30Q-2-KICKOFF (No. 14): Coaching turnover

I got all fired up today to address a usual staple of 30 Questions, that being how new coaches are going to do.

Then, I realized we really don’t have very many new coaches at all. Nevertheless, I forge on.

What can we expect from this year’s new head coaches?

The best place to start is in the Diablo Valley Athletic League, which welcomes in new head men at Clayton Valley, Mt. Diablo and Ygnacio Valley. Clayton snagged a familiar face in these parts, with former YV coach Tim Murphy taking over the program after a few years in the Central Valley. Bryan Shaw is the new head honcho at Mt. Diablo, and Phillip Fuentes takes over at Ygnacio.

Obviously, I think the coach in the best position to succeed is Murphy. He’s got a proven track record (nine league, three section titles) and he’s got a bit of talent coming back. I’d take Joe Protheroe and Jesse Medrano as my starting running backs any day of the week. I think the main challenge will just be the shift in culture. Murphy ran the double-wing at YV, and while I’m fairly confident things are going to be a bit more diverse this time around, he’s still going to run the ball a ton. I do know, however, that opposing DVAL coaches are not taking Clayton lightly and I would expect the Uglies to contend for the league title in year one.

Mt. Diablo and Ygnacio Valley are bigger mysteries, with Shaw and Fuentes taking over. Numbers are going to play a huge part in how either of these teams can rebound. If guys come out to play, then I think there’s always going to be a fair amount of talent in either place. I have heard good things about Fuentes, who comes north from Clovis with Murphy. Hopefully both YV and Mount can rebuild quickly.

The only other new coaches I can think of are in the MVAL. Mission San Jose welcomes in Samuel Baugh, while last I heard, Kennedy-Fremont had given the interim tag to longtime assistant Dave Damewood. Both have turnaround jobs to work on, with Kennedy still trying to find its way after the retirement of Pete Michaletos in 2010.

Ben Enos

  • New coach at SPSV replacing Blanton.

  • Friday Night Lights

    I heard DV has a new coach as well.

  • bval

    not a ton of head coaching changes but there are a ton of coordinator changes in the BVAL

    6 teams and 5 new defensive coordinators at those schools…DV, Antioch, Pitt, Heritage, and Liberty all making changes

    a couple new offensive coordinators, DV and Antioch making changes, not sure of any others

  • MVAL44

    From what I heard at Tennyson, the MSJ guy “bought” the job. No previous experience and he got smashed in passing league and scrimmages. As one coach put it, “why do they have a team?” What happened to Vandeusen? Where did he go?

  • FB Guru

    Alameda retired at PV, I think an assistant coach got the job.

  • DVAL Watcher

    Clayton Valley also, will be without Coach Garaventa for football & track and field this year . A bit of a surprise, great coach with a real gift of connecting and motivating young athletes. Heard he was talking to Northgate but, their giving Coach Lowell another year to get that program in order. He’s on double secret probation….they didn’t build that new stadium to have it empty out by the half! Coach Garaventa was heading out to Liberty HS for football and not gonna coach track and field this year….to bad thou. John Fouts (Dan Fouts / SD Chargers familia) is back in the fold at Clayton Valley coaching the youngins. Whatever, happened to Coach Turner last I heard he was over at BOD?

  • Blanton moving and grooving at Jesuits(Sac). Some new coaches, new system and lots of positive comments.Would not be surprised to see them win 10 or 11. Strong program that needed a little shot in the arm. Heard might have DLS on their schedule in the near future.

  • Ben Enos

    Of all the places I would forget, I wouldn’t have thought Pinole would be one. Luke Bodwin is the new head coach at PV after helping to run the offense last year.

  • MVAL44,
    VanDeusen was fired toward the end of last season.


  • MSJ warrior

    Mvalfan u r a piece of crap. MSJ played well at Tennyson. They looked better than previous years. Anyone there would have said the same message. MSJ stopped Arroyo and Tennyson on several drives. The new coach has the team playing with more passion and I haven’t seen that here in a long time.

  • HAAL Fan

    Paul Perenon at Mt Eden. The past 2yrs he was a Co-Head Coach with Ron Thompson. Now he is in his 1st season as the guy in charge of Mt Eden. That might explain why people have been posting a lot of positive things about Mt Eden this summer.

  • TripleThreat

    Great list of new coaches for this year. There is an interim Head Coach at Dougherty Valley as the former hC (name?) took a leave of absence I heard for medical purposes.

  • DJ

    lol ya.. cuz thompson was in his way right?

  • Watchout for CV! The Eagles should be good this year (at least NCS D2 semis)and if they stay in D2 (as now a charter school and if overall successful, their enrollment could grow to over 2000 in a couple of years)dominate the division.
    I don’t think I need to tell you Tim Murphy’s credentials, and the Double Wing T (which he invented)is the perfect offense for the kind of athletes Clayton Valley usually gets.

  • BayAreaSection

    So when ya mean DV is it Deer Valley or Daugherty Valley. What’s goin on Heritage. I know they have been up & coming and arrived. So what’s going on there? Cud someone pass the 411 please!

  • Spartan_4_Ever

    I think they are referring to Dougherty Valley.
    Heritage? What 411?

