30Q-2-KICKOFF (No. 24): Scrimmage day

I don’t know why, but I seem to be way more pumped for a simple scrimmage this year than ever before. Maybe it’s the long summer spent indoors. Maybe it’s because the last game I covered was in December. Either way, I’m fired up that we get to see some football tonight.

So, today’s 30 Questions topic has to do with tonight’s festivities.

What should we watch for tonight on scrimmage night in the East Bay?

First of all, if you’re undecided on where to go tonight, go check out BayPreps.com. They’ve got a good list started on who’s playing who.

Personally, as has become my custom, I’m headed to Pittsburg for the four-team jamboree that includes De La Salle, Pitt, California and James Logan. I’ll let everyone in on a little secret, too. Pitt got a new sound system in Pirate Stadium, and I’m guessing it’s gonna be rockin tonight!

So, what should we all look for at the various scrimmages tonight? For starters, can teams begin to execute their various game plans? For a team like Concord, that means can the Minutemen play at their normal tempo? Or, are there still too many bugs to work out to have that happen? How about a team like Freedom? You won’t see coach Kevin Hartwig pulling from his bag of tricks, but you will get a look at just how much more mature and developed a guy like QB Dante Mayes is as he commands their no-huddle attack.

Position battles are an important part of scrimmage Friday. When it comes to who’s playing QB at De La Salle, let me spare you the drama. Bob Ladouceur said earlier this week that Chris Williams will be the starter when the Spartans play Bellarmine in two weeks. That said, he has some big shoes to fill stepping in for three-time Open Division bowl champ Bart Houston. I got a chance to watch Williams the other day and he threw a couple really nice balls in practice. The question tonight will be how does he command and manage his offense with an opposing defense on the other side?

San Ramon Valley is hosting Monte Vista, Windsor and Deer Valley tonight, so EBAL fans will get a chance to see both of Danville’s new starting quarterbacks in one spot. Cameron Birse takes over for Zach Kline at SRV and Nikita Zamora steps in for Jeff Lockie at MV. Again, those are big shoes to fill in both instances. Tonight, look for their poise, presence, and ability to run two very diverse offenses.

Finally, tonight’s all about getting out and seeing some football. This is going to be the longest season we’ve ever had, so tonight represents a jumping off point for a marathon that will last all the way until the week before Christmas. Find a scrimmage and go watch!

Ben Enos

  • dj

    El cerrito at Bishop Odowd tonight athletes everywhere

  • Tonight….At Pittsburg Jamboree..James Logan beat all three teams…Pittsburg 4-2,Calif. 3-2 and DLS 3-1…Now for whats its worth…all four teams were subbing, but James Logan looks to be on the right track…The Colt’s are quick, big and work together real well…This could be James Logan’s year And then there’s DLS..something to be learned by all the team’s their swarming defense,,no body was standing around, everyone was in the play…Pittsburg looked far better then last year and their current QB has good deception and operates smart..he see’s a opening and takes advange of it, his running backs ran well and this will be a different Pittsburg beginning next Friday night….California had a bad night..loosing all three games, but with the heavy subbing, getting bugs out seemed to be the Grizzlies project…There was a good crowd and for grub…..there were Tri-tip sandwich’s and Polish sausage and cold drinks to wash it down…

  • Dragon

    el cerrito and odowd was a battle.. El cerritos running game was in controll early and numbee of big plays… Odowds passing game very explosive racked up some big yards Miraglio knocked of some early rust after missing all summer playing baseball..and 2 weeks of practice…..

  • Pitt Grunt

    A Pitt homer’s take on the scrimmage,

    Logan’s offense is scary good. Speed, physical, and a Cam Newton-esqe QB in Prothro (OK, maybe a little too much hyperbole). Everyone knows about Warren Miles, but they have two other backs that are quick and thick. Here is Logan’s weakness: depth. The same 11 who played on offense, played defense. With their new schedule, it will show later in the season. By contrast, Pitt, De La Salle, and Cal, played everyone, and the results by the back ups were noticeable. The Pitt-Cal scrimmage was played entirely by 2’s and 3’s. Did DLS play any starters?? I saw lots of back ups getting reps. And I totally get it. DLS is preparing for a 16 game season and they need to develop depth. DLS’s QB was hot and cold throwing the ball. He hit a few and missed a few. But he ran the ball very well. Like every De La QB before him, he will develop just fine.

