30Q-2-KICKOFF (No. 17): Transfer of power

Today’s question is something everyone will be keenly interested in come the middle of the season.

What impact will the new transfer rule have on football this season?

The new transfer rule, adopted by the California Interscholastic Federation this season, means that a player who transferred without moving this offseason will become eligible on Oct. 1. That’s football, volleyball, all fall sports.

Looking at that date on the calendar, the most interesting week of the season could be the games of Oct. 4-6. It’s that week where we might see some new faces in new places without the need to justify any of it.

So, what does this all mean? Unfortunately, it means that coaches who played their cards right this summer are going to get a serious shot in the arm at the beginning of October. The original thought was that a one-month period of sitting would discourage players from transferring, but I think when the alternative used to be one year, one month doesn’t seem so bad if you really want to go to a certain school.

Whether this new rule works or not is probably still up for debate. Having visited a few schools this offseason, I can’t say I’ve seen massive amounts of kids transferring one way or the other. But, I think the door is now open for this to start happening, and while I wouldn’t expect it to happen in year one, I think this might be a trend that builds over the next few years.

I also think the busiest man in the East Bay in that first week of October will be North Coast Section commissioner Gil Lemmon. Transfers that are deemed to be athletically motivated are still not allowed, so it’ll be up to the section to decide what moves were and weren’t on the up and up.

Ben Enos

  • ManDown

    I was not aware of this new rule. This could make HS football very interesting. Now we will see who are the best recruiters in the Bay. Off the top of my head I think JB at Arroyo and Curtis at Mack will probably have the biggest impact with players transfering in year one.

  • FNL680

    The previous sit out one year if you were on varsity was the case. The trend will take hold in 13-14 when the 30 day rule goes into effect. With Oct 1, Dec 31, April 1 holdout dates for 12-13, there is less incentive to transfer. Indeed there will be a (gradual) transfer of power, an increasingly level playing field for several sports- especially as next level athletes recognize “state” games are not the guarantee for recruitment- and I have no problem with that.

  • DJ

    lol Mandown, they still can not have undue influence, though it does make it a bi easier to draw kids in.

    With that said, Arroyo still has to coach them, something they cant do.

  • RipManDowm


    Hows Does Arroyo Recruit??
    The Players Must See Head Coach JB Doing Something Over There And They Old School Wasn’t!
    ManDown What Do You Got Against Arroyo And Mack? From Your Last Postings That’s All You Talk About.

  • junior

    I dont see this happening as much in Nor Cal- So Cal was already transfer crazy and this will increase that down there.

  • BayAreaSection

    The athletes from the City of Fairfield may transferring out to other area schools, because the school district has enough funding for this current school year.

  • Red & White

    Coach McCauley at MACK has over had a good recruiting season. I hear that they have over fifteen transfers. I’m sure the the players can get a better education there.

    Coach JB has over ten transfers including a high profile running back.

  • SL piratefootball

    man down and red&white i enjoyed those 2 post very funny but true