head guy. I think this one’s a slam dunk.

Next, and perhaps most importantly, who plays defensive coordinator Terry Eidson? I’ve seen some message board chatter that has everyone from Jack Black to Al Pacino in the role. So, I thought, who could do any sort of role you asked and serve the role with the right, shall we say, intensity?

It’s a no-brainer (and I stole this idea from a friend as well): Christopher Walken. Could you imagine him on the sideline? I know, they look nothing alike. It’s Hollywood. Walken’s abilities transcend looks. I NEED MORE COWBELL.

OK, so we need to cast a few other key roles. Here we go:

Maurice Jones-Drew played by… Maurice Jones-Drew: I don’t know if MJD has any acting chops, but the dude has some time on his hands. What better way to spend it than portraying himself on the big screen? We’ll get him a stunt double to keep him fresh for the upcoming season.

Dan Shaughnessy played by Robert Duvall: Coach of Salesian at the time, you’d have to cast Shag as the opposing coach, I think. Think of the Robert Duvall in Days of Thunder rather than today’s Robert Duvall. Don’t you think Harry Hogge could get the Chieftains going? I could see it.

Role of  unnamed high school prep reporter played by Justin Long: If you’re thinking back to who covered the team at the time, you can eliminate me. I was a senior in high school in 2002. This would be a bit part, since the beat writer doesn’t appear too much in the book. Also, since we’ve got Justin Long, I would find a spot in the movie for his nemesis in the Apple commercials, PC. That guy could play a referee, I figure, and together I bet we could get em on the cheap.

OK, there are obviously a ton more roles to be cast. If you can find a way to work Sandra Bullock into the flick and still stay under budget, then you’ll guarantee big box office results. I know you all have some ideas. Bring em on.

Ben Enos

  • Junior

    Here are some things I’ve learned:

    -Pittsburg has built DLS-thank you pirate faithful. Can the other cities learn from Pitt and follow their lead please.
    -Any parent with a promising football player-send their son to DLS football camp so Lad and the staff can get them admitted.
    -Concrete17 has an outstanding idea.

  • Pete

    Now that’s more like it junior! About time!

  • junior

    Hey Pete- I owe much of it to you- thank you. You are clearly the most objective, insightful poster I have seen in a long time.

  • Pete


  • Junior, mabey Pete could scout for us and do some recruiting.

  • barefoot

    Many factors contribute to DLS’s success. IMO, the major factor is the total (school, parent, student, coaching, fans, etc) commitment to winning. The catalyst is Bob Ladouceur’s leadership and intelligent use of resources available to him. Anyone successful in life will tell you taking advantage of your opportunities and uncompromising commitment is what it takes. I’m an EBAL dad. I’m ok with DLS and what they do. Yea its frustrating to never get past them but they don’t cheat, they are gentlemen on and off the field and they are friends. When they play out of league I pay attention and support them.

    What I think everyone is trying to tell all you DLS bloggers is that your pathetic reluctance to concede your real competitive advantage is dishonest and will only make beating you one day oh so sweet. An EBAL or other East Bay team school will beat you one day. That’s the team they should really make the movie about.

  • I don’t think any DLS blogger or fan hasn’t conceded all the factors that you listed. We all agree on them.
    What outsiders want us to concede is that DLS cheats and recruits. Is that pathetic reluctance?
    As far as beating DLS, we have been beat in the past, get up and dust it off and real off another streak type performance. DLS is not afraid to loose.
    Also, the majority of the other EBAL schools should have the same major factors you listed already instilled. The school demo’s and economics are the same and the EBAL has put many non-football teams to NCS champs( swimming, water polo, golf, track, baseball, volleyball, etc.), there’s no advantage at DLS over these EBAL teams, are they? Then why football? Simple, it’s the system from top to bottom for the last 30 years.

  • junior

    If I hear you barefoot- you believe DLS football has an unfair advantage due to open enrollment…and your proof is their winning. Correct?

  • Barefoot

    DLS does not have an unfair advantage, they have a competitive advantage. DLS has created the competitive advantage by building a successful program all within the rules and any ethical standards someone wants to throw at you. They are simply reaping the benefits. You DLS bloggers on the other hand are so defensive about any critisim it simply breeds contempt. Not for DLS, but for you. Thats the part you don’t get. Just like I may not get what it means to be part of the brotherhood. No body is looking to bust DLS or uncover some sort of conspiracy. And it isn’t jealously so don’t flatter yourself. You’ve heard of the ugly American. You display the same characteristics. Let me put it to you another way. When you say the “best” kids want to play for DLS, not because they are actively recruited but because they want to be winners, you are implying that if you are a kid that doesn’t want to play for DLS, you are less than the “best”. I know you will find away to deflect this because that’s what you do, but if you climb down off your high horse just for a moment you may understand.

  • bigeasy

    Right on Barefoot I could not have said it better myself.

  • Junior

    I won’t speak for other DLS bloggers-I only defend when the word “unfair” is used to describe the Green Machines dominance.

    Barefoot is in the very small minority of the anti-DLS crowd-you are to be applauded and used as an example to others in my mind.

  • Pete

    Phenominal job barefoot. You managed to articulate what I was trying to write, so DLS blogger had very few loop holes to nit pick and spew lame ass remarks that everyone can see right through. Well done!!!

    Gentleman???!!!! Ha!!!!