    Hooper at TE is scary.

    Didn’t see Cal very much except against Pitt when they played their backups.

    Regarding Pitt, their QB looked good. Good touch on his balls and he didn’t hesitate to run. This season’s Pitt Offense will be much more productive than last year. I also noticed Pitt moved last season’s all League tackle Motekai Maile to TE. Did anyone season him catch the 20 yard pass and carry the 4 Logan Defenders into the end zone the last five? Lots of depth at RB, with Jamal Lockett looking scary quick. Same situation at WR; speed and depth.

    Where Pitt is vulnerable is on D. They are VERY young and inexperienced (lots of juniors and sophomores), but NOT talentless. They took their lumps early against Logan, but began to toughen up. Looked better against DLS.

    My take on this scrimmage is that Pitt, De La Salle, and Cal use this scrimmage to develop depth, not to display talent. Logan is thin on numbers, beyond the starters. This is not to disrespect the fire power they displayed on Offense. But with their new schedule against physical teams, players are going to get beat up.

    I think the four teams at last nights Jamboree may very well all meet in the NCS semifinals in late November. Should be a fun season.

  • LoganPride

    Pitt Grunt – Very good observations, however you are a bit off the mark on Logan. By my count they had 4-6 two way players. That is quite a few, but I think most teams have at about that many. Pitt had some monsters on the line and looked good offensively.

  • concrete17

    Pitt Grunt…..Thanks, some great takes on yesterday’s Jamboree. Sign me up to your Blog, cuz.

  • Wineguy

    Shoot- I missed it. Sounds like a nice event to start the season. Thanks for the download.

  • mvalfan

    i hope logan can make a run in playoffs. the last playoff game they won was way back in “07”.

  • Barefoot

    SRV Homer take on SRV scrimmage. Mixed bag for the Wolves, defense strong except for some holes in the secondary. Running game strong, passing game inconsistent. A lot of dropped balls and alot of off target passes. Both OL and DL need to be more aggressive. All can be overcome with their talent, if coaches can pull it together

    Some observations. Windsor is very well coached. They lost 26 seniors but they are reloading.

    MV is better than everyone thinks. Nikita Zamora will be just fine at QB.

    DV is big and fast.

  • Guys..One of the things that I didn’t take into account was that Logan was beating teams that were using every body….If Logan were to meet each team with their first string..things might be different..

  • Today(Saturday)…Alhambra beat Wood of Vacaville 2-1, Woods score came on a scooped up fumble…The Bulldogs did not do much until the second half when Josh Evans took over…The Soph. guided the team two to TD’s…One of Alhambra’s problem is a lack of size, although they have the speed….The real test comes next Friday when the Bulldogs meet College Park…

  • Pitt Grunt

    @ Manley,

    I was sitting near a group of DLS and Pitt fans who all seemed to be related (which is another conversation all together) and they were pointing out the lack of reps by the DLS starters.

    @ LoganPride,

    I don’t think DLS or Cal play 4-6 two-way players every down. Pitt certainly does not. As an example, Pitt will play 9 to 10 lineman on both offense and defense, rotating them to keep the players fresh. Your starting QB is also your staring corner. That is a very unnerving thought of having your QB making tackles or taking on lead blockers.

    @ Barefoot,

    Not surprised that MV is better than those who were writing them off. Most of their lineman last season were juniors. I am curious about Deer Valley. Word is they changed their offense from a double wing to a to spread offense. How did it look? How would you rank each team’s performance?

  • Pitt Grunt…We must join forces for the next Pittsburg Jamboree….There was a lot of rotating by DLS and Cal….Pitt seemed to have a fresh crew ready to go on the rotation…Pitt sure looked good, I’m sure they will shore up the pass defense, that seemed to be there biggest weakness, a couple of times DLS broke thru the line for some big gains, but the defense as a whole pretty well contained the back field and sacked the DLS QB a couple of times as well as having him on the run…
    I didn’t see much rotation on James Logan, but you know, they were beating up on the new guys, but at the same time the new guys were scoring on them..I wonder if JL faced each team’s first string how things would go….the DLS first unit would make life miserable for JL…As for Pittsburg’s QB….I think this guy is going to make a big difference, I sure liked the way he handled him self out there…Beginning next week against Clayton Valley,I think the pirates are going to roll, I was real impressed with them and they made me eat my words…

  • ManDown

    Pitt looked good in the scrimmage. They have 2 of the better running backs in the area along with a big line. I like the way they attack the line of scrimmage. Logans RB Miles Long is legit and has the look of a D-1 football player in imo. Cal High has some nice pieces as well. Those boys are well coached.