  • bval


    Tim Murphy didnt invent any offense

    He has never run the double wing t

    you are combining two seperate offense that are very different

    double wing and wing t

    totally different

    He has traditionally been a double wing guy

    Now he has moved into a shotgun version of the offense, but the same core plays

  • greenboy

    while listing coach Murphy’s credentials can you please include his last 3 seasons at Clovis oh and also list the record number of jobs he held in one off season….
    Hes a great coach but to predict NCS semi at least is bold ma’am but wade just did it at Dublin so it can be done. Besides Pitt he has a cakewalk in preseason and really only college park and concord in league ….but Cv spends every summer telling of their impending dominance

  • YVFan08

    From what I hear Coach Turner is no longer at BOD he is back at YV as the new OC. Also, BVAL is right Murphy did not invent the Toss offensnse, which is that actual name of it, although he did get it from the guy who did invent it.

  • Spartan83

    Yeah, Pinole Valley is going through big changes both at the Varsity and JV level. As far as I know … Head Coach Alameda plus 2 others are gone (maybe more). At the JV level, Head Coach Crane is gone and they lost at least 4 assistant coaches.

  • MVAL44

    Define more passion,Tennyson ran 25 plays and scored 9 times, Arroyo ran 25 plays and scored 12 times, Mission ran 25 plays and scored 1 time. Im crap? Look at ur own team, Im just stating what was spoken to me.


    As blog readers know I am a believer in Coach Perenon. Followed him for 20+ years at BOD and know he can coach and motivate young men.
    #11: I also know how much Coach P valued his two years with Coach Thompson putting the program back into place at ME. Coach P wanted Coach Thompson to stay and continue the rebuilding process. When Thompson made his decision to move in a different direction, Coach P went out and hired a veteran coach to run the defense in Bill Davies (most recently at Hayward and Castro valley).

    The rebuilding continues. ME had a good summer with an emphasis placed on strength training and conditioning, with some football camp work and 7 on 7 included. ME had a fairly consistent turnout of players making the workouts. Squad size hopefully will be 30+. Players need to continue to make a commitment to attending practices regularly. Still an uphill battle but ME is, without a doubt, moving in the right direction. They have some athletes. The kid hurt last year (running back/def. back)is back and looks to be ready to go. O line has size and could be a strength of the team. To win 5+ games the players must buy in to the demands of this staff. I am impressed with Davies’ defensive approach and the young coaches Perenon has put in place.

    BTW Coach P sure looks to be having fun pushing the Monarchs and challenging them to learn how to become successful. Great changes, too, in the weight room. It looks and feels like a weight room that a kid would be proud to work out in! I enjoy dropping by to check them out. Stay healthy Monarchs and work hard!!

  • MSJ warrior

    That’s crap! Tennyson and Arroyo did not score 9 times. Now I know you didn’t see our scrimmage.

  • Bval
    I, and a few others, use the term Double Wing T to not confuse it with the “old” Double Wing offense of the 30’s and 40’s. I have been told that it’s actually still used some in the Midwest. It’s similiar to the Single Wing offense, but with 2 wingbacks instead of a fullback. I think the term “Toss” offense, which I hadn’t heard before, is actually more appropriate than either term.
    I use the word invent very broadly when it comes to football. Few head coaches actually concoct the offense that they’re given the credit for inventing. Did another head coach use that offense anywhere before Tim Murphy did at YV? (Fisher DeBerry’s
    “Flexbone” at AFA, though similiar to the untrained eye, was not the same).
    I am “sticking my neck out” with CV for 2 reasons. 1:CV is now a charter school and doesn’t need to put up with the MDUSD red tape any longer. Also, a number of quality students, both academic and athletic, should be attracted to it that otherwise would go somewhere else. 2: Tim Murphy’s coaching. He made YV a good team (1st officially in the BVAL) in 2001 before leaving for Clovis East to start a brand new varsity FB program. Using the “Double Wing T” offense, the Timberwolves had 7 straight winning seasons in the very tough TriRivers Athletic Conference(usually 1 of the top 10 leagues in California in power ratings;1st in 2004)and the Central Section D1 Championship in 2006.I have heard that after the 1st losing season in 2009(2-3 in league,4-7 overall)”pressure” was put on him to modify the offense. Obviously, 0-5,4-8 in 2010(they did get to the CS D1 2nd rnd though),and 0-5, 1-9 in 2011 is not impressive, I doubt if East will do much better in the next few years.Murphy should be able to build nearly as strong a program at CV given the the school’s new stature. And, the DVAL and the NCS D2 are not the TriRiver nor the CS D1. NCS D2 semi’s are,if anything, a conservative prediction if Murphy builds the CV team I think he will this year. I’m not sure what you mean by “off season” jobs.

  • greenboy

    Clovis east to Racine Utah to YV to CV in 4 months 4 jobs in one year and I am sure that you will find some facts to support your rationale just like you somehow compare to the air forc option offense to the toss offense. Hes a good coach with a few good players he will win games but the eagle posturing is becoming tired already. I believe a buddy showed me where on other sites the Cv faithful were saying they will draw even from dls….I guess the only positive part is most of you admit that your plan is to recruit and that your own sons are not good enough to win the apparently sub par DVAL and NCS Div 2