Former Cal star Russell White is new OAL commissioner

Russell White is the new commissioner of the Oakland Athletic League, the former star running back for Cal said Thursday.
White takes over for Michael Moore Sr., who stepped down as commissioner over the summer. White spent the past two years as head football coach at Castlemont High. Longtime assistant Lloyd Johnson replaces him at that post.
“I’m excited. A lot of the coaches were excited for me,” White said. “There’s going to be a good learning curve, but I’m trying to make the OAL better than it was.”
White also hopes serving in the position provides a good example for student-athletes in Oakland.
“Hopefully people will know that Russell White wasn’t the smartest guy in high school, but he figured it out,” White said.
Moore, who remains with the Oakland Unified School District as an operations officer, said White is a good fit.
“I think it’s just really awesome that he was both open, willing and available,” Moore said. “It’s such a good fit that in falls in the category of destiny.”
White was the Cal-Hi Sports Mr. Football state player of the year as a sophomore at Crespi Carmelite High-Encino in 1986 and had nearly 6,000 yards and 94 touchdowns in his high school career. He later starred at Cal and is the Golden Bears’ career rushing leader with 3,367 yards. He had a brief NFL career with the Los Angeles Rams.
“With what he did at Cal and in the NFL with needed somebody with that kind of name to take the OAL higher,” Moore said.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • oalfan2

    Well I hope he can do something good for the league, like join NCS!!! hahaha!

  • White coming from Crespi-Carmelite says it all. That school has excellent teams and a long time program and agenda in leading young men into the future. Check out their web-site. Their track team over the last 30 yrs in unbeleivable!

  • what’s the new commish going to do about the Skyline fiasco?

  • SL piratefootball

    whats going on at skyline


    Not sure how much influence Russell White will actually have. Johnny Lorigo will continue to do whatever he pleases and run the league into the ground, and drag down Russell White’s name along with it.

  • This has never happened at Skyline before? Certainly not when coach Bream was there. Utterly disgracful.
    Players and parents are to blame, that many players under a 2.0 or on academic probation from LY semester?
    Coach doesn’t understand new OAL rule? Found out Aug 1st? How about the Fremont coach- terminated? Any other surprises on the horizon for OAL?

  • Some ex- Oakland Raiders living in the area need to help the Oal. ex- Niners also. these schools need an old fashion has-whippin’.


    @YoMama, apparently the new rule instituted on Aug 1 states that players can be over a 2.0 and still be ineligible, i.e. a student who screwed up freshman year with several F’s but has turned his academic life around with good grades his sophomore year last year, is not eligible to play with over a 2.0 GPA if he does not have enough credits to be on course to graduate, even though he has 2 years and a summer to help make up those credits. And not only is he ineligible for football, according to the rule he is ineligible to play any sport for the rest of the year. At least that is what I’ve been told by several OAL coaches.

  • Ex Raiders and Niners are college grads right? Ask them for teaching and guidance for OAL players- if the parent(s) and teachers can’t do it, then the pros can. Also, get some disclipline in these schools. Suggest start with a uniform and dress-code policy.

  • PhilTheTiger

    Wait, this means we won’t have Castlemont OR Skyline to play this year? This is ridiculous. All of it. How can we keep our students academically engaged if their only motivation to do good in school is swept from under their feet. I’m surprised we even have a League after what happened last year. Get it together. Either that or lets join the NCS. What a shame.