  • BigMike

    Is anyone able to give some feedback on Deer Valley? Went to the Pitt scrimmage and really wanted to see how they did.

  • Barefoot

    I don’t know much about DV except what I saw in the scrimmage so my comments should be taken with that in mind. Their O is a spread offense but 90% is run, and much of that was by the QB. They are athletic and big. If they did just change offenses it shows. They had problems executing. Might be more of a coaching issue than a player issue. Lots of mistakes with blocking assignments. Summary. A lot of talent but not well prepared. I’d rate the performances at this scrimmage 1 MV. 2. Windsor. 3. SRV. 4. DV. Sorry DV.

  • moreaufan2

    Anyon know about any other teams scrimmaging/ Arroyo, MAck, Mt Eden, and so on???

  • Pawn Star


    Did you go to the Moreau/St. Mary’s scrimage on Saturday?

  • The Ghost

    Went to the the Foothill, Livermore, Heritage, and Washington scrimmage on Friday. Foothill was quite impressive and had no problem scoring on all three opponents. Sophomore QB, Kyle Kearns was impressive and I believe threw multiple TD’s. Weapons were all over the field for Foothill … Hudson, Gates, Holland, Anderson, and a couple of new sophomores. Defense should be solid … but gave up a few big plays that will cost them during EBAL play.

    Livermore looked like they were playing hard and their coaching staff was quite vocal. Their offense looked a little one dimensional – mis-direction running game that broke a few long runs. Their defense seemed aggressive … but will need to be pretty shut down to overcome their ball control (low scoring) offense.

    Washington was athletic … and seemed to have some playmakers however, their QB was wild. QB had a nice arm but was playing street ball (looked like Michael Vick). Cal High staff was on site scouting … should be a nice easy win for them this Friday.

    Heritage was quite a rag tag outfit … wearing uniforms of both white and blue jerseys. Aggressive defense but overall didn’t look as athletic as the other teams.

    Let the games begin … !

  • HAAL Fan


    the other day i posted on 30Q #23 that mt eden had a smashmouth approach using 3 different backs to carry the load. it wasnt wishbone or wing t it was I backs but 3 different kids carried the ball. the defense looked a bit slower than the offense. but overall they look better than last year.

  • Ex-coach

    I saw Mt.eden and they looked like a typical 2-8 Mt.Eden team. Defense was horrible.


    Hey Ex-coach: I saw Mt Eden scrimmage also. Defense was shaky early on; poor tackling and lack of pursuit dogged the monarchs. Offense, though, moved the ball consistently. Nice talent at running back; off line has some size, two good looking TE’s and the players seemed to improve as the scrim wore on. For sure, tackling must improve. But the monarchs did get lined up and did not seem to be “confused” as they were last year. IMO this group shows the ability to be better in 2012. But, yes, they must improve defensively in order to be in a position to win multiple games this season.

  • Hoodboy

    Tennyson scrimmages Irvington on saturday at 11am. Its a chance to see what Tennyson brings back this upcoming year

  • Hoodboy

    The season is here already! Cant wait til the real games start and see how these A and B leagues do. !

  • TOBC

    Regarding comment #3 above from Dragon. Let’s be sure we have accurate facts in regards to BO’s QB Miroglio. He did not miss the entire summer and 2 weeks of camp. He missed a 3 day team camp and 3 days of summer camp to attend vital baseball showcases. My understanding is his performance at the recent Area Code Baseball Games landed him an offer from UCLA to play baseball on scholarship there (which he has accepted). He would not have received that offer had he been at football pracrice. Miroglio has continued to work with is personal QB coach all Winter, Spring and Summer and it looked to me that he was throwing the ball better than ever against El Certito on Friday. If BO can play defense this year, which has been there downfall the last 2 years, look for great things out of the Dragons in their new, highly competetive, league.